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is a dumb name.
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Yeah, I know. What a wonderful name. If I made up a name, it would be something that either sounds retarded, or something that was already taken. I'm pretty sure "Hitze's WWE" isn't taken. But honestly, I think I'm a helluva lot more creative when it comes to storylines/matches than making up names.

The roster split is in effect.

My WWE will begin on the day after WrestleMania 21 (not real life's time). I will post a RAW every Monday, and a SmackDown! every Thursday. I will post PPVs on Sundays. Considering that today is Monday, I will probably post RAW on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. After that, everything will be normal.

Pay-Per-Views RAW PPVs in red.SD PPVs in blue.Joint PPVs in green.

New Year's Revolution
Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Judgment Day
Bad Blood
King of the Ring
Great American Bash
Fully Loaded
No Mercy
Survivor Series
Over the Edge

World Heavyweight Champion - Triple H
Intercontinental Champion - Christian
World Tag Champions - Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier
Women's Champion - Trish Stratus

WWE Champion - Kurt Angle
US Champion - Carlito
WWE Tag Champions - D'Von and Bubba Ray Dudley
Cruiserweight Champion - Shannon Moore

The following can go on either show:
All McMahons (Vince-heel Steph-face Shane-face Linda-neutral)
The Rock (face)
Mick Foley (face)
Bret Hart (heel)
Lilian Garcia (Ring Announcer - face)

RAW GM - Eric Bischoff (heel)
SD! GM - Paul Heyman (heel)

For the most part, the rosters are the same, except for the following.

-Hurricane, Tajiri, and Matt Hardy will go to Smackdown, so they can compete for the Cruiserweight Championship.
-Randy Orton's RAW contract expired after Wrestlemania 21. Because he was sick of Triple H and the ways he cheated to keep the title, he signed with Smackdown.
-To join his partner, Rosey is on Smackdown.
-Smackdown signed Sakoda, Ultimo Dragon, and Jamie Noble to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship.

-Miss Jackie is now on RAW, to compete for the women's title. Also, RAW signed Gail Kim, Jazz, and Nidia.
-Eddie Guerrero is on RAW.
-Rene Dupree is on RAW.
-Jon Heidenreich is on RAW.

I'll be as creative as possible, and I'll also make it realistic(no jumping into a pit of fire with spikes in it off the top of a cage).

I hope you all enjoy it.

is a dumb name.
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Thank you both for the encouragement. :)
I read parts of both of yours, and I think they're both great(from what I've read, at least).

And I'm also making some adjustments to the rosters.

Todd Grisham - Backstage Interviewer
Terri Runnels - Backstage Interviewer
Jonathan Coachman - Backstage Interviewer
Josh Mathews - Backstage Interviewer
Backstage Interviewers are for both shows.

Raw Signings:
Lance Storm
Tommy Dreamer

Smackdown Signings:
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Billy Gunn
Grand Master Sexay
Scott Steiner
Sean O'Haire

And yeah, getting Raw up tonight looks doubtful. If I don't get it up tonight, I will tomorrow. If I don't get it up tonight, Smackdown will be pushed back to Friday, or Saturday at the very latest. After that, Raw will always be on Monday, and SD on Thursday.

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yup, look forward to checking out your first Raw. check out my WWE as well.

is a dumb name.
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Before the show, I have some things to say. Since this is my first show, I'd like some suggestions. (Match Length, number of promos, etc.)
Tell me if the show completely blows, or if it's decent.
For most of the matches, I'll only write parts of the matches. If the match is really short, such as the first match on this RAW, I'll write the whole thing. For the main events, I will also write the whole thing. On Pay-Per-Views, I will probably write the whole thing for every match.
Nobody I "signed" to RAW yesterday is on this show tonight, since I already had everything planned out before I "added" them.
WWE RAW 3/14/05

Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois

JR:Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW in Chicago, Illinois! Tonight is just 24 hours removed from Wrestlemania 21, and what a show we have for you tonight! It’s gonna be a slobber-knocker folks!

