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This is my first attmept at making a fed, so please give me as much feedback as possible. I may start to add in a few origional characters as I progress, but I'll start off with characters that allready exist. The basic premise here is that Bischoff manages to take away a good deal of the WWE's stars and start his own Company.


Heavyweight Divsion

Upper Card:
-Chris Benoit
-Chris Jerico
-Kurt Angle
-Booker T

-Carlito "Caribean" Cool
-Randy Orton
-Shelton Benjamin
-Jeff Hardy
-Mark Jindrak
-Luther Reigns
-Charlie Haas
-Garrison Cade
-Orlando Jordan

Lower Card:
-Simon Dean
-Tyson Tomko

-Rey Mysterio
-Paul London
-Billy Kidman
-Shannon Moore
-Chavo Guererro

Tag Division
-Basham Brothers
-La Resistance
-New Age Outlaws

Owner: Eric Bischoff
General Manager: Ric Flair

HIW World Wide Champion: TBD
HIW Intercontinental Champion: TBD
HIW North American Champion: TBD
Extreme-Division Champion: TBD
HIW Tag Team Champions: TBD
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I like your roster, the length is perfect and you have added the most important superstars. Some tips I would give you is be creative with stoylines and do something with the rookies not just the experience because that always gets me interested and I'm sure it would interest others. I hope you stick with it, Goodluck!

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Shock Wave​

Opening Theme is shown. At the end of it Ric Flair is shown smiling and moving his eyebrows up and down.

Undertaker, Edge, Chris Benoit, Chris Jerico, HHH, Kurt Angle, Kane, and Booker T are all in the ring. Ric Flair's Theme hits.

Ric Flair: Whooo!!! Tonight is the first ever edition of Shock Wave and tonight is my first night in charge. Whooo!!!! However, enough about me. Its time to get down to busissness. As you all know none of the titles in HIW are currently being held. Well starting tonight we are going to fix that. You see by the end of Diplomatic Breakdown, all titles will be held. And at Diplomatic Breakdown, there will be a Triple Threat Elimination Match match to determine the Intercontinental Champion. Whooo!!! There will be three matches to determine who deserves to compete for this title. And one of those matches will be tonight!! Because tonight it will be the "Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak vs. the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton. Whooo!!! But that's not all. Ya' see, I called the eight of you standing in the ring out here tonight, because you are the candidates for the HIW World Title. At Diplomatic Breakdown there will be a one on one match to determine who deserves the title. In order to determine who competes in that match there will be an eight man tournament. So tonight we will see the first two matches of that tournament. Tonight the former Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle will be competing in a Submission Match agains-

Kurt Angle grabs a microphone.

Kurt Angle: That's a little one-sided don't you think. I mean, I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist. There's no one who would stand a chance against me in a Submission Match. So I think I'll be a good sport and just give him the element of surprise. I'll find out who he is right before my match.

Ric: That's fine by me. However, that's not the only match. Because in the main event we will see Triple-H go one on one with Chris Jerico.

Ric Flair's Music Hits.

J.R.: My god what a start to the HIW.

King: You said it. Three main event level matches in one night. And this is only our first show.


Match: Luther Reigns vs. Jeff Hardy​

Luther Reigns's music starts. He enter's the ring.

J.R.: A very impressive and dangerous fighter is Luther Reigns. Let's not forget his deadly history.

King: I feel very sorry for whoever has to face him.

Jeff Hardy's music starts.

J.R.: And here comes one of the gifted athletes in HIW. The Enigma, as he likes to call him self, Jeff Hardy. And you got to believe that this match will make immpression on Ric.

King: That is without a doubt why these had better bring their best to this match. You can only make one good immpression.

Match starts out with Luther aggressivly asserting his size over Jeff and working on his lower back. Jeff bounces with a kick to the temple and hits Luther with a Cross Body from the top rope. Luther kicks out of the pinning predicament and is dropkicked out of the ring. Jeff performs a Sucicide Dive, but misses and lands on his head.

J.R.: My god, did you see that. Jeff's lucky his neck isn't broken.

Luther attempts his finsher, but Jeff runs up the ropes and slams Luther on the back of head. He goes for the cover but Luther kicks out at two. Luther hits his finsher and goes for the cover. The refferee counts. ONE. TWO. Jeff Hardy puts his leg on the bottom rope.

King: That did not just happen. He could not have kicked out of that.

J.R.: Well you better believe it King, because it happened.

Luther applies a Rear Necked Choke. Hardy punches at his face repeatedly and he lets go. Luther Irish Whips Jeff and is about to Clotheline him, when Jeff ducks and performs a Flying Clothesline. He then climbs to the top rope and performs the Swanton Bomb to pull off the one, two, three. Jeff Hardy's music begins.

