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Hey everyone, the name is Platinum Icon. I have come to WE for one reason: to be the best booker. Now, some of you may say "What the hell is this guy doing? What an egotistical blowhard". And that's is fine, I have no problem with that. But, I don't know how many of you know WZ's Book This! (I believe zeduck is here, so he knows who I am). But I have been regarded as the best booker to type a damn word on the internet (Alright, that's a lie, but they do call me the Best of All Time... honest!).

Seriously, I look forward to reading all your shows, and seeing what you think of mine in the near future.

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Oh... then I guess I'll post a show to make it legit. This isn't my best show, but meh:

WWF/TNA Episode 1
National Car Rental Center, Tampa Bay, Florida
Attendance: 17,394
Channel: TNT

(The screen shows only two things: A WWF logo on the left, and a TNA logo on the right. The two then hit three times, until exploding. The explosion leads to the viewing of a jampacked crowd, of 17,000, all standing, cheering at the top of their lungs. The camera shows the stage, which looks relatively similar to the old WCW Thunder stage, same blue colors and all. Blue and silver pyro explode from there, as the crowd cheers like crazy. We then hear the announcers, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan.)

MT: The beginning of a new generation in wrestling! I'm Mike Tenay, and my partner is a respected individual in this business, who has made a full recovery from throat cancer, and sounds like him old self, Bobby Heenan!

(Tenay's voice is heard through the speakers, as Heenan stands up, and acknowledges the applauding fans around him. He takes his seat)

BH: Thanks for the intro Tenay, it's great to be back in the wrestling business.

MT: It's great to have you back, but tonight, something special begins. The World Wrestling Federation, has combined with Total Nonstop Action, to make one wrestling company!

(Just then, an unknown music plays, as Bill Behrens makes his way down to the ring, getting a mixed reaction. The fans are not too familiar with Behrens, seeing him only a few times on TNA.)

Behrens: Now ladies and gentlemen, I wont be the kind of President that comes out here week after week to lecture you about the company, because you guys know well enough what's going on and what isn't. The only reason I bring myself out here tonight is because it is the opening night of this company, and many things need to be changed.

(The crowd cheers a little bit, still not sure of what to expect.)

Behrens: The first order of business is the name. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the name "WWF SLASH TNA" isn't something that will sell very well. We need an "electrifying" name. We're a mix of Wrestling, and entertainment. Let's see... put them together, you get Electrifying Wrestling Entertainment!

(The crowd cheers, as a black curtain is pulled off of the top of the titantron, revealing the logo, as well as banners being drapped from the ceiling. Ring crew members quickly pull down the skirting of the ring, to reveal a new logo. The crowd cheers.)

Behrens: Now that that is taken care of, we need to do something about this whole "roster" thing. We have a WWF Roster, and a TNA roster. As you can see by tonight's card, we don't care about mixing the two sides. But something we cannot have is two World Champions. Therefore, Brock Lesnar will put up his WWF Championship, and AJ Styles will put up his TNA Championship. The winner gets both titles, and they will be turned into the EWE Championship!

(The crowd cheers loudly, but then groans a bit as they remember they'll have to wait for the PPV.)

Behrens: Obviously, a match of that calibur can only occur on a Pay Per View.... or can it? I say, because I am in control, it will be Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles... tonight! It will also be no disqualifications, and no countouts!

(The crowd erupts, as "EWE" chants begin)

Behrens: The third and final thing is introducing new titles. After tonight, we will have just one World title. So, we will bring one title in from both brands. We will bring in the WWF's United States title, and TNA's X-Division Championship! These titles will be crowned at the first Pay Per View, Crimson Fear!

(The music plays again, as Behrens leads to some good reactions from the crowd.)

MT: What announcements from our President!

BH: This show is shaping up to be more special than expected!

