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:troll :troll :troll

Everyone, because todays roster sucks.

WCW before russo:

WCW after russo:

:lmao :lmao :lmao

whats that?
its that a bird?
its that a plane?
Melina Trashes Beiber and HHH -

"Maybe it’s the margaritas but I puked when i saw Bieber & Triple H. #TotalPukage #WhatTheWhat HHH=Pukepuke. Boxing at an an all time low."

Jomo Return. :buried

And Carlito proves to be a dumbass -

Believing that Triple H decided to appear uninjured at the event, former WWE Superstar Carlito commented via Twitter:

“I just saw triple h in mayweathers corner! Apparently his arm has already healed. Thank the lord for miracles!"

After learning that HHH was infact selling the injury at the event -

"Correction, triple h was wearing a sling…and not many people know that a sling works a lot better than a cast for a broken arm! Right?"

fpalmfpalm Moron.

EDIT: @ Headliner(Admin),

I found a few pics of this whore in her twitter account, you need to add this whore's epic face to Smilie section...

Since this thread was pretty much never about Triple H's arm...

I think he's trying to sound like the Green Ranger.

Seriously though, I think he's trying to do a kiai, it focuses your chi or some shit.

You have not given legitimate reasons to state how he is killing X-Division.

Steven Seagal made a better Ryback in Under Siege.
Gay,god,church,satan...that's all you will find in this thread.

So basically I created a new smiley for this forum. Might stick it right next to the troll face. They all know where that is:


I'm a senseless twat who knows nothing of this topic and I can only communicate like a cave man. I tried Google'ing an aesthetically pleasing image to impress you and express my joyful ignorance, but I was too busy fucking a pterodactyl.

Please understand I am only trying to be funny despite the fact no one is laughing. Thank you.

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He quoted me twice! now I feel special.

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Have not watched GOT, wish I could find a site for viewing it. But from what I have seen on here. This midget is only good for bitch slapping peeps?

Edit: Shit looking closely, that looks like a closed fist.
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