Triple H’s music hits the arena, and he walks down the ramp with Batista and Ric Flair

HHH:Well, well, well! Once again, I have proven that I am the best wrestler in the WWE today. I beat that little punk kid, Randy Orton, so bad that he went running away to Smackdown! As long as evolution has anything to say about it, I will be the champion until I retire.

Rene Dupree’s music hits the arena, and the crowd gives a huge pop.

Rene Dupree:Triple H! Do you have any integrity? Every single match you’re in, you have to cheat somehow to win. Hell, take last night, for example. Ric Kissass over there distracts the ref, and you beat the hell out of Randy Orton with a sledgehammer. I’m beginning to think that you might be the most overrated superstar of all time. In my home country of France, we fight with honor. Hell, even most wrestlers in the WWE fight with honor.

Flair:You don’t disrespect a LEGEND like myself or Hunter like that! I’ll give you THREE SECONDS to apologize, or else we’ll beat you up of a hell of a lot worse than Orton last night! 1...2…3.

Evolution runs down the ramp towards Dupree. Rene appears to run away behind the curtain, but a few seconds later, he emerges with a sledgehammer. This causes evolution to turn back and run through the crowd. Dupree’s music plays.

Commercial Break

1st Match - Intercontinental Championship

Christian’s music plays and he walks down the ramp, with Tyson Tomko and Trish by his side. The crowd boos.
King:This isn’t fair at all to Captain Charisma! Just a day after he wins the Intercontinental Championship, he has to defend it? Then again, it is just Steven Richards.
JR:Stevie Richards, in my opinion, is a very underrated superstar. I think he can win this match. Besides, Christian deserves it. He couldn’t have beaten Shelton Benjamin last night without his “problem solver”. I think this is a good decision by our general manager.
Steven Richards walks down the ramp, Victoria by his side. The crowd is pretty much silent, except for a few people who cheer for them.

Richards runs into the ring and quickly punches Christian a few times. Christian recovers and knocks Richards down with a running clothesline. He draws boos from the crowd after taunting. He tries for the quick unprettier, but Richards reverses it and backdrops Christian. He goes on the top of the turnbuckle, but Trish pulls him down onto it. Victoria chases Trish as Trish runs backstage. Tomko follows the two women. Inside the ring, Christian hits a superplex on Richards. When Christian tries to pick up Richards, Richards nails a quick low blow. Richards then hits the Stevie-T. 1…2…NO! Christian barely kicks out in time. When Richards picks Christian up, Captain Charisma pokes Stevie in the eye. Christian then runs outside of the ring and grabs the IC title. He goes into the ring and nails Richards with it, disqualifying himself. The match ends in less than four minutes.
Winner by DQ: Steven Richards – Christian keeps the IC Championship

JR:What a cheap way to end the match! Christian knew he’d have trouble winning, so he cheated to keep the title.
KingHey JR, Christian should never have been in this match in the first place.

Commercial Break

(Bischoff’s Office)

Evolution goes into the room, extremely pissed off after what happened at the beginning of the show.
HHH:ERIC! DID YOU SEE THAT? I want Dupree, tonight!! I’ll show him what it feels like to mess with Evolution!
Bischoff:Hunter, I understand what you’re saying. How about this. Backlash. You against Rene Dupree. No Disqualification. You should be able to beat the living HELL out of him.
HHH:You know Eric, you’re right. I agree. Hell, someone like Rene Dupree should be a cakewalk for a legend like myself. But I want him TONIGHT!
Bischoff:Hmm. Okay. A handicap match tonight. Evolution vs. Rene Dupree and a partner of his choice. I’ll also make the match an elimination match, so one lucky pinfall by Rene won’t win him the match.
HHH:Smirks. Thanks Bischoff. After tonight, you may need to pick a new opponent to face me at Backlash. Evolution will end Dupree’s career tonight.

