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Jon Cena is laughs in and out of the ring.

I don't know bout you guys but John Cena, the man himself, sounds like a blast to be around and hang out with it.

Oh God that didn't sound like the straightest thing to say? Didn't it?

Ok what I meant to say is that I wanna pull an all nighter with John Cena! No dammit still didn't sound right.

Okay me and John Cena after a night out in the club will go to his Hotel, have a couple drinks and-

Ah forget it some of your minds are to corrupt for me to make my point.

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He just wanna smash Snooki (i.e. have sex with) for publicity/personal reasons :p, but mostly publicity.
2465415 gajabazillion Jersey Shore followers/fans will be educated on who this John Cena is so...

1. Attraction (...false or not)
2. Relation
3. Deception
4. ???
5. Profit!

...or I'm looking too much into this :lmao

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Some of these guys are actually really funny. I know that John is one of them. He has a great attitude but its only the whole superman gimmick and booking thats wrong with him... Non PG John Cena was great!

Lol at Ryder. I'm surprised he didn't add Woo Woo Woo to the end of it...
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