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Pyro's go off as 10,450 fans stand on their feet. Val Venis’s music plays and he comes out to the ring, holding a few large pieces of posterboard. He has a few bandages on his head. He slides into the ring with the poster boards and gets a microphone from the ring announcer.

Val Venis: Now, I've been thinking about things since last Thursday, when I was betrayed by Ric Flair. Honestly, I knew it would come sooner or later, but I was hoping for later. But it dawned on me that I'm not the fool Ric Flair wants people to believe I am. You see, I'm better than Ric Flair. I'm better than Christian. The only person I bow down to besides my lord are the fans. But I just thought that I'd come out here and say something to Christian, seeing as I know he wanted me taken out because he thinks I'm running away from him and his rematch.

Val Venis leans down and picks up a piece of posterboard. He holds it up to the audience. It says "Raw is Venis". Val Venis looks at it.

Val Venis: I made this poster knowing that I'd be out here tonight, but I want everyone to know that Raw isn't Val Venis. Raw is the WWE's best. Raw is about opportunity. About hope. About entertainment! And it's not just about me, although I am a part of that. But all of this...is for the fans. So what do I think about Christian?

Val Venis tosses that piece of posterboard aside and picks up the only other piece. He holds it up, suddenly looking up at the camera desperately. The poster says " Val Venis Fears Christian!!!" Val Venis falls to his knees, holding the poster while waving his arms, looking terrified.

Val Venis: Please don't hurt me, Christian! Please! I'll do anything you say! You want the World Title? You want it? You've got it! I'll hand it over in a heartbeat!

Val Venis 's grins and he stands up, letting the poster fall over. He points at the camera.

Val Venis: My last heartbeat. Because, Christian, the only way you're getting this belt from me is over my dead body!

The crowd cheers.

Val Venis: Because I refuse to accept a second-rate champion - no! A second-rate human being like you could ever possibly think you're above me. Christian, if you want a fight...if you want your rematch...you don't need to beg Ric Flair. You don't need to suck up to authority. All you ever had to do was ask.

Val Venis glares at the camera.

Val Venis: Because I'm a man of tradition, as well as being a man of my word. And Christian...the word is out on you...and that word is this: LOSER. Because you lost to me at Armageddon, and whether you've lured Flair into your games since then or not is beside the point...because the point is, no matter how many times you face me, one on one, without interference...you're never going to beat me. Not in any kind of match, not on any day! You've never done it before, so you certainly will never do it again!

Val Venis points to the back.

Val Venis: Christian, I want you out here right now so I can tell you what kind of match we're going to have at No Mercy! That is, unless you're...

Val Venis grins deviously.

Val Venis: Chicken.

After a few seconds, Christian's music plays and he comes out of the back, pulling off his shirt and freaking out. He slides into the ring and stands up, getting in Val Venis 's face. Christian grabs the microphone out of Val Venis 's hand.

Christian: You think you can tell me what to do? I have the Commissioner, Ric Flair, on my side! He makes the decisions around here! Not some wannabe nobody like you! Oh, and what right do you have to refer to my Peeps as WWE fans?

The crowd boos. Val Venis shakes his head and grabs the microphone back.

Val Venis: Christian, Christian, Christian, old habits die hard, don't they? You just don't know when to let someone else do the talking. It seems Ric Flair can't stop playing dirty...and you know what other habit dies hard, Chris? It's me...always being one step ahead of people like you.

Christian grabs Val Venis s's wrist and pulls the microphone toward his face. He glances around, a little nervous.

Christian: What do you mean?

Val Venis pulls the microphone back.

Val Venis: Christian...you almost reached the top of the ladder, didn't you? You almost did. But guess what. Last time I was World Champion, I was...not something I'm proud of today. But what I was was in control.

Christian's glaring at Val Venis, looking like his head is about to explode.

Val Venis: Because at No Mercy, I want you in a steel cage match!

The fans cheer.

Val Venis: Pinfalls, submissions, escaping the cage...I want it all legal! And it will be, because the match is already set!

Christian glances around for a moment, then grabs the microphone away. He glares at Val Venis

Christian: That's great, Val Venis Really! I'm proud of you! You pulled your strings and you...gave me exactly what I wanted!

Val Venis nods with a big grin on his face.

Christian: Val Venis if you can beat me tonight you can pick the stipulation for our match at the pay per view! But I want to see what Ric has to say about this.

Ric Flair's music plays and he makes his way out to the ring. He gets in. Christian hands him the microphone.

Ric Flair: I'm not happy about this, Val Venis. Not happy at all! But you know who should be happy?!

Flair points at Christian and grins.

Ric Flair: Christian! Because he wanted his rematch at No Mercy and he wanted it in a steel cage! Great minds think alike, or, in this case, Christian and I's minds...and then somehow a fluke like you managed to think too!

Randy Orton's music plays and Randy Orton makes his way out of the back to a stunned reaction from the crowd. Orton makes his way to the ring, then takes the microphone away from Flair. Orton looks from Flair to Christian, then backs toward Val Venis.

Randy Orton: Ric, I never agreed to teaming with Christian.

Flair looks surprised.

Randy Orton: When you said you had something big in mind, I thought you...

