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Here is something I found funny

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Pay particular attention to 1:03-1:13
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Lesnar and Rollins seemed to have good chemistry last year. Hopefully they have a match again when Rollins gets back, maybe one where Rollins doesn't look like a bitch. That'd be nice.
He "no sells" it because of his character, not because it didn't hurt him in real life smh :costanza

You kids on here are getting ridiculous :will2

:surprise: No shit sherlock
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Ok? Thanks for wasting my time

Hey don't mention it.
I thought the funny part was Rollins getting prison raped.

Made me chuckle a bit inside.
Brock not selling the kick was expected since Brock is built like a monster.

Seth Rollins was epic with that kick on him after landing on his feet. :rollins

I actually love their segments together.
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21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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