JR:Oh my god! Just 24 hours after Wrestlemania, and we already have a World Heavyweight Title match scheduled for backlash!
King:Maybe we don’t. Like Triple H said JR, Dupree will have trouble walking after tonight!

2nd Match – Maven vs. Mark Henry

Maven walks down the ramp to his music, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Mark Henry does the same and gets booed.

JR:Well folks, this is truly a battle of David vs. Goliath. If Maven can pull this one off, it will be one of the biggest upsets in WWE history.
King:Like that will happen! Bischoff’s bodyguard will make quick work of Maven.

Beginning of Match:Maven starts with some punches to Mark Henry’s head, but they don’t affect the big man. Henry catches a punch, twists Maven’s arm, and then clotheslines him. He runs against the ropes, attempts a splash on Maven, but Maven gets his knees up just in time to prevent getting hurt too badly. Maven gets up and hits a quick DDT.
(A few minutes pass)
End of Match: Up to this point, it has been an even match. Mark Henry throws Maven outside of the ring, and Henry walks outside of the ring. He whips Maven into the steps, and then Henry goes back into the ring while leaving the beaten-down Maven outside of the ring. Eventually, Maven gets back into the ring, but Henry is waiting in the ring with a huge clothesline. 1…2…NO! Somehow, Maven found the strength to kick out. Henry can’t believe it, and argues with the ref. While this is happening, Maven rolls up Henry in a School Boy. 1…2…NO! Both men get up at the same time, and Henry puts Maven in a Bearhug. The ref doesn’t see Maven poke Henry in the eye, and he escapes the bearhug. Maven whips Henry into a turnbuckle, facing the turnbuckle. Maven proceeds to hit a running dropkick on Henry’s back, and then roll up Henry in a schoolboy. 1…2…3!

Winner by Pinfall: Maven

Maven celebrates his upset in the ring. Mark Henry gets up, and gives Maven a strong bearhug until Maven is unconscious. Shelton Benjamin runs into the ring with a chair, clearing Henry from the ring. The EMTs come down to the ring and take Maven away on a stretcher, Shelton Benjamin by his side.

Commercial Break

A replay is shown of the bearhug Mark Henry gave to Maven after the match was over.
JR:Mark Henry is nothing but a sore loser. Maven beat him, fair and square. That was uncalled for.
King:Come on JR! It was a smart move on Mark Henry’s part. All he did was strike fear into Maven.

Gene Snitsky’s music plays, and he comes down to the ring.

JR:What the hell? He isn’t supposed to be here tonight.

Snitsky:I bet you all are wondering why I’m here tonight. Or better yet, I bet most of you forgot who I was. I beat the hell out of Kane a few months ago, remember? For the past month now, I’ve been stuck to doing work on Heat. Hell, even last night. Wrestlemania 21, “The greatest show ever”? No, I don’t think so. I was stuck on Heat, beating the living hell out of a washed-up piece of trash, Val Venis. No show is “the greatest ever” if Gene Snitsky isn’t on it. I DESERVE more respect. I will sit here in the middle of the ring until I get a match on Raw.

Eddie Guerrero comes out, and the crowd goes crazy.

Eddie:Hey, well if it isn’t John Snitesguy! How ya been, holmes? I have a good reason for you being on heat lately. Maybe it's because Bischoff smartened up and realized that you suck!
You look angry holmes! What’s wrong man? Well, I’ll give ya the match you want. Right here, right now.

Eddie walks down the ramp, and the match starts.