Orton steps forward, then goes to turn and smack Val Venis over the head with the microphone, but Val Venis blocks it. Val Venis punches Orton back and Orton spins around, immediately grabbing Val Venis and hitting the RKO. Val Venis collapses. Flair, Orton, and Christian all beat down Val Venis with kicks. Lance Storm and William Regal come in for the save and Christian, Orton and Flair escape.

Jim Ross: Well you heard it folks. Winner of tonight’s main event will choose the stipulation for the main event in one week!
Jerry Lawler: I’m getting information right now that at No Mercy it will be Ric Flair/Randy Orton vs. Storm and Regal.
Jim Ross: What a show it is shaping up to be!

Match 1: Tag Team Championship: MNM vs. Superheros
"Stand Back! There's a Hurricane Comin' Through" pumps through the speakers as the fans begin cheering. The Hurricane steps out and poses on the rampway as Rosey walks out from behind. The two make their way down towards the ring and climb inside as the music continues. The green lights fade out as the music changes, the crowd begins to boo as Johnny Nitro and Joey Matthews strut out in matching fur coats as Melina walks between the two. They take their shades off and look to the crowd with smiles as they continue down to the ring. The two jump inside and stand up in opposite corners at the turn posts as they taunt the crowd. The jackets come off with the sunglasses as the bell sounds. Melina stands below the ring as Mathews and Hurricane start things off. The two come in as Hurricane catches Mathews around the neck in a side headlock. Mathews brings Hurricane back into the ropes and shoots him off across. Hurricane bounces off the ropes as Mathews charges, but Hurricane takes him down with a hard running clothesline. Hurricane brings Mathews back up and chops him hard across the chest. Mathews stumbles into the corner as Hurricane follows him in with a series of punches. Hurricane goes for the irish whip, but Mathews reverses as he sends Hurricane to the opposite corner. Mathews runs in as Hurricane quickly brings his legs up and counters out of the corner with a headscissor as Mathews is taken over the top rope! Mathews crashes on the outside near Melina as the fans cheer behind Hurricane as he tags Rosey in. Mathews and Nitro discuss on the outside as Rosey reaches through the ropes and grabs Mathews by his hair and drags him. Rosey scoops Mathews up and slams him down in the middle of the ring. Rosey goes to the ropes for his leg drop just as Nitro slams his forearm against the back of Rosey's head in the ropes. Rosey turns his attention to Nitro and knocks him down from the canvas! With the distraction, Rosey turns around as Mathews kicks him low in the gut and hits a DDT. Mathews hooks Rosey's huge leg for the cover.....1.....2....Rosey kicks out! Mathews stomps at Rosey and then tags Nitro in. Nitro double-teams with an ax-handle smash to Rosey's back. Rosey is on his knees as Nitro hits Rosey with a couple hard rights. Nitro grabs Rosey's arm and goes for the whip, but Rosey stands his ground as he doesn't move, Nitro attempts the irish whip again but Rosey muscles him back in with a short-arm clothesline! Nitro gets back to his feet as Rosey whips him into the corner. Rosey takes a few steps back and then charges with full steam as he squashes Nitro in the corner! Rosey sends Nitro to the opposite corner and sets him up for another massive splash as Mathews runs in and causes the Referee to get distracted as Rosey runs in at Nitro, but Nitro ducks out of the way as Rosey crashes into the corner hard, stumbling back as Nitro catches him from behind with a low-blow! The fans boo loudly as Hurricane tries running, but the Referee stops him now as Nitro takes Rosey into their corner, tagging Mathews in. The two work on Rosey in their corner, but Rosey starts to show life as he punches them both down! Rosey grabs Mathews by his head and takes him over with a hard vertical suplex. Rosey brings Mathews into his corner as he tags in the Hurricane. Hurricane kicks at Mathews' side and ribs. Hurricane sends Mathews to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Mathews ducks under, Hurricane comes off the opposite ropes as Mathews catching him with a spinning heel kick! Mathews covers...1.....2....Hurricane gets his shoulder up! Mathews tags Nitro in now as they double-team Hurricane. Nitro stands over Hurricane's body as he trash talks him. Nitro taunts the crowd and goes for the Standing Moonsault but Hurricane brings his knees up as Nitro lands hard across his stomach. Nitro rolls in pain as Hurricane gets back to his feet. Nitro tags in Mathews as Hurricane tags in Rosey. Nitro charges as Rosey knocks him down! Rosey sends Nitro the ropes, Nitro comes off as Rosey lifts him high up in the air with a gorilla press as Mathews stands up near his corner in the ring, Rosey launches Nitro, crashing him on top of Mathews as the fans cheer. Rosey and Hurricane look to each other, summoning up the Hurri-powers now as Rosey tags Hurricane back in. Nitro stumbles around as Hurricane hits him with the Shining Wizard kick! Hurricane mounts on Nitro now as Mathews rushes Hurricane from behind! Rosey runs into the ring and clobbers Mathews. Rosey sets Mathews up in the ropes and charges with a hard-running clothesline as he spills to the outside with Mathews from the impact. Hurricane looks distracted as Nitro quickly comes from behind and rolls him up with a handful of tights as the Referee counts...1.....2.....3!!

