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I am starting my own version of the WWE.
The rosters will be the same.
It begins the night after Wrestlemania
I'll post my shows when i get a chance

Let me know what you think

The champions are
WHC: Randy Orton
IC: Shawn Michaels
Women's: Lita
Tag: Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin

WWE: Eddie Guerrero
U.S: John Cena
CW: Spike Dudley
Tag: RVD and Rey Mysterio
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No one will know quite what to expect this week on RAW, after the Last Pay-Per-View, Wrestlemania. New Tag-Champions La Résistance, after their win last night over Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin, will be looking to retain their titles against Jericho & Benjamin and Christian & Tyson Tomko in a TLC match. Batista vs. Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels for the IC title in a No DQ Match. also Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit tonight, and Women’s Champ Lita will take on Molly Holly. All this and more, Live On RAW
Confirmed Matches:
Tag-Titles – TLC Match -La Résistance © Vs Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin and Christian & Tyson Tomko.
IC Title - No DQ. - Batista Vs IC Champ Shawn Michaels
Women’s Title – Lita © vs. Molly Holly.

p.s. i'll need help writing the TLC match
The TLC World Tag Team Championship match was a great one. La Resistance we'
re taking out early when Rob Conway was destroyed with the Unprettier on a chair and Sylvan Greiner was thrown over the ropes and through a table that was placed on the outside of the ring. Then Jericho battled Christian and Shelton fought Tyson. Tyson powered through Shelton for a while until Shelton gave him a DDT on a chair and the match was was won when Christian received the T-Bone Slam from Benjamin and Lionsault from Jericho. Winners and new Tag Champs: Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin.
FU said:
The TLC World Tag Team Championship match was a great one. La Resistance we'
re taking out early when Rob Conway was destroyed with the Unprettier on a chair and Sylvan Greiner was thrown over the ropes and through a table that was placed on the outside of the ring. Then Jericho battled Christian and Shelton fought Tyson. Tyson powered through Shelton for a while until Shelton gave him a DDT on a chair and the match was was won when Christian received the T-Bone Slam from Benjamin and Lionsault from Jericho. Winners and new Tag Champs: Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin.
thanks man, even though THIS IS MY WWE!!!!!!!!!!
Got a good roster and good matches, some independent guys would have been great. Raw has some good matches, although I'm sure about having two special matches (ie TLC and No DQ) on a Raw, but thats your decision. Good luck with the writing.

good luck with your WWE.
i'm gonna need it
Good News....

I just finished my First ever RAW show!!!!

it took a while but if you agree with me, it'll be worth it
Dark Match:
Val Venis defeated a local Indy worker.

Tajiri defeated The Hurricane
Rhyno defeated Rosey
Edge and Gene Snitsky defeated Eugene and William Regal

Now time for RAW
A video is shown of Randy Orton delivering the RKO to Triple H at Wrestlemania to win the Title.
J.R.: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, We are coming to you tonight live from New Jersey. I’m Jim Ross and this is Jerry “the king” Lawler.
KING: What a line up we have got here tonight. A Triple-threat, TLC match for the tag titles, La Résistance vs. Y2J and Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian and Tyson Tomko.
J.R.: And what about the No DQ. Match for the Intercontinental Championship. HBK, Shawn Michaels, takes on Evolution’s Animal, Batista! Former General Manager Eric Bischoff is in the ring, waiting for the crowds’ attention.


BISCHOFF: I am in this ring for one reason. (Crowd boos) I am here to explain my actions from last night at Wrestlemania. (Asshole chants start) For those of you who missed it, or have been living under a rock like the New Jersey Fans, (Louder Asshole Chants start) Roll The Clip!
(A clip is shown of Bischoff interfering in the Tag Titles match.
J.R.: What is Bischoff doing here?
KING: Is that a chain J.R?
The referee is knocked out and Shelton Benjamin is measuring up for a T-Bone Suplex when Bischoff enters the ring and whacks Benjamin over the head with the Title Belt. He then pulls Conway over for the cover. The referee slowly comes to and counts.


Here are your winners, and new tag-team champions, Sylvain Grenier, Robaire Conway, La Résistance!!! (Crowd boos)
J.R. Bischoff has just screwed Y2J and Benjamin out of retaining the Tag titles King.)
BISCHOFF: As you can see, I had to do that for a reason. So, I would like La Résistance, to come out here.