3rd Match – Eddie Guerrero vs. Gene Snitsky

Start of Match: Eddie and Snitsky exchange a few right hands. Eddie then runs back against the ropes and hits Snitsky with a flying clothesline. Eddie goes for the quick frogsplash, but Snitsky moves out of the way. Snitsky gets up and tries a pumphandle slam on Eddie, but Eddie flips over the top of Snitsky’s head. He then german suplexes Snitsky.
(Some minutes pass)
End of Match: Up to this point, Eddie has had a pretty good advantage. Both men are in a grapple in the middle of the ring. Eddie whips Snitsky into a corner. He runs up to Snitsky, but Snitsky hits Eddie with a big boot. He picks Eddie up, and puts him in a powerbomb position. Eddie reverses it into a Hurricurana. Eddie picks Snitsky up, and gives him the “Three Amigos”. On the third one, Snitsky’s foot hit the ref on the head, knocking him out cold. Eddie goes up on the turnbuckle, and hits the frogsplash. He pins, but then realizes that the ref is knocked out, so no count is made. John Heidenreich comes through the crowd, into the ring, and powerbombs Eddie. He pulls Snitsky on top of Eddie. The ref is back up, and counts the pin. 1…2…3.

Winner by Pinfall: Gene Snitsky

Heidenreich goes into the ring and raises Snitsky’s hand.

JR:What the hell did Heidenreich want with Eddie?
King:I don’t know JR, but this team of Snitsky and Heidenreich looks like a team that you don’t want to start any trouble with. They’re both a couple of lunatics.

Commercial Break

The Highlight Reel
Jericho:Welcome everyone, to the Highlight Reel! Tonight’s guest is none other than our general manager, Evolution’s official Ass-Kisser, Eric Bischoff!

Bischoff comes down to the ring, getting booed by the crowd.
Bischoff: Thank you for the warm compliments, Chris. I am out here tonight to address the situation of our declining tag division. We will have a miniature tournament. The winner of this tournament will face La Resistance at Backlash for the World Tag Team Championships. There will be four teams in this tournament. The first four tag teams to publicly announce that they will compete in the tournament will get a spot in it.

Jericho: Well, Bischoff. I have to admit, that is one hell of an announcement. I thought you were just going to come out here and preach about how great Triple H is. Well, consider me in this tournament. My partner will be none other than the returning Chris Benoit.

JR: Oh my god! Chris Benoit? He’s been out with a neck injury since December!

Bischoff:Alright, Chris. The first team has been entered.
I almost forgot something. I didn’t like how our Intercontinental Championship match ended. So next week, we will have ourselves a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. If Tyson Tomko or Trish even think of coming down to ringside, the championship will be awarded to Steven Richards. If Christian uses any type of a weapon, such as the belt, I will also give Richards the title. Crowd cheers.
Oh, and good thing you have your wrestling gear on Chris. Because of calling me “Evolution’s kiss-ass”, you’ll be in a hardcore match against Kane. Next.

Bischoff exits.

Commercial Break

4th Match – Jericho vs. Kane – Hardcore match

Kane walks down the ramp to his music, drawing boos from the crowd.

End of Match:Both men are knocked out and bloody. Kane sits up, than gets on his feet and goes outside of the ring. He finds a garbage can with a 2x4, sledgehammer, and and garbage can lid inside it. He throws the garbage can into the ring, and then goes into the ring himself. He dumps everything out of the garbage can, and he sets it up in the corner. He takes the sledgehammer, and waits for Jericho to get up. When Jericho gets up, Kane puts the sledgehammer up to his neck and chokes Jericho until he falls down, unconscious. Kane goes outside of the ring, and looks for something underneath the ring. He emerges with a can of gasoline. He begins to pour the gasoline on top of Jericho, but then Chris Benoit’s music plays. Kane waits for about 30 seconds, but Benoit doesn’t come out. He turns around, and sees Jericho waiting with the 2x4. Jericho hits Kane over the head with it. He runs to the ropes, does a lionsault, and hits itperfectly. 1…2…3.
Winner by Pinfall: Chris Jericho

Jericho:You really thought I was knocked out cold, didn’t you Kane? You should know better than tha…
Kane sits up. Jericho quickly goes outside of the ring, and then runs backstage.