Jim Ross: Johnny Nitro, rolling up the Hurricane, but I think he had a handful of tights!
Jerry Lawler: Oh who cares, the right team won!
Jim Ross: Right team!? Rosey had just taken Matthews out of the ring! Nitro was by himself!
Jerry Lawler: And he still managed to win!
Jim Ross: They are victorious here tonight, but they have a superstar team waiting for them. ......

Kane vs. Batista
Kane stands in the ring eyeing the rampway. Then Batista's music blares from the speakers sending the crowd in a frenzy. "The Beast" walks out in his ring gear staring Kane in the eyes. The intensity between the two men is high. Kane waits for Batista to get in the ring still locking eyes. Batista meets Kane in a tie up. Kane hits a knee into the stomach of Kane. Kane then throws Batista into the ropes. Batista comes off the ropes and escapes under the clothesline. Batista comes back off the ropes. Kane catches Batista and sends him down with a side slam. Kane then gets up starring down at the fallen Batista. Kane picks up Batista. he pulls him up over his shoulder. Batista falls back and takes down Kane with a thunderous clothesline to the back of the head. Batista yells out something drawing attention from this souled out crowd in attendance. Batista helps Kane to his feet only to throw him towards the turnbuckle. Kane hits the turnbuckle hard as he holds his back. Batista runs at Kane who gets a big boot up and sends Batista stumbling back. Batista again runs at him and again gets a boot. Kane gets up on the top rope and jumps off hitting a perfect lariat. Kane quickly rises to his feet in control of this match now. Kane waits for Batista to stir. He motions for the chokeslam. Kane wraps his right hand over the throat of Batista. Batista hits a few right forearms into the face of Kane. Kane moves back holding his face. Then clotheslines Batista to the mat out of nowhere. Kane backs up into the ropes and drops a leg over the throat of Batista. Kane covers. One ... two ... and somehow Batista kicks out. Kane picks up Batista and gives a sadistic grin to the fans. Batista gets a knee into the lower area of Kane. Batista slams down Kane with a powerful spinebuster! Batista plays to the crowd. The noise gets louder. Batista picks up Kane and tucks him head first between his legs. Kane lifts up his head causing Batista to fly over. Kane backs into the ropes catching his breath. Kane then bounces off the ropes he was leaning on and knocks down Batista with a big boot to the face. Kane grabs Batista by the throat and picks him up. Kane holds on. Batista manages to get his left hand over the head of Kane knocking him down with a vicious ddt. Batista rolls back trying to cover and manages to get a two count. Kane manages to get to his feet first. he runs at Batista who gets up. Batista ducks under and catches Kane's neck with a neckbreaker. Batista gets to his feet and tries to regain his posture. He looks down with fury in his eyes. He picks up Kane with no trouble setting him up again for the Batista Bomb. This time he nails it. Batista covers Kane quickly gaining the three count. Batista rolls out of the ring as his right hand is raised in victory. Kane sits up, then looks up the ramp in Batista's direction.

Jim Ross: That powerbomb, nearly putting Kane through the mat, but Kane, sitting up!
Jerry Lawler: And just look at that expression on Kane's face, JR!
Jim Ross: He is definately not happy.
Jerry Lawler: That's an understatement, JR! He wants nothing more than to find Batista and prove it was a fluke!
Jim Ross: Knowing Kane, that's probably not far from the truth. .....

JBL vs. Shelton Benjamin
JBL’s Music hits and the fans boo as he come out of his limo and walks down to the ring to face Shelton Benjamin who is jumping around ready for JBL. JBL climbs in the ring and he takes off his cowboy hat and his jacked off and he gives them to the ring announcer. JBL turns around and Shelton gives him a right hand. JBL falls back and Shelton then whips JBL into the ropes and Shelton then lifts JBL over his head sending him flying. JBL gets right back up and he puts a hammer lock on to JBL. JBL is trying to reach around to get out of the hammer lock but he can’t. Shelton tightens the hold and he then JBL spins out of it and Shelton then hits a armdrag. JBL gets right back up and Shelton hits a right hand but as he gets up but JBL hits a clothesline out of nowhere. JBL slowly gets up and he looks at Shelton who is getting up. JBL then hits a snapmare on Shelton and while he is sitting up JBL kicks Shelton in the back. Shelton is trying to reach to his lower back. JBL then throws Shelton against the ropes and Shelton jumps on JBL and takes him down and hits continues punches to his face. Shelton gets up of JBL and as JBL gets up he runs at Shelton and Shelton hits a arm drag and JBL gets right up and JBL tries to hit a clothes line but Shelton hits a neck breaker on JBL. Shelton then hits a few right hands to the head of JBL and JBL fights his way off Shelton and he lifts Shelton up and he hits a fall away slam. JBL leans against the ropes and JBL then goes for a cover 1…2..kickout. JBL cant believe it and he argues with the ref. Then he turns back to Shelton and he hits a few knees to the midsection of Shelton and he then hits a DDT. JBL walks around the ring and when Shelton gets up JBL hits Shelton in the head with a big boot. Shelton gets right back up from that and JBL lifts Shelton up and he hits a shoulder breaker. JBL covers, 1…2. Kickout. JBL then picks Shelton up and he sets up for a powerbomb. JBL holds up his hands to make the Bullhorns and he then lifts up Shelton and Shelton gets out and he pushes JBL into the corner and Shelton then jumps on JBL, JBL stumbles out of the turnbuckle and Shelton sets up for the T-bone Suplex, but JBL lands a couple shots, breaking Shelton's grip. Shelton staggers away for a moment and then turns back around Shelton throws a right hand, but JBL blocks it. JBL lands a couple of right hands, working Shelton back into the corner. JBL then grabs Shelton by his arm and whips him to the opposite corner. Shelton hits the turnbuckles front first and takes a couple steps backwards and JBl goes off the ropes near him. JBL goes for a clothesline from hell, but Shelton ducks. JBL turns around and Benjamin goes for a superkick, but JBl catches it. JBL throws his foot down and Benjamin goes for a dragon whips, but JBL ducks. Shelton hits the mat as JBl waits. Shelton gets ot his feet and JBL again lands a couple right hands. JBL grabs Benjamin by his arm and whips him to the opposite corner. Shelton hits the turnbuckles and stumbles forward. JBL backs off the ropes and catches Benjamin with a Clothesline from Hell. JBL drops into the cover and gets a three count.

