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Have you ever defended the WWE?

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Have any of you ever had to defend the WWE?
Either at work, or when with your friends?

For instance today at work, someone overlooked me on the forum and first said wrestling is 'Gay' and 'Fake'.

They saw the Randy Orton returning thread and after explaining why he is returning and why he was suspended, they then laughed and replied ''I bet he enjoyed he 60 day holiday, you do know thats all fake and just a storyline?''....

I snapped, trying to explain that not every is 'Fake' and he is actually suspended. I basically got laughed at, and told I was naive for believeing it.

Got me very mad at someone thinking they know everything, when quite clearly they don't.

Anyone else got in siuation like this?
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When I started watching it again last year when Rock came back, my brothers would try and take the piss outta me for watching it. Just told them to shut up and that they used to watch it and love it.

Then I said isn't the movies fake? And don't you enjoy them? Also I told them not everything is fake. The storylines maybe fake, but the injuries and bumps they take aren't. Don't say anything anymore.

In my youth I never needed to defend it. Cause everyone I knew watched it and loved it.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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