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Hawkins & Barreta

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I heard about two months ago they were going to have these guys feud & then turn them into tag team because there history training together at Mikey Whipwrecks wrestling school. I was wondering what happened to that idea? Its not like they are using them for anything else except being on superstars. If they did that they would be 6 tag teams on the roster then with Santino/Kozlov, New Nexus(McGillicutty/Harris), Usos, The Corre(Gabriel/Slater), & Primo/Ryder. I am not saying this would be the greatest collection of tag teams but it would be a start.
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You know, even if that happened, it won't change anything about the tag team division, Vince still wouldn't care.

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No they won't they'd be call a variation of the Dudebusters and Gatecrashers.

Anyway they won't be jobbers for life as I can see Hawkins and Barreta getting a nice mid-card push with them possibly winning the intercontinental title
And do you see them splitting it in half and carrying it to the ring together just like Laycool?
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