Jim Ross: JBL, given a good run by Shelton Benjamin, but the young stud did not have enough.
Jerry Lawler: JBL is just so much better. .... Young stud?!
Jim Ross: Benjamin is a great young athlete.
Jerry Lawler: But that's not what you said.
Jim Ross: Stud. Like a horse, king.

Rob Van Dam vs. Viscera
Viscera’s music plays on the PA and he slowly makes his way down to the ring, to a chorus of boos from the Texas fans. He walks up the ramp and into the ring, raising both his arms to his side with a menacing look on his face.
Lilian Garcia: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, in the ring, weighing in at 497 lbs., Viscera! Rob Van Dam’s music plays now and he appears through the curtains to an insane amount of cheers. Van Dam smiles as he walks down the aisle, stopping a few times to chat with a few fans. He slides into the ring and spins around, raising both hands high in the air. The referee calls for the bell and the match is officially under way. Van Dam and Viscera stare at each other in the middle of the ring as Viscera mouths off at his opponent. His eyes fire up and he lunges at Van Dam, who quickly moves out of the way. Viscera attempts it again, but again the same result. Viscera beings to get frustrated and attempts it a third time. This time, RVD meets Viscera with a kick to the mid-section, barely stunning the huge 500 pounder. Van Dam continues with a series of kicks, then bounces off the ropes, but is knocked down hard with a shoulder block. Viscera goes for a big splash, but RVD alertly moves out of the way and hits his opponent with a spinning leg drop, followed by a double kick to the face. RVD runs to the ropes again, this time coming in with the Rolling Thunder, hitting his mark. He makes the cover, 1…2… power kick out by Viscera sends RVD up, landing on the middle turnbuckle. Viscera slowly gets to his feet and is met with a flying kick by Van Dam, staggering Viscera back. Van Dam attacks with more kicks, stunning Viscera. Off the ropes, Viscera catches Van Dam as he attempted a cross body block. He puts RVD on his shoulder and runs towards the corner, but Van Dam slides out of it and pushes Viscera into the turnbuckles. He springs off the middle rope and catches Viscera with another kick to the face, this one knocking the big man down. Van Dam quickly leaps on the top rope and comes crashing down with a huge Five Star Frog Splash. RVD rolls around holding his stomach, then leaps again to the top rope, and hits a second Frog Splash! He goes for the cover, 1…2…3!! Van Dam rolls out of the ring as Viscera sits up with an angered look on his face. The referee raises Van Dam’s hand in victory as Viscera yells obscenities at him.

Jim Ross: Van Dam, talking down this mammoth of a man!
Jerry Lawler: I'm surprised he didn't bounce off after that frog splash!
Jim Ross: Van Dam had one hell of a target to hit, there was no way he could miss!
Jerry Lawler: It's like jumping into a pool! No matter where you jump, you'll hit it!
Jim Ross: It had to be baffling on that top rope.

Simon Dean vs. Eddie Guerrero
Simon Dean walks down the ramp with a headset, advertising his, "Simon System" product. He rans on and on but is interrupted by Eddie Guerrero's theme music! Simon turns around but heads for the ring when Eddie drives down the ramp with a bright red low-rider. Eddie jumps out the ring to follow Simon but Simon kicks Eddie's head, one, two, three times in the head. Simon goes for the early pin but only gets a one count. Simon stands up once again and continues to kick Eddie in the chest. Simon picks Eddie up by the head and Irish whips him to the ropes. Eddie jumps over Simon the first time and comes back around with a huge clothesline! Eddie goes for the cover, 1..2.. Simon kicks out. Eddie throws Simon onto the turnbuckle and follows him with a clothesline. Eddie then throws Simon to the other turnbuckle, follows him once again but is met with a big boot. Simon falls backwards and rolls Eddie up, 1..2.., Eddie Guerrero kicks out. Simon then heads towards the turnbuckle, climbs the second post, but Eddie prevents Simon from jumping. Eddie places Simon's arm around his neck and connects with a suplex, Eddie stands back around and connects with a second one, Eddie then stands up once again, but instead of going for the suplex one last time, he places Simon on the top turnbuckle! Eddie climbs as well and connects with the third and final suplex from the top rope! The crowd goes wild as Eddie pounds on his chest! Instead of covering Simon for the victory, Eddie walks out the ring and pops open the hood for his car.... He pulls out a bag of Taco Bell and stares at Simon Dean who stares at the oily bag in horror. He makes a cross symbol with his finger and pleads Eddie to walk away. Eddie is now standing in the ring, Simon, however is hiding behind the referee. The referee orders Eddie to drop the bag, but Simon shoves the referee onto Eddie! The referee stumbles onto the floor, Simon turns around and reaches for his Simon System back in the corner of the ring, but Eddie grabs his hair! BAM! Simon clobbers Eddie's forehead with his bag and Eddie seems to be out cold, Simon smiles and reveals a couple stones which were in the bag. Simon walks over to Eddie for the easy pin, but Eddie from nowhere rolls Simon for the cover, 1...2...3! Eddie wins it from nowhere! Simon looks around in disbelief as Eddie's music begins playing.