*Commercial Break*

Chris Sabin vs Simon Diamond vs Amazing Red

(Simon Diamond's music begins to hit, and he walks down to the ring, recieving some cheers, mixed with some boo's from the crowd. He steps in the ring, and holds his hands in the air, recieving pretty much the same reaction. Then, the lights go red, as the Amazing Red makes his way down to the ring, garnishing positive reaction from the fans. He and Diamond are now in the ring. Then, the former TNA X champion, Chris Sabin, walks down to the ring, recieving cheers from the crowd. All three men are now in the ring. The bell is rung, and Simon Diamond and Amazing Red quickly begin to go at it. The two men exchange left's and rights, until Diamond gets the advantage. He has Red in the corner, and goes to whip him into the opposite corner, but Red twists the arm of Diamond, and back body drops Diamond. Diamond goes over the top rope, and it looks as though he'll go to the outside, but Diamond hangs on to the rope. He stands on the outside of the ring. Diamond grabs Red by the neck, and pulls him down hard onto the top ring rope. Red quickly drops to the mat, and holds his neck. This is where Sabin gets involved. Sabin grabs Red, and puts him into the corner. Sabin begins with stiff kicks to the gut of Red. Diamond gets into the ring, and begins to charge Sabin. Sabin turns around, but before Diamond can nail him, Sabin rolls out of the way, as Diamond goes into Red, and now both men are lying down in the corner. Sabin picks Diamond up, and brings him towards the ropes. He whips him across, and when Diamond comes back, he ducks a clothesline. Diamond stops, turns Sabin around, and kicks him in the gut. It looks as though he is going for the sitdown powerbomb. Sabin, while on his shoulders, begins with punches to the head of Diamond. But, Sabin can not escape, as Red, on the top rope, flies off, and nails Sabin with a dropkick. The dropkick turns into the sitdown piledriver, into a pinning position. 1...2....kickout! Diamond picks up Sabin, and has him in the corner. He whips him into the opposite corner, but Sabin reverses it. Diamond goes into the corner, but he puts his arms on the ropes, leaps up, and Sabin runs under him. With Sabin in the corner, Diamond starts with hard rights. As Sabin sinks down lower and lower, Diamond then begins with the hard stomps. Amazing Red gets up on the turnbuckle on the opposite side. Simon Diamond turns around, and Amazing Red flies off. He lands in a DDT position on Simon Diamond, and amazingly, does it 360 degrees, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. This has taken a lot out of Red, but he musters up enough energy to cover Simon Diamond. 1....2......kickout! Diamond just barely gets his shoulder up. Red, who seems to be very angry, picks Diamond up, and puts him into the ropes. Diamond comes back, and running leap frogs over Red. Red turns around, and Diamond hits him with a big corkscrew type move. Diamond stands up, and is about to go to the top rope. Chris Sabin follows him over there. Both men climb up to the top. Diamond hits Sabin with a few right hands, and sets him up for a super plex. Diamond flies off the top with Sabin, but in mid air, Sabin gets on top of Diamond. When they land, Sabin is covering Diamond. 1....2.....NO! Amazing Red, for some reason, breaks it up. Amazing Red picks up Chris Sabin, and goes to whip him to the ropes, but it is reversed by Sabin. Sabin pulls Red into himself, and completes a picture perfect belly to belly suplex on Red. Sabin gets to his feet, and is the only one standing. He stands in front of The Amazing Red, waiting for him to get up. Red is now to his feet. He turns around, and gets a kick to the gut from Sabin. Sabin picks Amazing Red up, and executes a cradel piledriver on Amazing Red. Sabin sits in front of Amazing Red, reaches over, and hooks Amazing Red's leg. 1....2.....3!! The Amazing Red is eliminated.)

Eliminated: Amazing Red

(Chris Sabin slowly gets to his feel, as Simon Diamond is leaning in the corner. The two men catch their breath a little, and circle the ring. They now get into a collar and elbow tie up. Diamond tries to take the advantage, but cannot. The same can be said for Sabin. Finally, Diamond powers Sabin into the corner. The ref tells Diamond to release the hold, and he does. Doing the sportsman like thing, he backs out of the corner slowly. Sabin doesn't honor Diamond's respect, as he nails him in the gut with a devastating kick. Sabin comes out, and begins with hard rights to Diamond's head. Sabin whips Diamond to the ropes, but Diamond reverses it. Sabin comes back, and he ducks a clothesline attempt by Simon Diamond. Diamond turns around, and Sabin jumps up, and flips, nailing him with some sort of modified neckbreaker. Sabin hooks Diamond's leg. 1....2....kickout! Diamond just gets the shoulder up. Sabin looks at the ref, questioning his count. Sabin picks Diamond up, and gets him ready for a vertical suplex. Sabin lifts Diamond up, and is ready to drop him, but Diamond quickly gets down, and to his feet, then rolls Sabin over, in an inside cradel pinning position. 1....2.....kickout! Sabin just escapes. Diamond then musters up enough energy to go up to the top rope. Diamond sets himself. He jumps off, going for a flying elbow drop, but Sabin moves out of the way. Diamond falls to the mat, holding his elbow in pain. Sabin grabs the ropes, helping him get to his feet. Diamond also gets up, and when he turns around, Sabin kicks him in the gut, picks him up, and drops him with a cradel piledriver. He keeps this for a pin. 1....2....3! Sabin picks up the win.)

Winner: Chris Sabin

MT: What a nicely wrestled match, as Chris Sabin picks up the win!

BH: Look Mike, there's something on the titantron.

(The camera turns to the titantron, where we see Michael Shane sitting on a chair, facing the camera.)

Shane: Congratulations Chris, on your victory tonight. But just because you've picked up one win, doesn't make you better than anybody, especially me. See Chris, we have some unfinished business from NWA TNA. But don't worry, I talked to Bill Behrens, and it is all figured out. The vacant X Division title. There is no holder. So I prepose it be me versus you, at Crimson Fear, for that very title. I don't need to ask Sabin, I know you accept. Good luck my man, because you'll need it.

(We see Chris Sabin standing in the middle of the ring, with a big smile on his face)

MT: So I guess it's settled, Chris Sabin vs Michael Shane, winner becomes the X Division champion!

*Commercial Break*

(As we return to EWE, "Word Life" blares through the speakers, and John Cena stands atop the stage, recieving some cheers, mostly boos from the crowd)

Cena: Yo, yo
Well lookie here, Vince couldn't carry the load
His product was more like something from the commode
The new beginning, is in Tampa Bay
The home of the dumb; the ugly; and gay
After this match, my reign will commence
Ya'll even tryin', wont even make sense

John Cena is here, freestylin' and all
My legend will rise, and the rest shall fall
It wont matter what you did, back in the past
'Cause if you screw with me, you betta run real fast
No place to hide, no place to go
Cena'll do your girlfriend, the dirty little hoe
If you don't like my rhymes, you must be sick
'Cause if you don't smarten up, ya'll can suck my...

(Crowd screams the bad term for a man's private area, as Cena drops the microphone.)