KING: Well, it’s not La Résistance, J.R. it’s Shelton Benjamin. Looking for revenge tonight.
J.R.: Well he’ll have to see if he and Jericho can regain the titles. In one hell-of-a Main Event on Raw.
BENJAMIN: Hey, Bischoff! I’ve got a little problem. You see, last night at Wrestlemania, You cost Jericho and I, our Tag-titles. And we are not gonna stand for it. By the way, I’d like you to meet someone. It’s your guest referee from last night’s match against Stone Cold and Shane McMahon.


KING: Oh my god, J.R. It’s Mr. McMahon!!!
J.R.: Mr McMahon is walking down to the ring with a purpose.
MCMAHON: Bischoff, You have been starting to get on my nerve for quite a while now. Now last night, at Wrestlemania, You cost these Men, Their Tag Titles!!! (Crowd boos). Now Eric, I couldn’t care less about your match last night, But Eric, you’d have to really start caring about your job, you see. Because YOU, will be the special guest referee in the TLC match. And if you don’t do it properly, then Bischoff, YOUR’E FIRED!!!!!!!!
J.R.: WHOA!!! A major announcement From Mr. McMahon, here tonight on RAW, concerning our Main Event.


Introducing First, Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 234 pounds, Chris Benoit (crowd cheers)
J.R.: What a first match this is going to be King, Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair.
Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Batista, From Charlotte, North Carolina, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair
KING: Flair is looking a little worn out here J.R.
Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair
The Match starts with Benoit on the attack. Benoit locks in the Crippler Crossface.

Flair Taps Out!!!!!!
Here is your winner, via Submission, Chris Benoit!!!! (Crowd cheers)
J.R.: What a win there by Chris Benoit.
KING: You’re just saying that because he beat a wounded man!
J.R.: Get over it King, Benoit won because Flair couldn’t cope with the Crippler Crossface!!!


The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the women’s championship. Making her way to the ring, being accompanied by Kane, She is the women’s champion, Lita.
Making her way to the ring, accompanied by Trish Stratus, Molly Holly.
Match #2
Women’s Championship
Lita vs. Molly Holly.
Lita starts off dominating Molly Holly until Trish grabs a chair and heads into the ring and hits Lita. The ref calls for the bell. Kane comes in and threatens to Choke-slam Molly, when Gene Snitsky runs in and hits Kane with the chair.
J.R. What a show of disrespect there by Snitsky.
KING: I hate to say this, but I agree with you J.R. I hate that name, Snitsky.


HBK appears on the screen, with Todd Grisham.
GRISHAM: I am standing by with the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels. HBK, You’ve got a title match scheduled for tonight against Batista. Are you worried?
HBK: Do I look worried Todd? You see I am The Showstopper, Shawn Michaels. I am bound for the Hall of Fame. And now I am a 4-time Intercontinental Champion. Edge thought he could defend his title against me at Wrestlemania. And now Batista wants a piece of me? I’m HBK. I don’t care what he…
Batista and Flair walk by and overhear HBK talking.
BATISTA: You say you are bound for the Hall Of Fame? When I’m done with you, you’ll be bound for the Hospital.
FLAIR: Yeah, you tell him Batista, WOOOOOO!!!!
Flair and Batista start to walk off when Batista comes running back and hits HBK with a clothesline.
BATISTA: See you at the ring.
Flair and Batista walk off laughing.


KING: Well this could get ugly.
The following contest is a No Disqualification Match for The Intercontinental Championship and is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 275 pounds, He is the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels.
Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Ric Flair, from Washington DC, Weighing in at 307 pounds, Batista.
Match #3
Intercontinental Championship - No Disqualifications
Shawn Michaels vs. Batista
Batista dominates most of the match until Randy Orton comes out. Orton knocks Batista over the head with the Heavyweight Title belt. Since this is No DQ, the referee is powerless. Orton measures up Batista for the RKO. Out of no-where comes Edge. Orton delivers the RKO, and then Edge spears the hell out of him. HBK does Sweet Chin Music to Edge. Batista staggers to his feet. HBK does another Sweet Chin Music this time to Batista, after hitting him with the bell. HBK pins Batista.


Here is your winner, and still Intercontinental Champion, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!!!!!!!!
J.R.: What a win there by the Champion, even in a match that favoured Batista.
KING: Orton shouldn’t have been allowed to Interfere. He cost Batista the Championship.
J.R.: And What, Edge should have been allowed?
KING: Batista was out numbered J.R. 2 to 1. Edge was just there to even up the numbers.
J.R.: Oh your full of it King.


