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he is well.. me,

I apologise to you all. Firstly about the WE name, I never meant to infringe the "W-E" name and I seriously doubt that "Wrestling Entertainment" is at the standard of "Wrestling-Edge" anyway.

Secondly the images were put up there by an ex-webmaster and I thought that I had removed all his images. Unfortionatly I was wrong - I have removed the images that were asked to be removed and I am working on taking down the ones I have found belong to Wrestling-Edge as we type. Lastly the images - I came across the garfield atavar believe it or not on Google.Com and I thought it looked alright so I used it - I've now replaced that. The banner I used (Scott Steiner) was taken from here but I didn't realize that it would have stired up so much controversy,

I have/will never use the content on Wrestling-Edge or all the other sites which use the collection of Matt Boone, Ryan Clark etc etc news, I like having my own news reporters. The forums does indeed lack of members concidering I have changed the address of it and not all the members have rejoined yet, although there is no where near the tally Wrestling-Edge have met.

I apologise once again for anyone who might have been annoyed by these images, I must take responcibility as I should have removed them, it's just one of those things, I've never been a big part of Wrestling-Edge but I hope you all have a nice day.

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