MT: Never would I have imagined I would hear Bobby Heenan say Word Life.

John Cena vs CM Punk

(As John Cena stands in the ring, CM Punk's music hits, and he gets a good ovation from the crowd, most likely because of his cult following in the indy's. Punk gets ready, as him and Cena get into the collar and elbow tie up. Cena brings Punk in for the head lock. Punk battles out, and throws Cena back into the ropes. Cena comes out, and Punk ducks the clothesline attempt. When Cena comes back again, Punk hits the hip toss on Cena, and keeps the move on for the arm bar. The crowd applauses Punk. Cena is up, and reverses the armbar into a wristlock. Punk reaches behind, and nails Cena in the head with an elbow. Punk runs to the ropes, and leap frogs over Cena on the return. Cena turns around, and CM Punk goes behind him, and brings him down for the pin in a crucifex manuever. 1...2...kickout! Cena gets up, followed by Punk. Cena kicks Punk in the gut, and then goes for the lateral suplex. He lifts him up, but Punk gets down. Punk turns Cena around, and hits a Twist of Fate type of move on him. Punk covers again. 1...2...kickout! Punk slaps his hand to the mat, frustrated with himself. He picks Cena up, and tries to take control, however Cena breaks away. Cena starts in with hard right hands to the face of CM Punk, getting him in the corner. The punches now turn into kicks. With each right leg kick delievered by Cena, Punk falls down farther and farther, finally in a full sitting position. Cena picks Punk up by his hair, and brings him to the middle of the ring. Cena scoop slams Punk, close to the turnbuckle. Uncharacteristicly, Cena goes to the outside to get to the top turnbuckle. Cena positions himself, and nails a front positioned elbow drop, a trademark Bret Hart move, but this from the top rope. Cena hooks a leg. 1...2...kickout! Cena punches Punk a few more times, and hooks the leg again. 1...2...kickout! Another kickout by CM Punk. Cena gets to his feet, and goes to the corner. Cena slowly trembles in, and drops a knee onto the throat of CM Punk. As it looks like he will pin him again, Cena wraps his hands around the throat of Punk, choking the life out of him. The referee's count of five reaches four, and Cena lets go. Cena picks Punk up, and throws him into the corner. He places his elbow fiercely over the neck of Punk, once again choking life out of him. The referee again counts to four, only to get a Cena release. Punk stumbles out of the corner, holding his throat in pain. He gets to the middle of the ring, and turns around. When he turns around, Cena comes flying in like a locomotive, and practically bowls him over with a clothesline. Cena hooks the leg once again. 1...2...kickout! Cena is very aggravated that Punk will not go down. Cena grabs Punk by his hair, and gets him into the headlock. Along with the headlock, Cena delievers knees to the gut of Punk. Punk kneels over, and Cena delievers an elbow to the back of Punk's neck, knocking him down. Cena picks Punk up, and throws him to the outside. He nails Punk with a few right hands. Then, he goes to whip Punk into the ring post, but Punk reverses it, and Cena goes head first into the steel. Cena is now lying on the ground, and Punk drops to his knees, trying to regain some of his strength. Punk puts the boot to Cena a bit, until finally picking him up. Punk once again goes to whip Cena, however Cena reverses this one, and Punk goes shoulder first into the steel steps. The crowd lets out a deafening "OOH!", as Punk grabs his shoulder in profuse pain. Cena, slow to get up, stumbles over to Punk. He picks him up, and throws him back into the ring. Now both men have returned to the squared circle. Cena slowly waits for Punk to return to his feet. When he does, he turns around, and is met with a kick to the gut from Cena. Cena attempts his finisher, the F-U, but Punk escapes. Punk turns Cena around, kicks him in the gut, and nails a beautifully executed swinging neckbreaker. He hooks the leg, in hopes of an upset. 1...2....kickout! Cena just barely gets the shoulder up. CM Punk is a bit aggravated, but wastes no time, as he goes to the top rope. Cena slowly gets to his feet. Punk flies off, looking for an axe handle slam, but Cena stops him. Cena then executes a picture perfect fishermans' suplex, into the pin. 1...2....kickout! Punk just is able to break out. Cena gets to his feet, and goes to grab CM Punk, but Punk breaks away. He nails Cena with a few punches. He then whips Cena across the ring. Cena comes back, and goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks the attempt. CM Punk turns around, and Cena nails Punk with a clothesline of his own. Cena uses the turnbuckle to rest a bit, as he leans against it. Punk gets to his feet, as Cena stands behind him. Punk turns around, and attempts the clothesline, but Cena ducks it. Cena quicks Punk in the gut, gets him on his shoulders, and nails Punk with the F-U. Slowly, Cena goes over to Punk, and hooks the leg. 1....2....3!)

Winner: John Cena

MT: Well, it took longer than he thought, but Cena still picks up the win!

BH: Look who's joining the fun, Mike!

(3 Live Kru's music hits, and the three men come down to the ring to a strong ovation from the crowd. They step in the ring, and surround Cena.)

BG James: Yo dawg, this is B-dizzle, G-sizzle to the James-sho-shizzle...

(Before BG can finish, Konnan grabs the microphone from him.)

Konnan: Yo man, I told you not to be acting like 'dat 'round other people! But listen Cena. We like ya' rhymes, and we like to rhyme. So hows' about you join the 3 Live Krew, and make it 4!