J.R.: What a performance by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy hardy is celebrating and is suddenly knocked down. Camera backs up to reveal Mordecai holding his cross. Mordecai starts hitting Jeff Hardy with his Cross repeatedly. After a few seconds Jeff Hardy is lying motionless.

J.R.: What is the meening of this?! What could Jeff Hardy have possibly have done to recieve such a brutal beating!?

Mordecai kicks an unconscious Jeff Hardy aside aside and drives his cross into the center of the ring. White flames shoot from the corners and Mordecai's music plays. He leaves raising his cross triumphantly.


Backstage, we see Ric Flair and Carlito "Caribean" Cool.

Carlito: So, you're goanna put me in a match to recieve the Intercontinental Title, right? I mean, I have all the credentials to be in it. Especially considering that I won th United States Championship in my first match. Besides, what you want is for this match to be "Cool."

Ric: Actually, Carlito, I'm not going to give you a chance to get into that Triple Threat match.

Carlito: WHAT?! Starts speaking in spanish.

Ric: Look, don't take it personally. I just don't like people who come to me and beg for matches.

Carlito is about to talk.

Ric: Shhhhh. Whispers. Let me give you some advice. If you want to get anything from me, then do this. Carlito comes closer. Ric leans as if to whisper in his ear. GO OUT THERE AND MAKE AN IMPACT!!!!!

Carlito is holding his ear. He turns to Ric Flair, somewhat angrily.

Carlito: Oh, I'll give you an impact. An impact that you will never forget. Storms off.

Camera goes to J.R. and the King at ringside.

J.R.: Well strong words from Carlito "Caribean" Cool to our General Manger Ric Flair.

King: You said it. What do you think that this "Impact" of Carlito's will be.

J.R.: Only time will answer that one, King.

Simon Dean's starts.

J.R.: Oh my god. What is he doing out here?!

Simon: You know I can't help but notice the irony of our shows name. I mean with all the fat you people have in your systems there's no way you could feel a shockwave. I mean you people are disgusting. I really mean it.

A gong rings and the lights go out. When they come back on Undertaker is standing behind Simon Dean. Simon screams like a little girl and bolts off into crowd. Ric Flair rushes from behind the curtain.

Ric Flair: You want to come out here and run your mouth Simon. Then you better act like a man. Now you get into the ring cause I'm making it official. It will be Simon Dean vs. the Undertaker. And as an incentive I'm making this stipulation. If you win you will take the Undertaker's spot in the tournament.

Simon still doesn't want to do it.

Ric: Not doing it. Fine. Takes out his watch. You've got five minutes to enter the ring. If you fail to do this, then you are fired.

Simon looks like he's going to have a heart attack as he enters the ring. The bell rings.

Match: Simon Dean vs. the Undertaker​

Simon gets a thourogh beating. He cannot even defend himself.

J.R.: Simon Dean is getting wooped by the Undertaker.

New Age Outlaws come down. Billy distracts the refferee while Road Dog punches Undertaker. Undertaker almost turns the tables but Simon gives him a low blow. Road Dog leaves while Simon goes for a cover. Undertaker kicks out at one. He then Tombstones Simon, for the cover.

Backstage we see HHH with the New Age Outlaws.

HHH: Dammit. I told you to make sure he lost the match. Do you guys understand that I don't want to face the Undertaker? Do you get the fact that it is a risk I don't want to take?

Road Dog: Look man. We still got one chance left. If the Underrtaker loses in the tournament, he won't be able to face you.

HHH: Never mind, we have more immediate issues to deal with.

HHH and New Age Outlaws go in close and begin whipering to each other. Scene changes to Orton walking down a hallway in his wrestling gear. Carlito jumps from out of a corner and spits apple in his face.

Carlito: It should have been me.

J.R.: Well, ladies and gentlemen, its Orton vs. Jindrak, next.


Match: Randy Orton vs. Mark Jindrak​

Orton's Music hits and he comes to the ring with apple still on his face. Jindrak is already in the ring.

J.R.: Can you believe the audacity of Carlito? I mean to have the gaul to spit in Orton's face.

King: Well you gotta understand something J.R. Carlito feels that he's been robbed of an opportunity he deserves.

J.R.: Then he should take it out on Flair, not Orton.

Match starts off with Orton and Jindrak locking up. Orton outwrestles Jindrak into a headlock. Jindrak stands up and elbows Orton in the ribs. He then proceeds to Supplex Orton. After this he applies an Arm Bar. Orton punches Jindrak in the face and Jindrak realeases Orton. Orton goes to the top rope and is Dropkicked off by Jindrak.