Jim Ross: Eddie, playing possum, catching Simon off guard!
Jerry Lawler: Poor Simon Dean.

Raven vs. Ron Killings
Killings waits in the ring as Raven's Music starts. Raven slowly makes his way out and pauses at the top of the ramp to taunt the crowd with his arms to his side. Raven then heads down the ramp as Killings stands ready in the center of the ring. Raven jumps to the apron and Killings runs forward and lands a right hand. Killings grabs Raven by his head and tosses him into the ring. Raven gets up and Killings lands a kick to his gut. Killings follows up with a couple right hands, working Raven back to the center of the ring. Killings then backs off the ropes and Raven attempts to counter with a clothesline, but Killings ducks. Killings comes off the opposite ropes as Raven turns around and knocks him down with a jumping sidekick. Killings drops down for a quick cover, but Raven kicks out. Killings gets up and pulls Raven along. Killings lands a couple more right hands and then whips Raven to the ropes, but Raven reverses it. Killings comes off the ropes and Raven grabs him and hits a drop toe hold. Raven gets up and backs off the ropes. Raven comes off the ropes and hits Killings with an elbow drop. Raven gets up and pulls Killings along. Raven hits Killings with a knee lift doubling him over. Raven grabs Killings by his head and slams him headfirst to the mat. Raven gets right up and pulls Killings to his feet. Raven grabs Killings by his arm and whips him to the corner. Raven quickly runs and follows up with a clothesline. Killings staggers out of the corner but Raven shoves him right back in. Raven lands a couple right hands and then heads to the apron. Raven climbs the turnbuckles and grabs Killings by his head. Raven jumps and drives his knee to the back of Killings' head, driving it to the mat. Raven rolls Killings over and makes a cover, but Killings kicks out. Raven gets up and pulls Killings along. Raven lands a couple right hands, and follows with a kick to Killings' gut. Raven grabs Killings for a ddt, but Killings shoves him away to the ropes. Raven comes off the ropes and Killings quickly counters with a dropkick. Both men get right up and Raven goes for a clothesline, but Killings ducks. Raven turns around and Killings knocks him down with a superkick. Raven gets up slowly as Killings waits. Raven turns around and Killings hits him with a dropkick, knocking him back down. Killings get up and then pulls up Raven. Killings lands a few right hands of his own and then lands a kick to Raven's gut. Killings tries to lift Raven for a suplex, but Raven blocks it. Killings tries again, but Raven again blocks it. Raven then lifts up Killings and hits a vertical suplex of his own. Both men get up and Raven lifts Killings up and hits a spinebuster. Raven gets up and pulls Killings along. Raven throws a right hand, but Killings blocks it. Killins lands a kick to Raven's gut and then backs off the ropes. Killings comes off the ropes and goes for an axe kick, but Raven stands up. Killings turns and Raven lands a kick to his gut. Raven grabs Killings and hits the Raven Effect. Raven makes a cover and gets a three count.

Jim Ross: Raven, with a heads up move, taking out The Truth!
Jerry Lawler: Killings had his head driven to the mat so many times that match!
Jim Ross: Raven, a long time ring veteran, knows exactly what works.
Jerry Lawler: Ramming somebody's head to the group will always work.
Jim Ross: No question about that. ..... well folks coming up next Hogan takes on Heidenreich in the ring.
Jerry Lawler:Heidenreich has been unstopple these last few weeks! Lets see what happens! But first a 15 minute intermission so hit the stands folks!

