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Heels to Faces & Faces to Heels

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i read a thread on here on who owned Cena more promowise Batista or Rock. I chose Batista. But that had me thinking as a face he was real good but when he finally turned heel i thought he was great. He seemed more comfortable on the mic and being his size im sure it was easier for him being a heel in the ring. CM Punk was a face and just sucked but we know he was amazing as a heel before his wwe days look at him now, also seeing as he has been in wwe for a while and fans really know him i actually think he'd be a very good face if they ever turned him again. But in the current roster what Face do you think would do great as a heel and what Heel do you think would do better as a Face.
For face turning heel id have to say Daniel Bryan because right now he doesnt get any mic time and id actually love to have a heel that can just beat faces without cheating like Del Rio does at some times. He could say he is the best kinda like Jericho except no suits and no trashing the fans.
And for Heel turning face i can actually see Miz being as big as a face as Cena is now. If they had Cena turn on the fans at SS and gave the title to Barrett then have Miz come cash in only to get AA'd and Cena make the 3 count i think Miz woul dinstantly be the #1 babyface in all of WWE. oh and i didnt pick Cena turning heel cuz i know ALOT of ppl have been asking for that forever including me.