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How did this happen???

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I dont know if this is the right place for this but its some thing that happened in WCW and since WWE own WCW i guess it is.

When/How did The Stinger make the "Transformation!" Sting is based on the movie The Crow...right. The plot is Brandon Lee's character gets killed by a gang and is reincarnated for the sole purpose of revenge.

Did the nWo 'the gang' some how kill the stinger...did i miss this?! I always wondered this as a kid being a fan of WCW and The Crow...can some one give me some insight on this
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It was all because of the imposter Sting which nWo brought in attacking WCW guys. All the WCW guys like Luger, Flair and Savage accused Sting of joining the nWo and didn't believe him but he proved he was on WCW's side at War Games by attacking nWo and the imposter Sting. This led to him saying that he felt betrayed by the WCW guys who thought he had joined the nWo and left the company, saying he was a free agent. He returned a few months later as the crow version of Sting and silently stood in the rafters. So it was WCW's betrayal of Sting which led to him changing to that character.
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