15 minute Intermission

Hulk Hogan vs. Heidenreich
Heidenreich's music begins to play as the crowd gets all over his back with a bad ovation for him. A few seconds after it has started Vince McMahon and Heidenreich begin to walk out from the back. Heidenreich is pumped up as he punches his fists together and flexes as he walks down the ramp slowly. Heidenreich gets in the ring and begins to pace around the ring as he looks up towards the ramp. Eventually his music begins to stop. Hulk Hogan's music hits and the crowd members stand to their feet at once. Hulk Hogan walks out followed by Jimmy Hart with a huge ovation and Hulk Hogan flexes on the ramp before walking down the ramp like a man on a mission. Hogan rips his shirt off on the outside of the ring and than slides in the ring. Before the bell can even be heard Heidenreich and Hogan are throwing punches at one another. Heidenreich out powers Hogan and sends him into the corner before stomping to his stomach hard. Hogan is thrown to the outside of the ring and Heidenreich follows quickly behind. Heidenreich wastes no times searching underneath the ring for a weapon. Meanwhile Hogan has gotten back to his feet and begins to undo his belt. Hogan whips Heidenreich across the back and he howls out in pain. Hogan does it again as Heidenreich begins to crawl up the ramp. Hogan stops him by sitting on his back and wrapping the belt around his neck. Hogan applies the pressure but Heidenreich eventually pulls Hogan over him and crashing down onto the steel. Heidenreich catches his breath and pulls off the padding to the guard rail. Hogan is getting back to his feet and Heidenreich grabs Hogan and throws him head first into the wooden guard rail. Hogan goes down and Heidenriech poses for a few seconds before reaching over the rail and pushing a young fan off his seat. Heidenriech grabs the chair and folds it up, but the young boys mom has now drawn mace out of her purse and sprays it in the eyes of Heidenriech. Heidenreich tries to swing at hogan but hits the ground with the chair. Hogan grabs the chair from him as Heidenriech tries to clear his eyes, but instead hes hit to the gut with the chair. Hogan than sends the chair crashing into his head and sending him down. Jimmy Hart is now near the two as he reaches inside his pockets and throws Hogan two pieces of rope. Hogan ties Heidenreich's hands together and than his feet. Heidenreich is trying to fight out of the rope but can as Vince is over on the other side yelling at them. Vince tries to get closer but Hogan looks up at him and begins to wave his finger back and forth in his face. Vince begins to back away slowely and than turns and bolts away, but Hogan runs after him catching up to him. Hogan smiles as he has a nice big grab of Vinc'es hair and begins to laugh at him. Hogan throws Vince down on the rampway and stomps away at his chest. Jimmy Hart mean while has gotten Heidenreich and is pulling him up the ramp way by the extra rope tied to him. Heidenreich is still fighting as Hogan picks Vince up and slams him down on the ramp again. Hogan runs forward connecting with a leg drop on Vince, Vince now tries to crawl away as Hart has already taken Heidenreich backstage. Hogan begins to walk backstage and when he gets backstage he sees Jimmy Hart laying on the ground bleeding from the head. Hogan runs over to Jimmy checking to see if he's alright. From behind Heidenreich charges Hogan and connects with a shot to the back with a lead pipe. Hogan goes crashing down on top of Jimmy as he tries to crawl again. Heidenreich connets with a couple more shots to the back. Hogan is now weak as he tries to move but can't really move his body. Heidenreich grabs Hogan by the last bit of hair he has left and begins to drag him towards the backstage dressing area. Heidenreich picks Hogan up and throws him into a locker room door. Hogan falls down but is quickly picked up again and thrown front first into a vending machine. Hogan bounces off of it, because its not the glass one. Heidenreich runs forward and nails a huge elbow to the head of Hogan's as he bounces off. Heidenreich laughs and admires his work as Hogan begins to crawl around on the floor trying to get away. Heidenreich flexs and taunts Hogan as he begins to crawl right towards the locker rooms. Ahead, Vince McMahon is back up and now in the backstage area as Hogan sees him standing next to a door. Heidenreich grabs Hogan and begins to carry him towards the door and Vince opens it up. Inside of it theres's a whole room full of weapons, from blenders to a stove big enough to cook Hogan in. Hogan tries to fight back. Hogan punches Heidenreich to the head a few times but Vince grabs Hogan from behind and holds his arms as Heidenreich punches him in the gut a couple of times. They throw Hogan into the room and Heidenreich, Vince, and the referee follow. Inside they lock the door as Heidenreich and Vince begin to throw Hogan into the walls and toy with him. Heidenreich begins to look around the room as he sees the perfect item. Heidenreich picks up a ten pound bag of potatoes and begins to whack Hogan in the back with it. The potatoes thud on his back hard as Hogan just tries to get to his feet but he cant. The next item is a pool stick. Heidenreich waits behind Hogan as he begins to get to his feet. Hogan is back to his feet and when he turns around Heidenreich tries to connect with a pool stick to the head, but instead Hogan dodges the attack and runs backwards off the wall. Hogan lifts a boot up going for a big boot, but instead Heidenreich sets it up again and connects with a shot to the head, meanwhile the big boot still lands and both men go down. Vince helps Heidenreich back up to his feet as he walks over to the counter to maintain his balance. Hogan is now getting back to his feet and theres a little cut above his right eye. Vince smiles as he walks over to a cabinet inside the room and is doing something. Hogan sees Vince over there and Heidenreich weak so Hogan begins to charge at Vince. Vince turns around at the last second and throws a handful of salt on Hogans cut. Hogan closes his eyes in time but is imediatly screaming as the salt touches his cut. Heidenreich charges Hogan with a clothesline but Hogan ducks and Heidenreich ends up laying Vince out onto his back. Hogan and Heidenreich both turn around facing each other face to face, just like the match had began with. Heidenreich throws a right hand, but Hogan blocks it. Hogan lands a kick to Heidenriech's gut and pulls him back toward the door. Hogan rams Heidreich headfirst into a wall, and then heads out the door, back in the hall. Hogan pulls Heidreich down the hall a bit and then slams Heidenriech headifrst into a crate. Hogan pulls Heidenriech again and then end up in the gorilla position. Hogan continues to pull Heidenreich until the end up back on the ramp. Hogan position Heidenreich at the top of the ramp, adn then lands a right hand. Heidenreich falls and rolls down the ramp. Heidnerecih starts ot get up, but Hogan pulls him up and rolls him into the ring. Hogan reaches under the apron and pulls out a chair. Hogan rolls into the ring as heidenreich begins to get up. Hogan lands a shot over Heidenreich's back, keeping him down on a knee. Hogan lands another shot and Heidenreich falls to the mat. Hogan rolls Heidenreich over and gets on top of him. Hogan lands a couple right hands, but Heidenreich reaches up and grabs Hogan by his neck. Heidenreich works his way up still holding Hogan by his neck. But Hogan hits Heidenreich with a low blow kick, breaking his grip. Hogan backs off the ropes and lands a big boot, knocking Heidnrecih to the mat. Hogan backs off the ropes again, and hits a legdrop. Hogan makes a cover and barely gets a three count.

