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He has your number....

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Being a fan of many things with one of them obviously being professional wrestling I thought why wrestling had to be so predictable all the time. Even though its entertainment, I still couldn't understand why the WWE couldn't make it appear competitive. Would it make sense for professional wrestling to adopt the theory that certain "wrestlers" should just have the other "wrestlers" figured out, or number.

Meaning that we don't always get a clean win by a "face", or we get a clean win by the "heel". Maybe that "face" just can't beat the "heel" as often as they beat other stars, be it "heel", or "face" wrestlers. Take for example John Cena, and perhaps Randy Orton. How much better would their feud be if Cena was only known to have beaten Orton once? It adds to the build of their next gran feud. It doesn't just have to be with upper-card stars, as I don't see a reason why lower-card stars would be left out of this. Once you build up a stat sheet that let's the fans know how often, or not that a particular wrestler has beaten another.

Every now, and again we hear that this is the first time that two men have squared off in the ring. Which I happen to like, and most of what I have said stems from this. Somehow I just think the WWE creative team needs to elaborate on this. Perhaps Orton can't beat John Morrison, or The Miz always finds a way to defeat CM Punk, or Wade Barrett always finds a way to win over Edge. The possibilities are endless, and highly creative. It makes matches a little less predictable over time.
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WWE uses this stuff when its beneficial. Rock/Austin at WM19 was about something like this. I don't know why they don't make it more competitive and keep track of things like this and wins/losses.
I guess with keeping track of stuff like that your ultimately going to expose someone. You see what they are doing with the Undertaker/HHH match. They believe fans won't believe if Trips already lost its crazy WWE thinking.
I don't think this is something they should do regularly, but it definitely works. The one that jumps into my mind is Tommy Dreamer never having beaten Raven in ECW for years. When he finally beat him the ovation was huge.

I don't think it's an angle you can do regularly though. It could end up burying a guy. And also eventually if people figure out what you're doing they're not going to pay money to see that match.
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