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HBK Banner/Avatar

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I would like a Shawn Michaels banner and avatar since Ive changed my username.
http://rds.yahoo.com/S=96062883/K=S...p://www.edge.5u.com/titles/wwfchamp/Hbkch.jpg - right

http://rds.yahoo.com/S=96062883/K=S.../*-http://www.sportt.de/kolumne/dcc/dx-19.jpg - center

http://www.wrestlemania.com/results/images/Stl0017.jpg - left (if possible could the pic be inlarged)

Text: TruHighlightHBK
BG: Red
Size: 420x170


Text: (on top between Shawn's arms) HBK

BG: Red
Thanks to whoever does it.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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