Jim Ross: These two, just giving everything they had! Just when you think one was out of it, they would come roaring back!
Jerry Lawler: I thought those chair shots from Hogan was it! But Heidreich got up, and nearly came back!
Jim Ross: But Hogan, with a move legal here tonight, the low blow, managed to keep Heidnreich at by and finish him off!
Jerry Lawler: Hogan would have done that, legal or not! Hogan is not the angel you think he is!
Jim Ross: I never once said he was. .....

Chris Beniot vs. Edge
Edge's music blasts and he runs down towards the ring.Edge slides into the ring and looks around at the crowd. Edge stands up as he gets a mixed reaction. Edge looks to the ramp as Chris Benoit's Music starts. Benoit makes his way out and down to the ring quickly. Benoit slides into the ring and stares down Edge. Both men move to the center of the ring and Edge has a few words for Benoit. Benoit smiles and Edge his him across his face. Benoit quickly turns back, landing a right hand. Benoit follows up with a series of punches, working Edge to the ropes. Benoit pushes Edge off the ropes and moves to the center of the ring. Edge comes off the ropes and Benoit lands a chop across Edge's chest, knocking him to the mat. Edge gets right up holding his chest and Benoit shoves him into the corner. Benoit lands a chop across Edge's chest and then grabs him by his arm. Benoit whips Edge to the opposite corner and quickly follows up with a clothesline. Benoit pulls Edge out of the corner and to the center of the ring. Benoit grabs Edge by his arm and goes for a short arm clothesline, but Edge ducks. Benoit turns around and Edge kicks him in his gut and quickly hits a ddt. Edge gets up and pulls Benoit to his feet. Edge lands a punch and then whips Benoit to the ropes. Benoit comes off the ropes and Edge hits him with a powerslam. Edge holds for a cover but Benoit kicks out. Edge gets up and lands a couple kicks to Benoit's gut. Edge pulls Benoit to his feet and pushes him back to the corner. Edge lands a few right hands to Benoit working him down, and then uses the top ropes for leverage and chokes out Benoit using his boot. The ref forces a break, but Edge starts right up again, choking Benoit out. Edge pulls Benoit back to his feet and whips him to the opposite corner. Benoit hits the turnbuckles and and stumbles forward. Edge lifts him up and hits a back body drop. Edge quickly turns around and makes a cover, but Benoit a manges to roll a shoulder. Edge gets up and pulls Benoit with him. Edge lands a few punches working Benoit back to the ropes. Edge grabs Benoit by his arm and pushes him off the ropes, but Benoit reverses it. Edge comes off the ropes and Benoit brings him down with a drop toe hold. Benoit quickly gets onto Edge's back and lands a few shots to the back of his head. Benoit gets up and pulls Edge back to his feet. Edge goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks. Benoit grabs Edge from behind and hits him with a german suplex. Benoit rolls and hits a second geman suplex. Benoit rolls and stands up, but Edge kicks back hitting Benoit with a low blow. Edge turns around, grabs Benoit, and hits a Benoit with a second ddt. Edge makes a quick cover, but Benoit again kicks out. Edge gets up and pulls Benoit to his feet. Edge lands a couple punches, but Benoit blocks one. Benoit fires back, and then ducks down and grabs Edge from behind. Benoit lifts up Edge and hits another german suplex. Benoit rolls, gets up and hits a second german suplex. Benoit rolls, gets up and hits a third german suplex. Benoit gets up and does a cut throat gesture. Benoit goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Edge jumps up and rgabs Benoit. Edge tosses Benoit to the center of the ring and leans in the corner trying to catch his breath. Benoit gets up holding his back facing away from Edge. Benoit turns and Edge runs toward Benoit, but Benoit grabs his arm and drops into the Crippler Crossface. Benoit just about locks it on, but Edge rolls and grabs the bottom rope. Benoit releases and stands right up. Benoit lands a few kicks to Edge and then pulls him to his feet. Benoit pushes Edge off the ropes and moves to the center of the ring. Edge comes off the ropes and Benot goes for a clothesline, but Edge ducks and continues off the ropes. Benoit turns and Edge comes off the ropes and hits a spear. Edge makes a cover and gets a three count.

