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hey everbdy i want to put hogan back into one of the new Raw or SD! storylines!!

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hey everybdoy this is my very first post on this board and as u can see im a tride and true hulkamaniac dudes!! I was looking through those new Raw ans SD! storylines and am amazed how you guys write all that, good job u guys. I was wondering whoever writes those storylines can i somehow just add Hogan to one of them9Raw or SD!) and write a segment and do a match every week or an appearance once every other week kinda like Undertaker in real life on Smackdown!? I would like to contribute stories about Hogan as possibly the new SD! GM( i'm not sure if anybdy even chose a GM i havent read that much) and if so i could create something where Hogan comes back and fights the new GM for rights to the show. Or i could put hogan on RAW and have him form a new nWo-like faction with eric bischoff. I hate how Hulk hogan had to leave the WWE in real life hopefully he will be back in the next year, but for now whoever wants to anwser my question I would really like to add Hogan to one of the rosters of the new RAW and SMACKDOWN!. iF YOU WOULD LIKE TO IM my screen name is moonwalkn55 and my email adress is [email protected].

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Make your own thread and start your own show and you can do what ever you would like. Just read through all the other thread and get an idea of how to write your own storylines and shows. Then yuo cna do what you want but you cant use other peoples shows to use your ideas. Just make your own and you should get along fine.
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