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Welcome to Heroes Mafia 2

Welcome to Heroes mafia, hosted by me, Chelseafan, and MetalX CapitalX.

This is the thread that everything happens in. All discussion and lynches go here. 1 thread for everything.

Rules:( Plz read so you won't break them, bolded the important ones

[01] Votes must be in bold. If you do not bold your vote, it will not be counted.
[02] Please be attentive and unvote before casting a new vote. This makes my job much easier.
[03] Lynching will require a simple majority of votes. Once a player has reached the necessary majority, their pleas are useless and any attempts to unvote will be unheeded.
[04] You may vote: no lynch – A no lynch will occur if 50% of the players vote for it. This is not advisable though.
[05] If a deadline is reached with no majority, the day will end without a lynch.
[06] The game is not to be discussed outside the thread unless your role specifically states that you may do so.
[07] I’ll not set deadlines unless I think they’re needed. I’ll allow time to discusss your options, as long as discussion keeps up then you won’t need to worry about a deadline.
[08] Once your death scene has been posted, you’re dead. Stop typing. You can post a simple “Bah” post, but any game relevant information is not allowed.
[9] Screenshots, betting points, rep etc isn’t allowed. Don’t play like a little bitch.
[10] Don’t quote any PMs from me. If you do, I will modkill you. The same goes for fake quoting. Paraphrasing is a must. Pm me with it if you’re unsure if it’s acceptable.
[11] If you have a night choice to make, it is due by the posted deadline. I will not wait for you – if you do not submit a choice to me, none will be made
[12] If you anticipate being unavailable for more than a 48-hour period, please post a notice to that effect in the thread or PM me. Treat this game as a commitment. Be considerate – don’t leave us hanging.
[13] Like other mods I am fallible. Please point out any mistakes I make gently. In particular, if I post a vote count that does not accurately reflect your vote, it is your responsibility to correct me. If you don’t your vote may be treated as it appears in the vote count.
[14] If you have any questions at all, please PM me or post the question in the thread.
[15] Remember, it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun. Be nice to your fellow players and your mod.
[16] Night actions must be sent to me AND Capital X. If you don’t send it to both of us there’s a chance the other will be writing night and not use your role.
[17] Role revealing is allowed at any time, you must have over 50% of the votes in order to character reveal. Please note some characters alignements may be vastly different that the show in some case.

The Player List:

The people still alive​

8 ~ Doddsy Replaced by Ownage
14 ~ Forum B!tch Replaced by Nov
17 ~ jax_the_ax Replaced by Postage
21 ~ AussieFan
22 ~ Sticksy
23 ~ Ethan619

The dead:

Day 1: Murder in New York

31 ~PHEN0M was Shot during Day 1. He was Maury Parkman- Adam Monroe aligned and a role manipulator/role cop

Night 1: Some people get killed, others get lucky.

20 ~TheHitmanHart Was killed after he was thrown off a building Night 1. He was Matt Parkman - Hero aligned, and a day cop and 1-shot vig.

13 ~ HBK91 Was Killed Night 1 after his own bullets were turned against him He was Noah Bennet- Hero aligned and a jailkeeper and 3-shot vig.

Day 2: The Price, and the cost, of Gold

Jigsaw avoided being lynched after the lynch rope was cut.

Postage was lynched Day 2, after gold changed hands He was The Haitian Hero Aligned - Role Supressor and the man who couldn't be targeted

HBK91 was revived.

Night 2: The Rise of Gabriel Grey

13 ~ HBK91 was killed night 2 He was Noah Bennet, revived Company Member and a Jailkeeper and gun with 2 bullets remaining.

Claire Bennet escaped an attempted kill Night 2.

28 ~ Kantos was electrocuted to Death Night 2 He was Monica Dawson- Hero Aligned and the Mimic DVD watcher.

5 ~ Nov was killed quickly Night 2 He was Issac Mendez - Hero aligned and the Precognotive Painter.

Day 3: Landslide

11 ~ Jigsaw was lynched Day 3, in an apparent landslide. He was Maya Sylar aligned, and the spreader of the deadly mutation of the shanti virus.

Night 3; Angels Fall

1 ~ Hoopstar Lost his head Night 3 He was Claire Bennet -Hero Alinged, The Immortal ( almost:p)

12 ~ Heat was electrocuted Night 3 He was Sylar- Sylar Aligned Serial Killer that took his victims powers

27 ~ Browniedude was killed Night 3 He was Bob - Company aligned, the Man with the Midas touch, vot buyer and investigation immune

Day 4: We finally get a fucking lynch

KeepItFresh was lynched Day 4 He was Hiro Nakamura- Hero Aligned , the master reviver and time stopper.

Night 4: Sometimes now matter how hard you fly away you can't escape.

was killed Night 4 He was West Rosen - hero Aligned , the commuter

Instant Classic ran out of time during Night 4 He was Kaito Nakamura - Hero Aligned - 2 shot legend with a limited lifespan

Day 5: Oops, we fucked up again

TheSoulTaker was lynched day 5 He was Eden McCain -Hero Aligned- The Motivator.

Night 5: Killers try, victims die.

CBR was killed during night 5 He was Mr. Linderman - Company aligned - The Doctor, and 1-shot reviver

Sxe Extremist was killed during night 5 He was DL Hawkins - Hero Aligned - The man who could phase through a lynch rope.

Day 6: Oh we did good this time.

Rising was lynched Day 6 He was Angela Petrelli-Self Aligned - The Framer and The woman looking for her sons.

Night 6: The night the future died.
Alcoholic He was Future Peter Petrelli- Individual Aligned- The Serial Killer

Kantos He was Future Hiro Nakamura - Hero Aligned - The Elite Martyr

Day 7: Dan's no cop!

Dan Marino was lynched Day 7 He was Candice Wilmer-Company Aligned- Roleblocker and the woman in disguise.

Night 7:peter goes bad, Elle goes mad.

Don Corleone was killed night 7 He was Nathan Petrelli - Hero Aligned - One shot Night immune and the man looking for his brother.

RKo920 was killed night 7 - He was Molly Walker - Hero ALigned - Tracker

Day 8: No more company

Spiked was lynched day 8 He was Elle - Company Aligned- Company killer

Night 8: GTFO Simone.

TheDealer was killed night 8 He was Simone Deveux - Hero Aligned- Hated townie


Emperor_Nas was lynched He was Micah Sanders-Hero Aligned- The child who could rig the polls.

Night 9: Invisible no more

Dagax was killed night 9- he was Claude Rains- Hero Aligned - Watcher

Day 10: O

Aussiefan http://www.wrestlingforum.com/6269726-post1810.html He was Nikki Sanders- Hero Aligned- Roleblocker

Night 10
Ownage - He was Mohinder Suresh-Hero Aligned- The virus stopper

Day 11
Postage he was Ando Masahashi- Hero Aligned - Mason to Hiro
Game on!
I've probably forgot a few things but never mind.

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The list of rules is almost as long as the list of players. Should be a fun enough game though.

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so winning this

City of Champions
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Okay so he still hasn't posted but I am still suspicious of him so thus my lynch...

Lynch: Sticksy :p

I want you to defend yourself immeadiatly dammit!

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I think it's time to finally put Phenom into his retirement, i'll start things off.

Lynch: Phenom


Couldn't do it.
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