(Cena looks around, not knowing what to do. The crowd cheers him on, and he then shakes Konnan's hand. Konnan, James, and Cena raise their hands, as Killings just looks on. The crowd cheers.)

MT: John Cena has joined 3 Live Kru, to make it 4 Live Kru!?

BH: It may not be 4 for very long, Killings doesn't look very happy!

(The camera shows backstage, where Scott Hudson is standing next to Shawn Michaels.)

Hudson: Shawn Michaels, tonight you will step into the ring with the talented athlete, Christopher Daniels. Many people expect you to prove that you can still do it in the ring. The question is, can you?

Michaels: *Chuckle* Ya' know Scott, it's pretty funny. For so long now, people have been telling me that I can't do it anymore. That one day, there will be someone who comes along and replaces the Heart Break Kid. But you know something? Nobody has, and nobody can. I am one of a kind in this business. The people will come, and try to knock down the legend that is Shawn Michaels, but every time they try to do it, they fail.

(As Michaels is about to continue talking, Sonny Siaki walks in front of Scott Hudson, getting into Shawn Michaels' face.)

Siaki: Open your eyes, Michaels. You were a great. You were a legend. But now, your star has fallen. You've become what everyone hates about people. People used to love Shawn Michaels. Shawn never gave a damn about what anyone else did or said. But now, you are done. You have pasted, and Sonny Siaki has arrived!

(Siaki walks away, as Michaels gives him a cold, hard stare.)

*Commercial Break*

Shawn Michaels vs Christopher Daniels

("Fallen Angel" appears on the titantron, as Christopher Daniels music plays, and he comes to the ring getting boo's from the crowd. Then, "Sexy Boy" plays, as Shawn Michaels comes out to a very nice reception from the fans. Both men are in the ring, as Daniels and Michaels circle around it. They finally meet in the middle for the collar and elbow tie up. Daniels gets Michaels in the head lock, bringing Michaels to a knee. Michaels pushes Daniels into the ropes. Daniels comes back, jumping over Michaels. Daniels comes back again, and Michaels leap frogs over him. For the final time that Daniels comes back, Michaels jumps up, and pulls him down for the hurracanranna, showing shades of the old Heartbreak Kid. Unfortunately for him, Daniels just got out of the pin before the referee could begin the count. Both men are now up again, as Daniels hits the hip toss. Michaels is quickly to his feet. He ducks a clothesline attempt by Daniels, and gets behind Daniels. He gets the german suplex on him. He hangs on, and hits another. He then hits the third and final one. He pins Daniels. 1....2..... kickout! Daniels just barely gets the shoulder up. Michaels picks Daniels back up, and throws his head into the turnbuckle. Michaels then whips Daniels into the opposite turnbuckle. Michaels comes charging, but Daniels puts the foot up. Daniels goes to the top rope, with Michaels turned around. He flies off, and hits the bulldog onto Michaels. He makes a cover. 1.....2.....kickout! Daniels, frustrated with himself for not getting the pin, gets up and begins to stomp on Michaels. Daniels runs to the ropes, and goes for the elbow drop, but Michaels quickly moves out of the way. Both men are down. 1.....2......3.....4, by this point, Michaels is back to his feet, and Daniels is to his knees. Michaels delievers a hard right hand to Daniels. He then whips him to the ropes. Daniels comes back, and Michaels back body drops him to the outside. But, Daniels lands on the apron. He grabs Michaels by his long hair, turns him around, and pulls him onto the rope. Michaels falls hard to the mat, holding his neck to signal he is choking. Daniels grabs Michaels by the legs, and pulls him over to the ring post. He pulls in Michaels' leg, as his "lower area" smacks against the ring post. Daniels then gets into the figure four leg lock on Michaels, from the ringpost, making him scream in pain. The referee forces Daniels to let go, and once the referee counts to four, Daniels lets go of the hold. Daniels grabs Michaels, and brings him to the outside. Daniels picks Michaels back up, throws Michaels's arm over his head, and rams him into the ring post. Michaels grabs his back in agony. Daniels tosses Michaels into the ring. Daniels goes to the top rope, as Michaels is lying flat on his back. Daniels flies off, and Michaels just barely moves out of the way. Now both men are on the mat, no movement. The referee begins his count. 1....2....3....4... both begin to move. 5...6....7.... Michaels is now on his feet, and so is Daniels. The crowd now begins to boo heavily, as Sonny Siaki is shown running down the stage, with a steel chair in hand. Siaki stands by the ring, waiting until the ref is not looking. Inside the ring, Michaels lands a right hand on Daniels, but Daniels follows up with one of his own. Michaels and Daniels exchange blows a few more times, until Daniels gets an advantage. Daniels whips Michaels to the ropes. Michaels comes back, and ducks the Daniels clothesline attempt. Michaels stops dead in his tracks. Daniels turns around. Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Daniels ducks out of the way, and Michaels nails the referee accidentally. The crowd boos, as Siaki slides in the ring, recieving the perfect time to nail Michaels. Michaels gets up, turns around, and Siaki nails him with the chair. Siaki slides up the ring, and runs up the ramp, awaiting Daniels to pin him for the win. Daniels slowly climbs over to Michaels, and hooks the leg. The referee gets to very slowly, but soon enough is able to make a count. 1.....2......kickout!!! The crowd erupts as Michaels just gets the shoulder up, and Siaki looks stunned atop the stage. Daniels cannot believe it either. Daniels picks Michaels up, and whips him to the ropes. Michaels comes back, and Daniels back body drops him up and over the top rope. But, like vintage Michaels, he hangs on to the top rope, and skins the cat, to re-enter the ring. Daniels turns around, and goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks it. Daniels turns around, and Michaels hits the Sweet chin Music for a second time. He hooks the leg, as the referee makes the count. 1.....2.....3!!!!!)

