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HBK heads to NY for autograph signing

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WWE star Shawn Michaels is advertised for a March 12 autograph signing in Middletown, N.Y. at Crystal Run Galleria Mall from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET. For pricing information, visit NortheastWrestling.com.

Powell's POV: I'm surprised to see Shawn making so many personal appearances. He'll be in the UK in October for the 1PW promotion.

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Man's still gotta pay rent...just kidding.

Tbh though, I'm not surprised. It would be ridiculously hard for Shawn to go from a full time WWE travel schedule to sitting at home for the rest of his life, and he still loves his fans dearly.

I'm sure as he gets more and more used to being retired he'll slow down his appearances more and more.

Orrrrr, this could just be a way for him to keep himself relevant until he goes into the HoF, to jump up buyrates.
Nobody's paying him to be at kid's birthday parties.

- Vic
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