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How Credible is This Site?

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That site is a Wrestling database for career statistics.

Is it credible enough for personal use?
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It's the best one i could find. Anybody know of any others?

I know it's not a perfect source but PWI's wiki page uses this site for their references, which would suggest there isn't a better solution. I've been cross-referencing whatever results i already know and go in search for whenever i check the site and they're basically always spot on. I've only came across 1 or 2 minor errors so far, and i wouldn't be suprised if they were corrected. I use it as something i mostly know the results of and then post the link to back it up and let others check themselves. Not that this is always the case and obviously some amount of trust is involved as you can't check everything over. I would trust them 99% but would also say try to check somethings if you can, just in case.

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I suppose it is Credible the results are fine.
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