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It me.
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1. Don't post your role PM in the game thread and try not to directly quote it either. If possible, paraphrase. Violators will be mod-killed.
2. Don't talk about the game outside this thread unless permitted by your role.
3. Town is FTB-Aligned.
4. You know my games. Play on actions and reads, not on setup spec.
5. Role usages are not refundable.
6. With the exception of Day 1, Day phases will be 24 hours, while Night phases will be 16 hours.
7. Deadlines will be upheld.
8. Try to stay active. But also, try to stay civil. I know we're all wildly competitive, but this game is supposed to be fun. So, y'know. Have fun.

Players: (1 alive)
17. NotGuilty

jeffatron — Martin Brodeur, Sin Bin-Aligned 1x Bulletproof Actor (Lynched Day 1)
Poyser — Patrick Roy, FTB-Aligned 3x Fastest Glove in the Game (Killed Night 1)
Mr.Tweetums — Wayne Gretzky, FTB-Aligned GOAT (Killed Night 1)
Rop3 — Mario Lemieux, FTB-Aligned Front Office Associate/Sentimental Favorite (Killed Night 2)
Odo — Dominik Hasek, FTB-Aligned Legendary Backup (Killed Night 2)
Doddsy — Teemu Selanne, FTB-Aligned 2x Best Bud (Killed Night 2)
V. Skybox — Eddie Shore, Sin Bin-Aligned 1x Strongman/2x Reaper (Killed Night 2)
Curry — Mark Messer in a Canucks Jersey, Sin Bin-Aligned Team Captain (Dueled Day 3)
Big Man — Gary Bettman, Sin Bin-Aligned Relocator/1x Commissioner (Lynched Day 3)
BrutusIsNotMyName — Nicklas Lidstrom, FTB-Aligned Shadow (Killed Night 3)
LethalWeapon — Gordie Howe, FTB-Aligned 3x Fighter (Killed Night 3)
Lawls — Ted Lindsay, FTB-Aligned Poisoner/Healer (Killed Night 3)
TKOK — Chris Pronger, FTB-Aligned Especially Hated Townie/3x Motivator (Lynched Day 4)
PHEN0M — Tim Horton, FTB-Aligned Shutdown Defenseman (Poisoned Day 4)
Mikey Damage — Eric Lindros, FTB-Aligned Glass JOAT (Killed Night 4)
Barry Burton — Gerry Cheevers, Cheevers-Aligned Serial Killer/1x Janitor/Goalie Hunter (Killed Night 4)

Day 1: Marty's Deader
Night 1: The Late One
Day 2: Locked Out
Night 2: Bloody Wednesday
Mid-Day 3: What A Mess
Day 3: Regime Change
Night 3: Dead Wings
Day 4: Fastest Game On Ice
Night 4: The Hardest Trophy In Mafia To Win

Sin Bin-Aligned Wins!

MVP: Big Man.
HM: Odo.
HM: Barry Burton.

Dead QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/zJRKXfQR2Eius
Sin Bin-Aligned QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/ibsfHeKzH4JB
Cheevers-Aligned QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/eUKRBiyiJCMB
Mod QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/FMRGnP7qvJ6tZ

Thanks for playing.

The North Remembers
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Tbh I had to google our alignment and still don't really know what the sides are gonna be. Maybe Canadians vs others?
Yeah no idea. FTB aka For The Boys could be for anything. And the scum could be players Peter dislikes, goons, or non hockey.

At any rate, not really worth spending much time on.

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I'm usually against claiming without pressure, but since my role is :francis and could easily get me unintentionally lynched, it's best for town to know it from the start.

I'm Chris pronger,ftb aligned. I was known as one of the meanest bastards in the league when I played,I loved getting under others skin. This made me one of the most hated players in the league.

In this game it makes me a extremely hated townie. It only requires me to get half the votes required for me to lynched. If the lunch needs a odd number of votes,the number will be rounded up.

I win when all threats to ftb aligned are eliminated.

That's the way it has to be
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TKOK claim seems like it could be plausible. You don't fake that, as if you're that badly crippled, town doesn't want you to live to endgame.
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