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HHH & Undertaker Have to Carry Monday Night Raw

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The raw roster is really lacking star power except for maybe John Cena. It maybe 4 or 5 years before the WWE can retool and do a better job of building new stars, and when I say "stars" I mean like HHH, Undertaker, HBK, Rock & Stone Cold. It's obvious the modern day "starts" CM Punk, Cena, Bryan, Miz, Ziggler isnt exactly getting the 18-34 crow excited about monday nights. I understanding times have changed, and living in the past doesnt do much good, but I think they should be using the last of the attitude era guys (HHH, Undertaker) while they still have some gas in the tank left. HHH needs to drop the COO gimick and get back to being the cerebral assassin. Undertaker needs to show up monday nights, at least 2 weeks of every month which shouldnt be too much to ask?
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The younger "stars" can't get over as legit stars unless they get to go over the legends of the previous generation to establish themselves or those older legends make room for them. It's short term vs. long term and the WWE consistently picks short term.
Instead of pushing a "dream match" that didn't seem all that dreamy in its build, they could have solidified Punk as champion with a win over Lesnar. These "dream matches" for a quick buck are all well and good to sell a PPV short-term, but what happens when guys like Taker/HHH/Lesnar are no longer able or available to prop up a PPV build? Creative needs to make the stars for the future "dream" matches or they're going to be scraping and clawing trying to build future stars because they didn't utilize the legends to help build them. It's laziness, because the current creative team is cashing in on hard work by creative teams in the past that got these legends over to the point they are now.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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