Stone Cold and Shane McMahon are shown talking in the GM’s Office.
AUSTIN: Shane, we have to do something about this problem.
SHANE: And what might that be?
AUSTIN: The announcement Vince made earlier tonight.
SHANE: Whoa, hold up a minute Austin, I couldn’t care less about what my Dad said earlier. So why don’t we make a match for next week.
AUSTIN: (sounding interested) a match? What kind of match?
SHANE: Why don’t we make a fatal 4-way elimination match, for the number one contendership for the Tag-titles?
AUSTIN: Sounds good, how about we make it… Us, Stone Cold and Shane-O-Mac, vs. Vince McMahon and a partner of His choice Vs. The Rock and a partner of his choice vs. The Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels and the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.
SHANE: Exactly what I was thinking Stone Cold.
Vince McMahon walks in
VINCE: Well, Gentlemen, looks like next week we have a match.
AUSTIN: Well, we will if you and that Jabroni, find partners.
The Rock overhears what is going on and storms into the room.
ROCK: Whoa, Austin, hold up a minute… who the hell do you think you are calling THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT a Jabroni? You see, I am The Rock! And I don’t give a Damn, if I have to put up with this bullshit, cos FINALLY… THE ROCK HAS COME BACK…
AUSTIN: Who really cares if you are back in Jersey! I don’t. Now Shane and I gonna have to ask you to leave…
HBK walks in, a little beaten up from his title defence.
HBK: Austin, who do you think you are, making me defend my newly won Intercontinental Championship against that Monster?
AUSTIN: well, it was either Batista or Kane, who would you of rather faced? I know my vote
Randy Orton walks in
ORTON: Look what we have here… The Rattlesnake, Shane-o-Mac, The Boss, and the Brahma Bull, the Heartbreak Kid and now we have The Legend Killer himself.
Everyone starts to talk over the top of one another.
AUSTIN: would you all just SHUT UP!!!! If you all don’t get out of here within the count of 5, Shane and I are going to open up the biggest can of Whoop-ass, you have ever seen!!
Everyone runs out of the room
AUSTIN: that’ll teach them to barge into the office of the rattlesnake!


Christian and Tomko are shown preparing for the TLC match
CHRISTIAN: Well this is it Tomko, we have a Tag-team Title Match. We need to do something spectacular. We need to talk about strategy.
TOMKO: Yeah… how about we take out the Frenchies, and then we move on to Shelton and Jericho?
CHRISTIAN: You know what, Tomko… You right. Take out the Frenchies and then take out Shelton and Jericho. The titles will be ours.
La Résistance walk in and talk in French. Christian and Tomko look confused.
La Résistance take their flags and hit Christian and Tomko.
La Résistance walk off laughing.


Match #4
La Résistance © vs Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin vs Christian and Tyson Tomko.
The TLC World Tag Team Championship match was a great one. La Resistance we're taken out early when Rob Conway was destroyed with the Unprettier on a chair and Sylvan Greiner was thrown over the ropes and through a table that was placed on the outside of the ring.
Christian goes to pin Grenier
Then Jericho battled Christian and Shelton fought Tyson. Tyson powered through Shelton for a while until Shelton gave him a monster DDT on a chair and the match was won when Christian received the T-Bone Suplex from Benjamin and Lionsault from Jericho.
Jericho climbs up the ladder and grabs the titles
Here are your Winners and new Tag Champs: Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin.
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Do you even know the principal of a TLC match?
it was my first WWE, so cut me some slack, please?

-Spacing (put a line between the commentary so it's clearer when a new commentator is speaking).
-Using bold, italics, colour and underlining would also make it clearer.
-Full Names (ie - Eric Bischoff, not Bischoff).
-Usage of capital letters in names (ie typing the entire name in capitals).
-Match layout. It makes it harder to see who wins, the match type and who is in the match.
-Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and the Rock wouldn't run away from Stone Cold.
-La Resistance being eliminated in the TLC match.
-Use of a TLC match on Raw.

-Current storyline ideas.

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Sorry for the negative comment but thats not how a TLC match works.
well, that just means i need to do some work....

