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HIW (High Impact Wrestling)

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This is my first attmept at making a fed, so please give me as much feedback as possible. I may start to add in a few origional characters as I progress, but I'll start off with characters that allready exist. The basic premise here is that Bischoff manages to take away a good deal of the WWE's stars and start his own Company.


Heavyweight Divsion

Upper Card:
-Chris Benoit
-Chris Jerico
-Kurt Angle
-Booker T

-Carlito "Caribean" Cool
-Randy Orton
-Shelton Benjamin
-Jeff Hardy
-Mark Jindrak
-Luther Reigns
-Charlie Haas
-Garrison Cade
-Orlando Jordan

Lower Card:
-Simon Dean
-Tyson Tomko

-Rey Mysterio
-Paul London
-Billy Kidman
-Shannon Moore
-Chavo Guererro

Tag Division
-Basham Brothers
-La Resistance
-New Age Outlaws

Owner: Eric Bischoff
General Manager: Ric Flair

HIW World Wide Champion: TBD
HIW Intercontinental Champion: TBD
HIW North American Champion: TBD
Extreme-Division Champion: TBD
HIW Tag Team Champions: TBD