King: Did you see the elevation of that kick.

J.R.: Yes, Jindrak an absolutely amazing athlete. There's no question about that.

Orton climbs back into the ring and is caught by a punch from Mark Jindrak. Mark Jindrak applies a Camel Clutch, and Orton barely manages to escape. Attempts to clothesline Jindrak, but Jindrak ducks Orton hits the refferee by accident. Orton hits the RKO on Jindrak, only to be hit in the back of the head by a steel chair wielded by Carlito. Carlito throws the chair out of the rings and mocks Orton by immitating Orton's arm guester. He then puts Jindrak over Orton, wakes the referree, and leaves the ring.

J.R.: No, not like this.

Referree counts the three and Jindrak wins.

J.R.: I cannot believe this. Orton has lost his shot at becoming Intercontinental Champion, (Camera shows Carlito looking back and smiling. ) and its all because of that man right there. Carlito "Caribean" Cool has screwed Randy Orton out of the shot at becoming Intercontinental Champion.


Match: Kurt Angle vs. ???​

Kurt Angle's Music starts and he enters the ring. He grabs a microphone.

Kurt: All right. Let's get this over with. Send out my opponent. Because there's no he can beat m-

Chris Benoit's music plays.

J.R.: Well, it loks like Angles goanna have to eat his words.

This match starts out fairly technical with Benoit and Angle matching each other hold for hold. Angle eventually thumbs Chris Benoit in the eye. Chris Benoit shakes it off and begins to chop at Angle relentlessly.

J.R.: Benoit getting the better of Angle. It looks like this one be over in a hurry.

Angle performs an Angle Slam from out of no where and applies the Ankle Lock. Chris Benoit writhes in pain but refuses to give up and reverses it by using his leg strength to hurl Angle across the ring. He then applies the Sharpshooter.

J.R.: Benoit's going to do it. Benoit's going to make Angle tap.

Angle grabs the ropes. Benoit releases the hold and performs six German Supplexes on Angle. Afterwords he goes to the top rope and attempts to do the flying headbutt. Angle rolls out of the way and waits for Benoit to get up. He then does another Angle Slam on Benoit and applies the Ankle Lock. Benoit manges to kick Angle off and takes Angle down and applies a Boston Crab. Angle gets to the ropes, and Benoit realeases. Angle give Benoit a low blow and goes for another Angle Slam, but Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface. Angle taps.

J.R.: Chris Benoit has done it. He has advanced and will now go on to face the winner of the HHH/Jerico match later tonight.


Backstage we see Carlito. walking into his car. Ric Flair walks up to him.

Ric: Where do you think you're going? You owe me some answers.

Carlito: I don't need to explain myself to you. You're the one who made me do it.

Ric: WHAT?!

Carlito (Smiles): What was it you told me to do. Oh thas' right. You said to make an impact, and that's exactly what I did. Gets into his car and leaves.

Scene changes to Chris Jerico walking down the hall way.

J.R.: Well ladies and and gentlemen, its HHH vs. Chris Jerico next.


Match: Chris Jerico vs. HHH​

Chris Jerico and HHH start by exchanging blows. Jerico supplexes HHH. He then uses mounted punches on him. HHH comes back by hitting Jerico's leg and starts to work on it. He applies a Reverse Inidan Death Lock. Jerico manges to get to ropes. HHH Irish Wihps Jerico. Jerico performs a Bulldog on HHH from out of nowhere. He then attempts a Lionsault, but HHH lifts his knees up.

J.R.: What a match this is turning out to be.

HHH starts to work the rib area of Jerico. Jerico mounts a come back, and applies the Walls of Jerico. Billy Gun comes out and distracts the refferee. Road Dog hits Jerico with brass knuckles and pulls HHH into the cover. Refferee counts the three and raises HHH's hand in victory.

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Shockwave Preview​

After the events that transpired there are many questions still to be answered. What will Jerico have to say after being cheated out of a victory over HHH? What was the reasoning behind Mordecai's viscious attack on Jeff Hardy? What will happen when Carlito and Orton meet next?

To make matters even more interesting Ric Flairs has a two major announcements, one of witch is reguarding the Extreme-Division Title, and the other the Tag Team Titles. To make matters even more interesting the next match to determine the the participants in the Triple Threat Elimination Match for the HIW Intercontinental Championship will be Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas. To cap it all off, it has been announced the next match in the eight-man tournament to determine the HIW World Wide Champion will be the Undertaker vs. Edge.
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