Winner: Shawn Michaels

MT: Despites the attempts of Sonny Siaki, Shawn Michaels still comes out on top!

BH: Siaki made a fatal error, and that is not inflicting more punishment on your victim when he is down! Another few boots or so, and Michaels may have been out!

*Commercial Break*

(As the show returns, we see Shawn Michaels walking down the corridor. As he gets to a corner, Sonny Siaki is there once again for another chair shot. He starts in with more boots to Michaels, until officials break him up.)

MT: That's enough Siaki! Shawn has just wrestled a hard match, and Siaki has no business to be attacking him!

BH: That's the Siaki I like to see! Putting the punishment on to the opponent.

(The camera switches to the locker room of Rob Van Dam, as he does his usual leg stretches with the two chairs. There is a knock on the door, as Van Dam hops out of the stretching position, and opens the door, to see his tag partner, Jerry Lynn.)

Lynn: Hey man, just making sure you're ready.

RVD: Dude, do you remember who you're talking to? *Thumbs* I'm R---V---D. I'm always ready.

Lynn: Well tonight, we really make a name for ourselves. All the problems we had in the past with ECW we put behind us, because it's you and I together now.

RVD: Hell yeah man, I like to hear that. Now let's go out there, and kick some French ass!

(The crowd cheer, as the two men walk out of the locker room, and down the corridor. The camera then turns to showing both Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan.)

MT: Well folks, Van Dam & Lynn vs La Resistance will be up next, but we want to take this time to pay tribute to two men who were lost recently, legendary trainer and father of Bret "Hitman" Hart, Stu Hart. Also, the surprising death of one half of the greatest tag team in NWA history, Road Warrior Hawk.

(The camera first shows Stu Hart's picture, and a voice over by Mike Tenay.)

MT Voice Over: Just less than two weeks ago, the wrestling world lost a great man. Stu Hart, legendary leader of the "Dungeon", Stampede Wrestling, and father of Bret and Owen Hart, passed away at the age of 88. Stu lived longer than the norm, but his final execution was from a bad case of pneumonia. Stu was a great man, a great wrestling man, and to his sons, a great father. Stu Hart will be greatly missed by all of professional wrestling.

(The camera shows a picture of Stu Hart yet again, with the timeline of his death, and "We shall never forget you" under neath. Then, the camera goes black, until showing a picture of Road Warrior Hawk, and a voice over by Jeremy Borash.)

JB Voice Over: A much more surprising death occured less than two weeks ago, as one half of arguably the greatest tag team in wrestling history, Road Warrior Hawk, passed away at the very young age of 46. Known to his family as Mike Hegstrand, he will always been known to us as Hawk. Although the cause of death is unknown, many suspect it was due to a heart ailment he had suffered in recent years, along with various other health problems.

The Road Warriors reunited for one final match in the WWE earlier this year on an episode of RAW. No one suspected it would be their final time together. From all of us here at EWE, we would like to send our condolensces to Michael's family and friends.

(The same thing is done, except with a picture of Hawk, and a different timeline. The camera returns to the main arena.

Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn vs La Resistance

(The French music begins to play, as La Resistance comes to the ring, recieving major heat from the Florida natives. Jerry Lynn's music hits, and he comes out to a very strong reaction. Then, "One of a Kind" plays, as Rob Van Dam comes to the ring, getting a great reaction from the fans. All four men are in the ring, as the bell rings, and Rene Dupree and Jerry Lynn start it out. They get into a collar and elbow tie up. Dupree uses power to push Lynn into the corner. The referee begins a count to five. He gets to four, and Dupree releases. He comes back in with an elbow to the gut of Lynn. He hits a few more, until elbowing Lynn in the back of the head. Dupree hits a few closed fist punches on Lynn, which prompts a warning from the referee. Dupree whips Lynn across the ring. Lynn comes back, and jumps over Dupree. Lynn returns once again, and Dupree goes for a leap frog, but Lynn grabs him, and gets him in a powerbomb position. He drops him to the mat, and gets him in a Boston Crab, but Dupree is close enough to the ropes to break the move. Lynn quickly releases, and tags in his partner, Rob Van Dam, to favorable crowd reaction. Van Dam goes to pick Dupree up, but Dupree nails Van Dam in the stomach with a few elbows. Van Dam gets a few upper cut shots, until getting him in the corner. Dupree tags in his partner, Grenier. Grenier comes in, and starts with hard rights to Van Dam's mid-section. The right hands become karate style kicks, getting Van Dam to slump far down, and is in a seated position. Grenier shows off to the crowd a little bit, getting boos. Grenier moves back, and then runs with a full head of steam at Van Dam, going to crush him in the corner, however Van Dam moves out of the way at the last second. Van Dam grabs Grenier by his ankles, and gets him on the mat. He turns him, so Van Dam's back is facing the turnbuckle. Van Dam falls back, and Grenier goes flying, with his head nailing the top turnbuckle. Grenier is quite dazed, as he stumbles his way back to the middle of the ring. Van Dam kicks Grenier in the back of the legs, knocking him to the ground. Van Dam covers. 1...2...kickout! Van Dam grabs Grenier, and brings him over to the corner. van Dam tags out to Lynn. Lynn comes in, and goes for the powerslam, but Grenier reverses it, and now has Lynn in the inside cradel. 1...2...NO! RVD reaches in, and rolls it the other way, this time it's Lynn getting Grenier in the cradel. 1...2...kickout! Grenier escapes it. However, Lynn stays attatched to Grenier. He pulls him back up, and goes for the vertical suplex. Lynn goes to drop Grenier, by Grenier lands on his feet. Grenier grabs Lynn from behind, and they go towards the ropes. Lynn hangs on to the ropes, as Grenier rolls across the ring. Lynn runs back in, and Grenier ducks a Lynn clothesline attempt. Lynn comes back, and Grenier back body drops Lynn to the mat. Lynn holds his back in pain, as Grenier tags out to his partner Dupree. Dupree picks Lynn up, and throws him into the corner. Dupree starts in with shoulder blocks to Lynn's mid-section, further aggravating the impact of the back body drop. Dupree picks Lynn up, and whips him to the ropes. Lynn comes back, and nails a clothesline on Dupree. The impact of the clothesline sends both men up and over the top rope. Grenier comes over, and it becomes a 2 on 1 on Jerry Lynn. Van Dam, from his spot on the apron, hops up to the top turnbuckle. Both members of La Resistance turn around, and Van Dam nails them with the cross body from the top, taking all three men out. Van Dam stays atop Grenier, and nails him with some hard right hands to the head. Lynn picks Dupree up, and tosses him back into the ring, as Van Dam and Grenier return to their neutral corners. Lynn runs to the ropes, as Dupree stands up, his back towards Lynn. Lynn runs towards Dupree, and nails him with the running bulldog. Lynn flips Dupree over, and hooks the leg. 1...2...kickout! Lynn looks at the referee, thinking he had a three count. Lynn, after that, wastes no time on the attack, and goes towards Dupree's legs. He picks them up, and sets him up for a Boston Crab again. This time, however, Dupree reaches up, and grabs Lynn by his long hair. He pulls Lynn in, and gets him in the inside cradel for the count. 1...2...kickout! Lynn escapes the move. Both men take a little bit longer to get to their feet. When they do, they exchange punches. They exchange about three or four punches, until Lynn takes control. He pushes Dupree into the ropes. Lynn whips Dupree across the ring. Dupree goes back, and Lynn back body drops him. However, Dupree hangs on to Lynn's tights, and pulls him down for the count. 1...2...kickout! Dupree picks Lynn up. Dupree goes for the neckbreaker, however, Lynn pushes Dupree off, sending him into the referee. Van Dam jumps off of the apron and grabs a chair. He slides back into the ring. He goes to throw the chair into Dupree's face, however, Dupree ducks, and Lynn catches it. Van Dam hits the Van Terminator on his own partner. Grenier runs into the ring, and clotheslines Van Dam over the top rope. Dupree gets rid of the chair, and hooks Lynn's leg, as the referee comes too in time to count the pinfall. 1...2....3!!)

Winners: La Resistance

MT: The Frenchmen pick up the victory, but Rob Van Dam has just made a big error.

BH: He gave his partner the Van Terminator, did he expect to win after that?

(Van Dam looks at La Resistance, who walk up the ramp, celebrating their hard fought win. Lynn finally comes too. He goes behind Van Dam, and spins him around hard. The two have a heated staredown, as the crowd rises to their feet. Van Dam pleads that he is sorry. Lynn's face of anger becomes a smile, as he hugs Van Dam. The two raise hands, as the crowd cheers.)

MT: What a great act of sportsmanship. Lynn understands that Van Dam made a mistake and... OH!

(The crowd boos, as Lynn pulls in his own partner, and gives him a huge clothesline. Lynn grabs the chair that RVD used, and puts it flat on the mat. He picks Van Dam up, and nails his patent Cradel Piledriver on it. Lynn exits the ring, and heads up the ramp, as the crowd boos loudly against Jerry Lynn.)

BH: What a great tactic by Jerry Lynn!

MT: I was all wrong about Jerry Lynn. He is egotistical, and only cares about himself. We need some help out here for Rob Van Dam!

(EMT's are shown rushing down to the ring, as Van Dam remains motionless in the middle of it.)

*Commercial Break*

(As we return to the main arena, a Canadian flag is shown on the titan tron. The crowd boos, as Lance Storm comes down to the ring, with a microphone in hand. He steps in the ring, and stands in the middle of it.)

Storm: Ladies and gentlemen, if I can be serious for a moment, I would like to read a statement to Bill Behrens, President of EWE.

(Storm reaches in his back pocket, and pulls out a piece of paper. He begins to read the text.)

Storm: "Dear Mr. Behrens, it has come to my attention that I have not been booked into a match on the opening show of this great company. It not only saddens myself, but the rest of the Canadian population that has implanted itself in the sickening traditions of the United States. I, nor my Canadian allies, will stand for this mis-treatment of character, skill, and talent..."

(Before Storm can finish the message, "I don't suck" plays through the speakers, and Kurt Angle comes down to the ring, recieving a huge ovation from the crowd. He steps into the ring, and grabs a microphone.)

