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Hola, Amigos.

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With Honor:

Murder By Death:

Explosions in the Sky:
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With Honor: Not so sure about this one. i honestly think the blends could be better. Id rate this one a 7/10

Murder By Death : I like this one, the color looks good as does the picture placement. The thing I like about this most is the text. Blends in nicely with the BG and the font is a nice choice. 9/10

Explosions in the Sky: Dont really like the text, the colors looks good though. Its not much because of the size. so.. . 7/10

Overall they are pretty good, I havent seen any of your work besides these and the ones in your sig, pretty good. (probally doesnt mean much to you comin from me but ya)

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with honor: has good colors but bad blending. the text is ok, butsome of the letters you cant see because of the light. i give it 8/10

Murder By death: Very good blending with the colors. The picture are clear and are placed well. the text is very hard to read tho. 9/10

Explosions in the sky: the colors are cool. The text is very clear i think. the size is too small. if it was bigger, then it would be awesome. 9/10

overall they are very good. post some more graphics up and maybe those will be even better.

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I remember you Guitar Player.

With Honor: I like the colour scheme. I like the blending and I personally like the font semi-blending. 9/10.
Murder By Death: I like the colours on this one also. I like how it blends. 9/10.
Explosions in the Sky: I love this one. I like the simplicity of it. 9/10.

Overall. I remember you being one of the best, and you still seem to be.

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With Honor: It is nice but not my favorite. The font is also nixe except the 't' is a little hard to see.

Murder By Death: Probably my favorite one out of the three. The bg is nice and I like that blue. The font is great and goes well with the banner. You also did a nice job on the blending.

Explosions in the Sky: I like the lefts side color. The right side of the banner is to yellowish. I also don't like that black spot under the words 'the' and 'sky'.
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