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Is Hornswoggle on WWE programming really so bad?

  • Nope. He makes the kids laugh, sometimes is funny, I don't mind him too much.

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  • Yes. absolutely horrible. Way overexposed, no place for him on TV. Get rid of him

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What's with all the hate against hornswoggle?

I'll admit i don't really watch smackdown a lot where he's been lately (in fact, i probably havent watched raw on a regular basis for a few months...normally i watch off and on throughout the yr but get rlly excited towards Rumble/WM, or whenever any big ppv matches are being set up).

But seriously...who cares? So they bring out a little midget, whose funny and makes the kids laugh sometimes. Obviously, he's not only going to interact with NXT lvl rookies nobody cares about, because he's often so popular with kids/audience. So instead, he often ends up interacting with some of the bigger stars (such as his mini-run with Cena during the Rumble). What's the harm?

All i ever see and read is hate about hornswoggle, how stupid he is, how people cant believe how he's on TV, etc.

I dunno, it never really bothered me so much. The day where you see hornswoggle beat up undertaker, or win the championship, or something stupid like that, I guess there'd be a reason to complain.

What do you guys think? Do you really think he's that bad?
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He's not really that bad, its just WWE feeling the need to have him in important situations for no reason.

The rumble does have its moments, but no way he needed to be there as long as he was. Maybe for like a minute or two but that's it.
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