Angle: Lance Storm, shut your god damn mouth! I didn't get booked either tonight, but do you see me crying about it? It's like crying over spilt milk... actually, spilling milk would be a damn crime! It's like crying over spilt soda! I don't care about you, or your Canadian peers, but this is America, and if you don't like it, then you can get the hell out of here!

(The crowd erupts, as a mix of "USA" and "Angle" chants begins. Storm looks to the ground, breaks an unusual smile. The crowd then boos, as Lance Storm hits Kurt Angle over the top of the head with the microphone. He throws Angle into the corner, and starts stomping away on him. Storm picks Angle up, and whips him to the ropes. Angle ducks a clothesline attempt from Storm. As Storm turns around, Angle comes back and nails a clothesline of his own. But, running down the ramp is Chris Jericho. From behind, Jericho nails Angle in the back of the head. He begins putting the boot to him, until Storm recovers, and the two begin a 2-on-1. After their job is done, they walk up the ramp and to the back.)

MT: The Canadians have struck, taking out Kurt Angle!

BH: I think Angle has learned his lesson, not to mess with Lance Storm!

(The camera then switches to the backstage area where AJ Styles is walking down the hallway, with the NWA title around his waist. His sighting gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Then, the picture shows Jeff Jarrett, who gets a good ovation from the fans. Jarrett stops AJ Styles.)

Jarrett: Good luck tonight, AJ. You know, right now you have something that belongs to me. I made TNA what it was, not you. But don't worry. Tonight, you are gonna go out there, and unify the WWF and NWA Championship into the EWE Championship. And then, I'm going to take that title from you. Don't think I'm joking, because I will get it.

(Jarrett gives Styles a cold look, and then walks off. We see AJ stare at Jarrett as he leaves. The camera then switches to the opposite end of the building, and show Brock Lesnar walking towards the ring. The crowd boos.)

MT: The WWF Champion Brock Lesnar, the NWA Champion AJ Styles. Both men will fight, the winner unifying both to become the EWE champion. That is up NEXT!

*Commercial Break*

WWE & NWA Title Unification Match - Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

