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Here is part 1 of the show

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Okay so here it is, the first show of my story-lines. First of all the brand extension is scrapped in my story lines so i'll use as much of the roster as i can, and here are some of the fake wrestlers that i've thrown into the mix, each time i use one in a show i will add there names, im only starting with three tonight

Fakes- (weight, height, bio, physical description)
Nick "Skinn" O'donnal
weight-257 lbs
Based as an ultimately confident charecter (sort of like rick martel) but doesn't go off of the model angle, goes more as an unbelievable athlete angle, affiliates himself with Matt Hardy, Chris Nowinski etc.
Physical description- short dark hair, wears similar clothes to Matt Hardy, (just not the baggy pants, but shiney china design pants)

Mark Court
306 lbs
A powerhouse charecter based off of bam-bam bigelow, but not heavy, just very smash mouth, also alligns himself with V1, Rhyno, Newinski.
Physical- Stocky, no hair, short trunks, goatee and mustache
(He and Rhyno are a tag team representing V1)

254 lbs
Very quiet, but explosive wrestler, just introduced, and isn't affiliated at the moment.
Physical-long black hair, tattoos (most noted is the zodiac tattood on his back)

So here is the first RAW (hahah, yeah frigging finally right, sorry just needed to describe important shit)

RAW kicks off; pyro, music, all that good stuff. Before J.R. and King get started Bischoff and Chief Morley.
Bischoff- Tonight I would like to let you in on what's going to happen here. There will be a match to determine the tag team championships tonight!
J.R.- Who's in the match? The belts have been vacant for weeks!
Bisch- The match will involve four teams. Rhyno and Mark Court (big boos) The dudleyz (good pop), Batista and Randy Orton, and...The A...P...A! (huge pop)
Along with that we will see the leader of Evolution, HHH, facing The Sean O'haire(big pop) and the main event will see an eight man tag-team match featuring Skinn O'donnel, Matt Hardy, Nathan Jones and The Rock, versus, R..V..D, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, and Stone cold Steve Austin.
Bischoff and morley leave the ring smiley with pride
Match 1--
Maven vs. Flood
Flood enters ring to no real response, neither Does Maven.
The two square off and Flood grabs the back of Maven's head throwing him into the corner, backs up and kicks Maven in the face knocking him outside of the ring. As Maven begins to get to his feet Flood comes jumping over the top rope onto Maven, then tosses him back into the ring and begins to Pummel him, then Flood picks him up delivering a side crucifix bomb and then puts him in a reverse STF, forcing Maven to tap out
Winner-Flood (match length 3:45)
After the bell is rung Flood picks Maven back up tossing him chest first into the turn buckle and then kicks him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Earning flood a surprising ammount of Boos.
Sean O'haire is in his dressing room watching from the back when rick flair approaches him
Flair- Hey, man...How much will it take you NOT to be in this match tonight? my boy needs his night off.
O'haire- Well I guess I have my options, I could say no and have your whole troop come out and try to kick my ass, or we could settle a deal.
Flair- Money? (O'haire smiles)
Flair hands him a few bills from his pocket, O'haire smiles again. Then he slaps Flair in the face almost knocking him out Cold.
O'haire- I'll see you out their, but i'm not telling you anything you didn't already know (O'haire laughs, pockets the money and leaves the dressing room with Flair still on the floor)
Match 2- Booker T. vs Y2J w/ Christian
Booker T. takes immediate control of the match with a series of chops knocking Jericho to the ring apron Booker goes for a baseball slide when Christian pulls him out of the ring. Christian and Y2J start ganging up on Booker T. out runs Big Show, Lance strom and William Regal (now all represented by Paul Heyman)
the five men begin to work on Booker T with no one coming out, then suddenly..Brock lesnar's music hits, and he comes sprinting to the ring, and as he slides in the ring, HBK and Test coming running behind. The referee calls for the bell, and turns it into a 5 on 4 tag! The ref can't keep control and then Scott Steiner runs out evening the odds with a chair then suddenly he turns and swings full force at Lesnar, then Booker and slams the end of the chair into HBK's back. The 6 men work over their 4 opponents and when they finish, Steiner's music Hits and they all raise eachothers hands as Team Angle joins them all, and the 10 men (including Heyman) stand in the ring Triumphantly.
Back stage the new team of Big show, team angle, y2j, christian, storm, regal, and steiner led by heyman is walking through the halls, They pass by Evolution and smile. Further down the hall they walk by Kane who ignores them and keeps walking. Steiner smiles and nods at Show who grabs Kane slamming his head against the wall then tossing him through a window into an office
J.R.- now what the hell?!?!? that's going too far, he has a match tonight
King-well i guess they are just letting everyone know they're serious J.R.

