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HighSpots The Whole Story with Jesse Sorensen 2013

Jesse Sorensen was living his dream of being a pro wrestler on national TV at the young age of 22. Then one day Jesse is laid out at ringside on PPV wondering if we was

ever join going to walk again. Through the support of his family and friends Jesse was able to get back on his feet. After beating the odds Jesse was primed for a come back to Impact

Unfortunately that wasn't to be because of his untimely release from TNA. The social media backlash was overwhelmingly negative towards Dixie Carter & TNA. During all this time

Jesse as been relatively quiet, until now.
Jesse sits down with PWInsider's Mike Johnson and discusses his injury, his rehab, his return, his release and what promises were made and broken. In this interview you're not going

to get just some of the story you're going to get The Whole Story with Jesse Sorensen.
Aprox. Running Time: 2 hrs 20 mins
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http://turbobit.net/uftxlotgdpc8/HighSpots The Whole Story with Jesse Sorensen 2013.mp4.html

http://www.hitfile.net/So4L/HighSpots The Whole Story with Jesse Sorensen 2013.mp4.html

http://extabit.com/file/279i1p2vplnak/HighSpots The Whole Story with Jesse Sorensen 2013.mp4
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