("Pheonomenal" is shown on the Titantron, as AJ Styles comes to the ring, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Around his waist for the final time, is the NWA Championship. Styles hands the referee the belt. As the crowd waits, "Here Comes The Pain" blares through the speakers, and the WWF Champion comes to the ring, getting a thunderous ovation of boos. He also relenquishes his title for the final time. The referee raises both titles in the air, and then the new, flashy EWE Championship. The bell rings, as both men are in the middle of the ring for the staredown. They both begin to talk trash. Styles, being the brave guy he is, nails Lesnar with a right hand. Lesnar puts his hand on his face, and then begins to laugh. Styles has no idea what to expect, as Lesnar then starts in with a fury of right hands. He gets Styles in the corner, and starts with knees to the mid-section. As Styles falls to the corner, now sitting down, Lesnar starts in with the boots to Styles chest. Lesnar, after getting that job done, picks Styles up. He whips him to the ropes. When Styles comes back, Lesnar back body drops him to the mat. An extremely loud THUD is heard when Styles smacks the mat. Lesnar shows off his pyshique to the jeering crowd. Lesnar grabs Styles by the back of the head, and throws him into the corner. He starts in with elbows to the throat of Styles. Lesnar re-positions himself, and is know really sending in the pain, with shoulder blocks to Styles's mid-section. Styles falls over, holding his ribs in immense pain. Lesnar picks Styles up, and puts him over his shoulder. Lesnar then runs feel speed ahead into the corner turnbuckle. Styles once again falls down, this time holding spine in agony. Lesnar does not stop the onslaught, as he continues in with kick after kick to Styles's back. Lesnar picks Styles up, and whips him into the ropes. Styles comes back, and when Lesnar goes for the back body drop, Styles stops, goes to his knees, and uppercuts the WWF Champion. Lesnar is stumbling at the ropes. Styles moves back a few steps, and then clotheslines the giant monster up and over the top rope, taking himself with him, as both men are now on the floor outside. Styles is slow to his feet, but he gets there before Lesnar. Styles grabs Lesnar, and slams his head onto the announcers table. Styles then comes back again with a few right hands. Lesnar is now standing against the guard rail. Styles charges towards Lesnar, going to clothesline him over the guard rail, however Lesnar gets enough strength to back body drop Styles over the guard rail, and into the audience. Lesnar stands up straight, and tries to regain strength. He goes to grab Styles, but Styles grabs him by the back of the neck, and pulls him down hard onto the guard rail. Styles then picks up Lesnar once again, and delievers onto him a vertical suplex, that brings him into the crowd also. The referee has followed the wrestlers into the audience. Lesnar goes to grab Styles, but Styles will not let Lesnar control him. Styles pushes so hard, that both men go through a door that leads to the parking lot. Now that they are outside the building, Styles looks for something to use on Lesnar. He then grabs a large iron pipe. He turns around, and is about to nail Lesnar with it, but Lesnar blocks it. Lesnar then kicks Styles in the gut, and grabs the pipe from him. Styles is now bent over, and Lesnar smashes the pipe acrossed his back. Styles now lays motionless on the cold concrete floor. Lesnar picks Styles up. He grabs his arm, and whips him towards a steel garage door. Styles hits it, and the loud door is met with a thud, combining both deafening noises. Lesnar now has a big, evil grin on his face. He grabs Styles, and throws him back through the door. Lesnar continues the beatdown of Styles, as a suprising "Styles!" chant is started. Lesnar grabs Styles by the hair, and throws him over the guard rail, and onto the floor on the outside. As Lesnar takes his time stepping over the guard rail, AJ Styles gets to his knees. As Lesnar goes to pick him up, Styles comes back with lefts and rights to Lesnar's mid-section. This has little affect on Lesnar, as he comes back with a big knee to AJ's face. Lesnar then picks Styles up, and throws him back into the ring. Lesnar goes in following him. Lesnar stands in the corner waiting for AJ to get up. AJ does. Styles turns around, and Lesnar goes for a kick to the gut, however Styles grabs the foot. Styles spins Lesnar around, and then clotheslines him down hard with authority on the return. The crowd cheers, as Styles covers. 1...2...kickout! Lesnar powers out of it, sending Styles almost five feet on the powerful kickout. Styles quickly gets back, and starts kicking the WWF Champion, Lesnar. Styles grabs Lesnar, and whips him into the ropes. Lesnar comes back, and ducks the clothesline attempt. Instead of going back into the ropes, Lesnar stops in his tracks. Styles turns around, and Lesnar kicks him in the gut. He puts him on his shoulders, signifying the F-5 finisher. He goes to release, but Styles slips out. He kicks him in the gut, and nails Lesnar with the snap DDT. Styles quickly goes back onto Lesnar and hooks the leg. 1...2...kickout! Once again, Lesnar powers out of it. As Styles slowly gets up, Lesnar jumps from his knees, and takes out Styles into the corner by his legs. Once again, Lesnar comes in hard with the fierce shoulder blocks. Styles stumbles out, as Lesnar goes for the scoop slam. Lesnar gets him up, but Styles escapes from the back. He pushes him into the ropes, looking to roll Lesnar up for the pin, but Lesnar holds on to those ropes. Styles rolls out, and then runs back towards Lesnar. Lesnar then back body drops him up and over the top rope, and onto the floor outside. Lesnar then goes to the outside, and towards the time keepers table. He pushes Jeremy Borash off of his chair, and grabs the steel chair. He goes over to where Styles is. Lesnar sees Styles just now getting up. Styles turns around, and Lesnar swings the chair. Styles ducks. Lesnar turns around, and Styles superkicks the chair directly into Lesnar's face, which gets a huge ovation from the crowd. Styles is very slow to get up. As he slides back into the ring, Lesnar slowly comes in too. Styles uses the corner to prop himself back to his feet. Lesnar uses the ropes to get to his feet. When he does, he turns towards Styles. Styles nails him with a boot to the gut. He sets him up, and calls for the Styles Clash, which makes the crowd go crazy. He is about to bring Lesnar up, but Lesnar muscles himself out of it, and back body drops Styles to the mat. Lesnar slides back outside, throws the chair back into the ring, and goes in with it. He catches his breath, then stands behind Styles. When Styles gets up, he turns around, and is met with a kick to the gut by Lesnar. Lesnar puts Styles on his shoulders, and nails the F-5 finisher onto the steel chair! The crowd begins to jeer heavily. Unfortunately for Lesnar, he is so exhausted, he can't gather enough energy to cover Styles. He goes over to Styles very, very slowly. Instead of making the routine cover, Lesnar can only put an arm over the chest of Styles. The referee counts. 1.....2.....kickout!!!! Styles just got a shoulder up, to which the crowd erupts! The crowd can't believe it. Lesnar rolls off of Styles, but the referee cannot make a ten count, due to the stipulations. Both men take about ten seconds to get to their knees. Once they get to their feet, they begin to exchange punches. Styles nails one, followed by Lesnar. Styles again, and Lesnar as well. Finally, Lesnar gets an advantage. He goes to whip Styles to the ropes. Styles, as he is about to let go from Lesnar, holds on. Styles pulls Lesnar in, kicks him in the gut, and sets him up for the Styles Clash. He lifts him up, locks the arms, and drops Lesnar's body onto the steel chair that lies in the center of the ring. The crowd erupts, as Styles turns Lesnar over, and hooks the leg. 1......2......3!!!!!!!!)

Winner and NEW EWE CHAMPION: AJ Styles

MT: I can't believe it! AJ Styles has unified the WWF and NWA Championships to become the first ever EWE Champion!

(The crowd cheers, as Styles is on his knees. The referee places the EWE Championship in Styles arms. This crowd has gone from hating AJ Styles to loving him in only a matter of one night! Styles clenches the EWE Title in his arms. He goes to the top rope, and holds it up there, very proud of his accomplishments. However, Jeff Jarrett runs down the aisle, with his trusty guitar in hand. Styles steps down from the top rope, turns around, and Jarrett shatters the guitar over his head. The crowd begins to boo Jeff Jarrett, as an "Asshole" chant breaks out.)

BH: Can you believe this Tenay!? The crowd loved Jarrett, and hated Styles to begin the night, and now they love Styles, and hate Jarrett!

MT: I can't blame them, Jarrett just ruined AJ Styles celebration. Folks, what a night we have seen. AJ Styles is the EWE Champion.. GOODNIGHT!!!

(As the show ends, we see Jeff Jarrett continuosly bad mouthing the out cold EWE Champion, AJ Styles. The copyright logo is shown, and the feed cuts to black.)


Is that good enough for WE? Just wondering.

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"The best of all time"...pfff hold on Edwin.

Zeduck > Edwin.

That show was good Platinum, but no use writing out a grade seeing i've already done previously.
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