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Was this the greatest decade for turns?

I mean it's difficult to find good quality footage from before this golden age and perhaps I'm biased. But to me it seems like the best of both worlds. The TV aspect became more dramatic and had higher production values. Yet there wasn't as much of that 'laugh at it' feel and cool heel attributes of the 90's. Everything is more organic. Just enough of the kayfabe magic was still around.

Some great ones

Ole Anderson (1980)

Ted Dibiase (1982)

Paul Orndorff (1986)

Andre the Giant (1987)

Barry Windham (1988)

Obviously lots more though:

Larry turning on Bruno in WWWF. Possibly Vince Sr's greatest angle.

Kevin Sullivan becomes very evil. Soon Jake Roberts becomes a follower.

Big Daddy Bundy becomes King Kong Bundy. Freebirds turn on the Von Erichs. Snuka becomes a fan favourite in WWF, as does Piper in GCW.

Mid South is the king of the turn, with Jim Duggan and Butch Reed and even Barry Darsow creating great television.

Wahoo McDaniel turns bad, Sgt Slaughter turns good and becomes a star.

Flair turns back and breaks Dusty's leg. Randy Savage switches from heel to face to heel in Memphis after piledriving Lawler. Both Orndorff and Steele turn face on SNME. There's footage out there of the Freedom Fighters (Jim Hellwig and Steve Borden) turning heel, which is kinda surreal to see.

Piper returns as a baby face because he's simply too popular to heel it. Canadian favourite Dino Bravo turns on the Rougeaus prior to joining WWF on a full time basis.

Curt Hennig turns in AWA. Babyface Ted Dibiase switches back before going to WWF. Dick Murdoch is another to betray Dusty. Savage, Beefcake and Roberts turn face to give Vince three new fan favourites.

An increasingly desperate JCP turns both Garvin and Road Warriors heel. WWF has fun switching its teams: Hart Foundation, Demolition (face) ; Rougeaus, PoP (heel).

Lawler turns heel for the first time in a decade in the USWA. Savage goes bad again - Hogan's third buddy to betray him - setting the stage for a Mega buyrate. Martel becomes a model. Road Warriors switch back. Flair is face for the first time in years after Funk goes psycho.

Any good memories.

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Add Brutus Beefcakes face turn at WM 3 to the list as well.
It set him up as his most popular gimmick, the barber, and made him one of the biggest babyfaces in the wwf.

There was also this guy called Hulk Hogan who turned face in the AWA. Rumor has it that he did pretty ok as a babyface.

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I think the 90s had just as many good/great turns....at least up until 98-99 when they jumped the shark with turns every week.

Windham's 1988 heel turn, the Flair/Funk double turn, and Andre turning on Hogan are the 80s turns that stand out the most for me.

Surprised the OP forgot to include the Murdoch/Dibiase double turn in 1985 Mid South, but I was glad to see Darsow's underrated slow burn heel turn, also from Mid South, get a mention.
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