The smackdown preview will be up soon
To win a TLC match you have to grab the belts by climbing up a ladder. 99 Posts actually...
Eddie Guerrero will be celebrating his Victory over JBL at Wrestlemania on Smackdown, when he teams with his good buddies and New Tag Champions Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio when they take on all 3 Dudley boys. US Champion John Cena will team up with The Big Show against René Dupreé and Kenzo Suzuki and The Undertaker will take on Kurt Angle in a Lumberjack match… All this tonight on UPN.
Confirmed Matches:
6-man tag team match: WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero, Tag champions Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio Vs. The Dudleys.
Lumberjack Match: Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle.
US Champion John Cena and The Big Show vs. René Dupreé and Kenzo Suzuki.​

is that better? :confused:

100 POSTS!!! :hb
WELL HERE IS SMACKDOWN! :cool: sorry it took so long :sad:


Dark match:
Mordecai defeated a local Indy Worker

Billy Gunn defeated Akio
The Basham Brothers defeated Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

Now time for SmackDown!

A Video is shown of Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania is shown.
COLE: Hello everyone and welcome to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole along with Tazz at ringside.

TAZZ: Thanks Cole, and what a Smackdown we have lined up for you here tonight. Undertaker takes on Kurt Angle in a Lumberjack Match and A massive 6-man tag-team match lined up.

COLE: Yes, The New WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and his good buddies and Tag-Team champions Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam take on the Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley and his Brothers, Bubba-ray and D-Von Dudley.

TAZZ: And the United States Champion John Cena teams up with the largest athlete in the World, The Big Show as they take on René Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. It’s going to be off the Charts.
VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Eddie Guerrero comes out in a very sweet looking low-rider)
COLE: And here comes the New WWE Champion in a Very decorated Low-rider.
TAZZ: I still say JBL was cheated out of the title at Wrestlemania.
COLE: Anyway, here comes the Champion, to make a Victory Speech. (Eddie Chants Start)
EDDIE: VIVA ME RAZA!!!!! (Crowd cheers) check out my new championship essay. (Crowd Cheers) JBL thought that he could retain his title at Wrestlemania? He is one Vato Loco! And there is one thing I must say to you guys. (Crowd start saying “What?”) You see it has been a long journey to the top. And I must thank you. Yes you, the great SmackDown Fans (Eddie Chants start again). I couldn’t do it without you guys.
(Bubba-ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley make their way out to the ring)
TAZZ:What the hell? Dudleys? What the hell are they doing out here?
COLE: The Dudley Boyz are Eddie’s Opponents in the 6-man Tag-team Match tonight.
SPIKE: Well Eddie, Congratulations on your Win at Wrestlemania. I must admit I was impressed when you beat Bradshaw.
EDDIE: Of course you were impressed. I won the WWE Title homes. And you could never do that.
Spike gets aggravated and cheap-shots Eddie
COLE: What the hell was that for?
TAZZ: I don’t know Cole. Whatever it was for, Spike took it personally.
Spike yells GET THE TABLES!!! The Dudley Boyz set up 3 Tables and goes for 3D when Van Dam and Mysterio whack the Dudleys with chairs, laying them on the tables. Eddie, Van Dam and Mysterio put their titles on each Dudley. Eddie and Van Dam do Frog-splashes onto Bubba and D-von. Mysterio does a frog splash of his own to Spike. The Crowd Goes WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is to determine the Number 1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. Making his way to the ring, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Weighing in at 195 pounds… Billy Kidman!!

COLE: What a match this is going to be Tazz, Billy Kidman takes on Chavo Guerrero in a Number 1 Contenders Match!
TAZZ: This is going to be off the hook!
And his opponent, From El Paso Texas, weighing in at 210 pounds… Chavo Guerrero!!!!!

Match #1 – Number 1 contender’s Match
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero​
The match starts with Chavo gaining the Upper Hand on Kidman, until Chavo goes to Irish Whip Kidman across the ring, Kidman Counters and Sends Chavo over the top rope and into the Crowd Barrier. Kidman then goes on the Attack. The two keep on Fighting as the Ref starts his 10 count. 1…
2…. Kidman goes into the ring to break the count. Chavo slowly makes it to his feet as Kidman goes to the top rope. As Kidman is getting set to punish Chavo, Chavo Jumps up and pushes Kidman off the Turnbuckle and falls flat on his back in the Middle of the Ring. Chavo sees the opportunity to do something out of his Uncle Eddie’s Playbook, a frog splash!!! Chavo goes for the Frog Splash and Nails Kidman. He then goes for a Gory Bomb, and He Gets it! The ref makes the count.
Here is your winner, and Number 1 Contender… Chavo Guerrero!!!!