So this is part 1....I will be back soon to post the second half of raw. Give your feed back!

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had to put the finishing touches on a paper heheh, but i'll be posting the second half well right now heheh.

Bischoff and Morley sit in their office laughing..
Morley- That was great!! no one ever saw that coming!
Bischoff- oh yeah! but i can't help but think, maybe Test didn't get the point. So go tell him and stacy they are in a match with Victoria, Steven richards, Chuck Palumbo and YOU!
Morley smiles and walks out proudly
J.R.- that is ridiculous! what the hell is Bischoff trying to prove??
Backstage Morley walks into the dressing room where Test is about to leave, Stacy is helping him out up and with bags
Morley-WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH....hold on a second buddy. you got a match next, so get ready. you too, beautiful.
Morley puts his hand on stacy's shoulder and Test starts moving toward morley as he runs off
Match 3-
Test and Stacy vs. Victoria, Steven Richards, Chuck Palumbo (w/ the family) and Sean Morley
Before Test's music hits he is sprinting to the ring in street clothes and attacks Morley when Palumbo and Richards begin to attack Test and Victoria attacks Stacy. The match is very one sided with Test and Stacy being attacked relentlessly. Palumbo is alone in the ring with Stacy and he corners her, she delivers a low blow and as Palumbo turns in pain Test explodes from the corner with the big boot, knocking Palumbo out cold. Test then attacks the other two men, driving Richards onto the stairs He chases Morley out of the ring area as Stacy goes for the cover on Palumbo and picks up the win
winners- Test and Stacy ( 6:13)
Victoria tries to hit Stacy with the belt but she spears Victoria and the two are seperated by Refs, Morley comes running back to the ring, he gives test the low blow, then the lights go out and Bombshell hits! The lights come back up and the Dudleyz 3-D morley then help Test and Stacy to the back
Backstage Bischoff is beside himself and storms out of his office.
Bischoff is now talking to Rhyno and Mark Court
Bisch- Take those two guys out, I don't care how you do it, but if you do. you will not regret it !
J.R.- well it looks like you just can't cross this guy, this is ridiculous
King- he's the boss, what can you do?
J.R.- well hopefully someone kicks his ass too.
Match 4-
Rey mysterio vs. A-Train
A-train takes an immediate advantage, he tries to take mysterio's knee out on him again but he ends up throwing him out of the ring by mistake, Mysterio plays possum, leading A-train over to him then Mysterio clocks him with the ring bell, and rolls into the ring with a chair , folds it onto train's knee, and a somersault onto the chair, getting himself disqualified but getting revenge on A-train and getting a huge pop from the crowd as he exits.
Backstage HHH is walking out when he calls out Evolution to follow him to the ring with an infuriated ric flair who has a noticeabley swollen face
Match 5-
Sean O'haire vs. HHH (W/ Evolution)
O'haire takes an immediate advantage by distracting HHH with a respectful smile and his arms outstretched. O'haire takes HHH to the corner and wails on him with elbows and boots. Batista distracts the ref and HHH hits a low blow on O'haire then sends him to the corner with an irish whip and as O'haire comes out HHH hits the flying knee to his face, HHH goes for the cover but O'haire kicks out at 2. O'haire is continuously smacked and taunted by HHH and Evolution, but then He reverses an irish whip into a short-arm clothes-line knocking HHH down, he goes for the cover getting the 2 before HHH put his foot on the rope. As HHH layed stunned O'haire lept over the top rope onto Flair and Orton then super-kicking Batista. O'haire rolled back into the ring and began whailing on HHH as the rest of Evolution roll into the ring and attack O'haire. Just then Flood's music hits and he comes running to the ring with a chair, he looks like he's there to defend O'haire but suddenly drops the chair and drop kicks O'haire in the throat as he lay in the corner. Flood turns to Evolution and the 5 men hug and exit as O'haire is left coughing up blood in the ring.
Winner Sean O'haire by DQ (12:44)
J.R.- well i guess now we know where Flood stands, king.
Tag team title tourney match
Rhyno&Mark Court vs. Dudleyz vs. Batista&Orton vs. APA
APA recieves massive pop as they come to the ring last sporting the "drink or fight" shirts and trunks
The match starts off with Mark Court slamming into D-von from behind and beating him with clubbing forearms and boots to the ribs Court goes to tag in Bradshaw who grabs D-von but turns suddenly delivering the clothesline from hell onto Court then throwing d-von to rhyno's corner where Rhyno is tagged in, the two exchange blows and Court is back up and attacks Bradshaw from behind, Ron simmons comes flying in, but is restrained by the ref, but Bubba ray takes advantage hitting all the corners knocking orton and batista off the apron and blind siding rhyno and court. Bubba and d-von hit the "whaazzzup" but Batista hits the ring with a spine buster on d-von and bubba, Orton is tagged in. and attacks the prone dudleyz. after a lot of this Simmons is back in the ring and hits the dominator! but as he goes for the cover on Orton but Court hits Simmons with the belts while the ref was distracted But as court turns he is hit with another clothesline from hell and drapes simmons over orton but he kicks out, as simmons staggers back up he's hit with the Gore! Rhyno covers Simmons and picks up the three
Winners and new tag champs- Rhyno and Mark Court
Main Event---
Skinn O'donnal, Matt Hardy, Nathan Jones and The Rock
RVD, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker and Stone cold Steve Austin

