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Ultimately, I feel since he is literally at the top of he mountain as WWE Champion, but also as COO of the WWE. He has it all. Why not abuse the power like a totally boss heel should do? This is supposed to be a man who is the heel champion and he should start putting his power at the wheel. The King of Kings comes out live on Raw interrupting Rusev's big announcement. HHH informs the WWE Universe that all groups consisting of more than three persons are now banned. HHH says that as long as he is Champion there will never be a gang of men in the WWE again.

He says he realized the type of Wars that can't ensue in the wrestling world and a whole company was destroyed due to this very problem. HHH says he is going to remain the WWE Champion for as long as he likes and he doesn't want to worry about gangs forming in the WWE to overthrow the King. Ultimately, I think the biggest problem will be The Wyatt Family. You don't want any of them coming off as a "face". I think there is a real solution for The Wyatt Family.

Wyatt Family Solution

Bray upon hearing the news with the rest of his family destroy The Undertaker later tonight. They destroy AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, or any other face stars tonight. Bray proves his point that at any given time they can destroy anyone. Out comes Brock Lesnar. He kicks all their assess and we see no more of The Wyatt Family. That's not until the lights go out and once they come back on. There is a Nun standing in the ring with Brock Lesnar, however we can't see her face as her head is down praying. Praying for Lesnar's soul?

From what seems to be out of no where Wyatt appears in the ring unharmed. Lesnar reacts and charges Bray who is without emotion. Wyatt strikes his hands and a huge flash appears, blinding Brock Lesnar. Bray soon follows with "The Mandible Claw" on Brock Lesnar. Paralyzing him the same way Mankind first did to the Undertaker. Remember that moment?It said something, it literally put Mankind's character on a whole new level.

Undertaker had not once been placed in this kind of position with his character. Lesnar is one of those rare things, where his character is much like Andre The Giant, or The Undertaker. It's larger than life, almost superhuman. Putting him down with a move like this would do wonders for Bray Wyatt. The others move on to new things with Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar at WM 32 with Bray as the heel.

Bulletproof Club and HHH

I think to make it HHH's heel role evening more interesting he should totally go back on his word and allow a new stable in the WWE. They should help him retain his title at WM 32 vs Roman Reigns. The first member of the Club that should be recognized is Samoa Joe. I think setting up Samoa Joe vs Reigns could be something special down the line. There is a great kayfabe story to be written with these two.

Joe could certainly put Reigns over when the time is right for both men. Roman has to learn to job and job clean to a heel. Who better than Samoa Joe? It would be a respectable move on Roman's part, since he is the bigger star according to the WWE. Joe can't put over Reigns until Roman puts over Joe. That's how it works.

Ultimately, I think HHH should have his "boys" interfere in the AJ and Usos match as well with Y2J getting his ass kicked. Styles and The Usos are also in the Club. Styles was playing us all along, he is a Trips guy. You want super kicks? I hear a "heel" Usos tag team can do them all day. That gives HHH, AJ Styles, The Usos, and Samoa Joe as the Bulletproof Club.

You are probably wondering what the hell happened to The Balor Club? Simple, the only way to get this stable over is to essentially have Finn Balor debut this group in NXT. Then when faced with the question of whether, or not they'll debut on the main roster he just throws up a "Kliq" sign. Basically telling us that they'll be part of HHH's group. Kick AJ Styles out and turn him mega face, with Balor taking his place.

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