COLE: What A win that was.
TAZZ: I can’t believe that Chavo won that thing… Kidman was unlucky to lose that.
COLE: Well Tazz, we have a New Number 1 Contender and it’s Chavo.
TAZZ: Kidman should have won that. I wonder if it’s too late for Kidman to use his Rematch Clause in his contract.
COLE: He can’t now because we have a number one contender, who gets a title match. Anyway, what a match we’ve got up next – The Big Show teams up with The United States Champion, John Cena, as they take on Kenzo Suzuki and René Dupree and that Match is up next.
TAZZ: Don’t change the subject Cole.


THE BIG SHOW’S THEME HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 470 pounds, he is the world’s largest athlete and a former WWE Champion… The Big Show!!!!!!!!!
JOHN CENA’S THEME HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And his partner, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, Weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the WWE United States Champion, John Cena!!!!!!!!!

COLE: What a match this is going to be Tazz, John Cena and The Big Show vs. Former Tag Champs, René and Kenzo.
TAZZ: I agree Cole; this is going to be off the hook!
And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Hiroko and Fi-Fi, They are former WWE Tag-Team Champions, René Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki!!!!!!!!!!

Match #2 – Tag-Team Match
Big Show and John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki and René Dupree

The match starts with Dupree in the ring squaring off against Cena. The match is pretty even until Cena tags in Big Show… That’s when things got interesting. Big Show absolutely dominates both Kenzo and Dupree. Big show body-slams Dupree onto the mat and then does a 470-POUND LEGDROP!!!!!!! Show goes for the Pin
NO KICK OUT!!! Dupree manages to kick-out of that somehow. Big Show Irish Whips Dupree straight into Kenzo, who was already in the corner. Big Show brings in Cena, as both Men hit their finishers. Big Show Chokeslams Dupree and Cena delivered the FU to Kenzo, landing him right on top of Dupree. Cena and Show stand up their Opponents and they both go for F5’s and both hit it successfully. Show goes for Cover.

COLE: That one was truly awesome Tazz.
TAZZ: Like I Said earlier Cole, THAT was Off The Hook!!!
Eddie, RVD and Mysterio are shown getting ready for the match
EDDIE: Hey guys, we sure did tell the Dudley Boyz earlier. But the real challenge is up next. We’ve got the match up next. You guys ready?
RVD: Yeah, we’re ready, aren’t we Rey?
MYSTERIO: Yeah… Eddie, we’ll see you at the ring.
DUDLEY BOYZ THEME HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following 6-man Tag-team contest is scheduled for one fall, making their Way to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 715 pounds… The team of Bubba-Ray, D-Von and The Cruiserweight Champion, Spike Dudley!!!

COLE: What a 6-man tag-team match! The Dudleys are looking a little beat up Tazz.
TAZZ: Well that’s because of what happened earlier in tonight.
VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Making their way to the ring, weighing in at 595 pounds. The Team of the World Tag-team Champions, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and the WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero!!!!

Match #3 – 6-Man Tag-Team Match
The Dudley Boyz vs. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and RVD

The Match starts with Mysterio in the ring, squaring off with Bubba Dudley. Bubba-Ray is absolutely dominating Mysterio. Spike distracts the Ref while D-von Enters the ring. Bubba whips Rey across the ring as they hit THE 3D!!!!!! Bubba goes for the Pin.

Mysterio kicks out. Mysterio needs to make a tag… he crawls over to Van Dam and Tags in RVD. Van Dam dominates Bubba and D-von. He goes to get Spike but Spike jumps off the apron and drags out Van Dam. Eddie enters the ring but the ref stops him while all 3 Dudleys are working at Van Dam. Van Dam manages to get out of the corner and tags in Eddie. Eddie gains the momentum and hits 2 of the 3 amigos on Bubba. D-Von breaks the Suplex. Van Dam gets D-Von out of the ring and Mysterio throws Spike out of the ring. Eddie hits the 3rd amigo on Bubba and Mysterio sets him up for the 619 and Van Dam hits the Frog-splash and then Eddie does his frog splash!!!! Guerrero goes for the pin.