The match starts with Jones and Undertaker staring eachother down in the ring with jones taking the first shot but Undertaker taking the hit and giving one of his own the two continue to exchange hits before "I'm Back" hits and Bischoff walks out smiling
Bischoff- Oh guys, heres a little something extra for you!
Big show's music hits and he cames out and immediately he and jones double team the undertaker, all men empty into the ring, Austin and Rock take the fight outside. Bischoff continues to laugh as all hell breaks loose, but then Kane's music Hits and Bisch has nowhere to run as he backs into Kane's chest. Kane throws Bischoff into the top of the titan-tron and makes his way to the ring, immediately attacking Nathan Jones, RVD and O'donnal battle on the outside as well. Order is restored and RVD and V1 are the legal men, the fast paced fighting is slowed when v1 tags in O'donnal who blind-sides RVD with a boot. RVD is kept in their corner while the 5 men continue to make tags, The Rock is holding RVD's leg until he hits a spinning heel kick and tags in Austin. He hits the Lou Thesz press and begins to beat the rock, the fight goes back and forth until Show comes in choke-slamming Austin, all hell breaks loose again, and inside the chaos Austin and Undertaker switch and Rock scrambles to tag in Jones. The two continue a massive battle until The undertaker hits A chokeslam and picks up the win, while on the outside RVD and o'donnal continue to battle with RVD hitting the van-damminator and Jeff Hardy swantons onto his brother putting them both through tables. The fight continues until officials and refs unsuccessfully try to seperate the 10 different men. In the ring, Austin hits a stunner on Rock, then turns to Show and hits the Stunner. He and his team celebrate in the center of the ring, while Bischoff comes to and sees stone cold smiling at him and flipping off from the ring.

End show

So give me some feed back, and I'll post smackdown! later this week :D
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