Commercial Break

5th Match – Main Event – 3vs.2 Elimination Handicap Match – Evolution vs. Rene Dupree & ???

Evolution gets booed by the crowd as they make their way to the ring.

King:JR, Evolution will teach Rene Dupree not to mess with a couple of legends. Dupree’s career may end tonight.
JR:I have to agree with you, King. How is Dupree’s team supposed to beat the most dominant group today in a handicap match?
King:They can’t, JR. It’s not possible! Being Dupree’s partner tonight is more like being tortured than being honored.

The crowd erupts as Dupree makes his way to the ring. He stops on the ramp and waits for his partner.

Lilian Garcia:And his partner, from Toronto Canada, Edge!!

Edge makes his way to the ring as the crowd erupts.

Dupree and Edge run into the ring, clearing Evolution from it. Rene goes on the apron at the outside of the ring, as Edge will start the match. For evolution, Ric Flair will start. The two men lock up, and Flair whips Edge into an empty turnbuckle(one that neither team is at). Flair chops Edge three times on the chest, yells “WOO!!!”, and gives Edge another hard chop. He then whips Edge into the turnbuckle that Evolution is at. Flair tags in Batista, and the two men double suplex Edge. Batista whips Edge, Edge reverses it, and whips Batista into an empty turnbuckle. While Batista is in the turnbuckle, Edge hits him with a running spear, causing Batista to fall to the ground. Edge then goes to punch Triple H and Flair off of the apron. Batista gets up, tries a running clothesline on Edge, but Edge ducks out of the way and gives Batista and Edgacution. He pins. 1…2…3.
Flair goes on top of Evolution’s turnbuckle, but Edge also goes up there and superplexes Flair. Edge goes to tag Dupree in. Dupree continues to stomp Flair in the middle of the ring. Triple H runs into the ring, but Edge quickly does the same and spears Triple H. Edge throws Hunter over the top rope, and follows him outside of the ring. They continue to fight. Inside the ring, the legal men are now both on their feet. Flair kicks Dupree in the shin, and then suplexes him. He applies the figure four on Dupree, and Dupree eventually taps out.
Eliminated:Rene Dupree
On the outside of the ring, Edge has knocked down Triple H. He runs into the ring, and flair is strutting. Pissed off, Edge spears Flair, and then pins. 1…2…3.
Eliminated:Ric Flair
Now it is down to Triple H, who has gotten back into the ring, and Edge. Both men are worn down. Edge whips Triple H into a turnbuckle, and tries to spear him. However, Triple H moves out of the way just in time, causing Edge to hit the corner. Groggy, Edge faces Triple H. Hunter kicks him in the mid-section, and hits the pedigree. He pins. 1…2…3.

Triple H leaves, and goes backstage. Dupree makes his way back out to the ring, and helps Edge up to his feet. They shake hands, and Dupree helps Edge up to the top of the stage. There, Edge turns around and spears Dupree. Edge carries Dupree to the announcer’s table, and puts him on top of it.

JR:What the hell is this? This is the thanks Dupree gets for helping Edge?

Edge delivers and edgacution to Rene Dupree, breaking the table.

JR:OH MY GOD! What the hell is Edge’s problem? What does he want with Dupree?

Raw fades out.

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Pretty much the same comments as Evo there, glad Edge is heel

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Nice show with colors, bold and italics. I will have to wait a couple shows to tell you how I like the storylines. I don't like Dupree getting a shot at the WHC though! Overall since this is your first show I give it a 9/10 because you need more promos to set up storylines in your show. But I will be reading.

is a dumb name.
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Thanks for the comments/compliments guys. :) I appreciate it. I'll use you suggestions for upcoming shows.

is a dumb name.
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I know that I said SmackDown would be up Saturday at the latest, but over the past 4 days I've had a pretty bad flu. So yeah, I'm postponing my WWE until I feel better.
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