COLE: What a win there by RVD, Mysterio and the Champ.
TAZZ: Frog Splashes from Eddie and RVD and a massive 619! What a win indeed.
COLE: Well Tazz, this has been one out of control night so far.
TAZZ: Out of control is right. RVD, Eddie and Mysterio earlier, Big show and Cena’s Victory
TORRIE WILSON’S THEME HITS!!!!!!!!!! (Torrie Wilson comes out to the ring)
TAZZ: Whoa-hoa! And now the Lovely Torrie Wilson is coming out to the Ring.
COLE: Well, it’s always a treat to see Torrie out here.
Torrie grabs a microphone
TORRIE: Hello! It is truly great to be here as always. Now I have a little treat for you great fans!!! I am going to KISS, yes that’s right, KISS, a fellow Diva, here tonight. (The crowd really goes wild) So, would Joy Giovanni come out here? (The Crowd goes extremely wild)
(Joy Giovanni comes out to the Ring, and both Torrie and Joy Look at each other with real excited looks on their faces. Torrie locks lips passionately with Joy. The crowd pops excitedly for the Kiss, as it involves, A LOT OF TONGUE!)
KURT ANGLE’S THEME HITS!!!!!!!!! (Angle Makes his way out accompanied by Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, and a lot of Heel Lumberjacks, which include Billy Kidman, Akio, JBL, Orlando Jordan, The Bashams, Kenzo Suzuki and René Duprée)
TAZZ: What the hell is Angle doing out here like this, ruining a great show.
COLE: Yeah, Smackdown was great before Angle
TAZZ: I was talking about the Divas.
COLE: Really? I thought you would be Smackdown.
TAZZ: No, No, Don’t get me wrong, I am a great Smackdown Fan but the divas made this show complete.
COLE: That doesn’t sound like you. Liking Smackdown.
TAZZ: Shows what you know Girl Pants.
(Torrie and Joy look scared at Angle, who grabs a microphone.)
ANGLE: Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, I don’t know what you think you are doing, but I Have a match against the Undertaker up next.
TORRIE: So? We were just giving the crowd what they want.
(A Jerry Springer-like “We Love Lesbians” chant starts)
ANGLE: Well, the crowd is sick! (Crowd Boos Angle) Ring The Bell!
The Following Contest is scheduled for one-fall, and is a Lumberjack Match!!! In the ring, From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Weighing in at 270 pounds, He is the only WWE Olympic Gold Medallist and a former WWE Champion, Kurt ANGLE!!!
TAZZ: Kurt really wrecked a great show.
COLE: Yeah, Yeah, let’s just get on with it. Folks, we have to take our Final Commercial break
COLE: and we are back on Smackdown, awaiting the Undertaker’s entry to the ring.
TAZZ: Just wait Cole he’ll be here.
THE UNDERTAKER’S THEME HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The Undertaker makes his way to the ring, being accompanied by Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Mysterio, Hardcore Holly, Charlie Haas, Booker T, Paul London, Chavo Guerrero, John Cena and The Big Show)
TAZZ: Speak of the devil.
And his Opponent, making his way to the ring, from Death Valley, weighing in at 310 Pounds, The UNDERTAKER!
Match #4 –Lumberjack Match
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker.

The Lumberjacks Surround the ring as we start the match. Angle hands the Medal to the ref, who shows it to Taker. Kurt goes up to Taker and slaps him in the face. Taker grabs Angle and throws him across the ring and hits the Big Boot, to the face of Angle. Angle walks staight into Taker, who sets up Snake Eyes! Undertaker grabs Angle’s Arm and goes for Old School, on the turnbuckle with all the face wrestlers. Taker walks up on Turnbuckle, and hits Old School! Taker grabs Angle by the throat and Chokeslams Angle. Undertaker runs his thumb across his throat to signal that it’s over. Angle Gets up and walks into Taker who delivers A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! Taker goes for the pin.

NO, ANGLE KICKS OUT!! Angle was lucky to kick out of that. Taker sets Angle up for a Last Ride, but Luther Reigns comes into the ring and attacks Taker, which brings all of the Lumberjacks into the ring to attack each other. Both men get knocked down. The ref tries to restore order. When…
Brock Lesnar returns and F5’s all the Heel Superstars. Angle manages to come to before Lesnar F5’s Angle. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Lesnar, But Angle forgot about Taker… Taker sits up and Last Rides Angle. Taker goes for the pin.
NO!!!! Angle only just manages to kick out… Lesnar is still in the ring. Lesnar measures up Angle… and hits a MONSTROUS F5!!!! Taker Chokeslams Angle.

TAZZ: What a match that was Cole. I can’t believe Brock Lesnar has come back!!!
COLE: What a win there by the Phenom, known as the Undertaker.
TAZZ: I can’t believe this… Brock Lesnar has Returned to Smackdown!
COLE: Thank you all for tuning into one hell-of-a Smackdown, here tonight. See you all next week.
TAZZ: Tonight, was truly, OFF THE HOOK
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