Jim Ross: Edge with the spear, taking down Benoit!
Jerry Lawler: Did you see the ring presense of Edge, JR!? He was in the Crippler Crossface, but he knew right where he was!
Jim Ross: He managed to roll, but I think he was lucky that he was near the ropes.
Jerry Lawler: Lucky!? That was planned.
Jim Ross: I don't think he planned to be in the Crippler Crossface. Anyways its time for our main event! A No Mercy preveiw match!

Preveiw for No Mercy: Christian© vs. Val Venis
Val comes down too major pops. He poses for the crowd and Venis waits in the ring as Christian's Music starts. Christian makes his way down the ramp and stands outside the ring for a moment and stres at Venis. Christian jumps to the apron and continues staring right at Venis. Christian climbs through the ropes and has to quickly duck away as Venis runs at him. Venis turns around and Christian lands a series of punches to Venis, working him against the ropes. Christian pushes him off the ropes, but Venis reverses it. Christian comes off the opposite ropes and Venis hits him with a spinebuster. Venis gets up, backs off the ropes, and drops a knee to Christian. Venis makes a quick cover, but Christian quickly kicks out. Venis gets up and pulls Christian with him. Venis grabs Christian by his arm and whips him to the corner. Venis runs and follows up with a splash. Venis pulls Christian out of the corner and pushes him against the ropes, and drives a knee to his gut. Venis pushes him off the ropes and follows him, and drives a second knee to his gut. Venis locks up with Christian and hits a northern lights suplex and holds in a bridge, but Christian again kicks out. Both men get to their feet and Venis goes for a clothesline, but Christian ducks. Venis turns around and Christian knocks him down with a dropkick. Venis gets right up and Christian whips him to the corner. Christian runs and follows up with a back elbow. Venis stumbles out of the corner and Christian grabs him hitting a snapmare. Christian drops to a knee and locks on a chin lock. Christian works down Venis as the ref checks with him. Venis works his way back to a verticle base and drives a couple elbows into Christian's gut. Venis breaks free and backs off the ropes, but Christian knocks him down with a back heel kick. Christian makes a cover, but Venis manages to kick out. Christian gets up and pulls Venis with him. Christian pushes Venis off the ropes, but Venis again reverses it. Christian comes off the ropes and Venis lifts him up and hits a sidewalk slam. Venis heads to the corner and climbs to the top rope. But Christian gets up and heads to the corner. Christian grabs Venis and tosses him to the center of the ring. Venis gets up holding his back and Christian runs at him, looking for a clothesline, but Venis ducks. Christian turns around and Venis whips him back to the corner. Christian hits the turnbuckles and stumbles forward, and Venis runs looking for a clothesline, but Christian ducks and Venis hits the ref. Venis turns around and Christian lands a few punches, knocking him over the top rope to the outside. Christian checks on the ref as Venis slowly gets up on the outside. Venis gets back to his feet and Christian runs and goes for a baseball slide, but Venis sidesteps it. Christian turns and Venis lands a couple right hands. Venis grabs Christian by his head and slams him face first to the apron. Venis rolls Christian into the ring and then jumps to the apron. Venis heads to the corner and to the top rope. Venis jumps and hits the Money Shot. Venis holds for a cover, but the referee is still down. Venis gets up and heads over toward the referee and pulls him toward the cover. Venis makes another cover and the referee starts another count. Venis gets a two count, but Christian manages to rolls his shoulder. Venis gets up and pulls Christian along. Venis shoves Christian into the corner and lands a couple kicks to his gut. Venis grabs Christian by his arm and whips him to the opposite corner. Venis runs and attempts to follow up with a splash, but Christian moves and Venis hits the turnbuckles and staggers back to the center of the ring. Christian backs off the ropes and hits Venis with a clothesline. Christian staggers to the opposite ropes and holds onto the top rope. Venis gets back to his feet and Christian runs and hits a second clothesline. Christian backs off the ropes again and hits Venis with a knee drop. Christian makes a cover, but the referee makes a slow count, allowing Venis to kick out. Christian gets up and pulls Venis to his feet. Christian lands a couple right hands, and then whips Venis toward the opposite ropes, but Venis reverses it. Christian comes off the ropes and Venis goes for a clothesline, but Christian catches his arm, gets around behind him, and sets him up. Christian then drops and hits the Unprettier. Christian rolls Venis over, making a cover, and gets a three count. Christian rolls out of the ring and taunts the crowd. Val Venis seems upset. The crowd chants for Val as the show begins to fade.

Jim Ross: Christian, talking down Val Venis, and as he looks back toward the World Title, this can't hurt.
Jerry Lawler: We saw him earlier with Orton and Flair, JR, and you know Val Venis is on his radar!
Jim Ross: Of course Val Venis is, but more importantly, so is the World Title!
Jerry Lawler: But you could say that about anybody on the roster.
Jim Ross: Well, yes you could. .....folks were out of time! See you next week!
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