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House of Hardcore VIII went off without a hitch Saturday night from the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia. Tommy Dreamer announced shortly before the show that it had sold out.

The event featured talent from NXT (Rhino), ROH, Lucha Underground, TNA, WWC, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Both Justin Roberts, EC3 and Rey Mysterio also appeared at the event. Full results from the show are below:

PJ Black defeated Brian Myers via pinfall

Amazing Red defeated Matt Striker via pinfall

Alex Reynolds defeated JT Dunn via pinfall

Rhino defeated Eddie Kingston via pinfall

Bill Carr, Dan Barry & Tony Nese defeated Ben Ortiz, Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus via pinfall

Matt Hardy defeated Carlito and Lance Hoyt via pinfall

The Dudley Boyz defeated Christopher Daniels & Kaz via pinfall

Street Fight
Eric Young defeated Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

After the match, EC3 appeared and attacked Dreamer. Rey Mysterio appeared and made the save.

The Young Bucks defeated Austin Aries & Bobby Roode via pinfall

My Thoughts: House Of Hardcore is actually one of my favorite indy's right now, I like how Tommy has attempted to replicate the spirit of ECW without all the violence, that's what so many groups missed... It wasn't the violence that made ECW cool, it was the renegade spirit and it was it was their desire to always send their audience home happy and felt like going to an ECW show was money well spent.

Anyway, Rey was a cool surprise. Tommy usually does big surprises at these shows. To be honest I was expecting Samoa Joe and thought maybe he would have made more sense in chasing off EC3 but Rey was more out of nowhere.

Hopefully Tommy got Discounted price because twenty grand for A run in is kinda steep.

If I had one note, it's that ima little disappointed my boy Tony Nese was wasted in that six man tag. I love Dan Barry and Team Tremendous but having Nese in their with Ortiz and the others kinda sucks.

Especially when you have guys like Justin Gabriel and Red on the card, you mean to tell me Tommy really thought people would rather see Gabriel vs Curt Fucking Hawkins. Has Hawkins has a stand out match on the indy's? How about Red and Striker, I like Striker but not for his ring work. Your telling me Tony Nese couldn't have gotten a better match out of Red or Gabriel than Striker or Hawkins.

I get Tommy is friends with Striker and Hawkins and just wanted to book his friends but this seems like backwards booking in my opinion.

The rest of the card looks good, glad Eddie Kingston got booked but can we give this man a win Tommy?

I'll buy this when it comes out on DVD.

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A decent show, still nothing great in terms of matches. But Dreamer apparently a very nice guy IRL since he can call anyone to his show. TNA stars, indy, former wwe wrestlers, I like HoH cause you can see anyone there. First El Patron, now Rey.

Gabriel is in great shape. Since TNA hired Drew, I would be surprised if they'll pass on Justin.

Red vs. Striker was pretty entertaining.

That Dunn guy is interesting.

Kingston is the beast.

3 on 3 was my fav match. I knew only Tone Nese in the beginng of the match, but I liked all of the participants. Team Tremendous is an original team, I like them.

YBs vs. DH and 3D vs. BI wasn't as good as I expected. Good matches, but you expect more from teams like this. Nice spot with Rosita.

EY is simply awesome. So is EC3.

The negatives are "fuck TNA chants". Those chants make sense in RoH, or when AJ Styles is in the ring since TNA fucked up with him, but the show featured current TNA talent and people payed to see TNA wrestlers yet chanting "fuck TNA".

Dreamer knew it would happen and yet didn't do anything. Not nice from his part.
Also Aries and Roode should have been won.

And Velvet is a silly girl. Promotions dont like wrestlers that shit on other promotions after being fired. Just saying.

Maybe Dreamer is low on money because of dirty pirates, but even Evlove got better video and audio on their shows. When Bully speaks - I understand him cause he's always screaming, but I'm struggling to understand the chants and some promos because audio is bad.
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