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Have TNA shot themselves in the foot yet again ???

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Credit: The Wrestling Observer

TNA is really screwed as of right now as they had plans in place for a Main Event Mafia return storyline. There is also a lesson to be learned here as you don't promote a major storyline and then worry about getting the guys for the angle signed to contracts at the last minute. Booker T and Kevin Nash had both been penciled in to be at the Monday TNA iMPACT! tapings to further the "They" storyline. This makes the Monday TV taping interesting as the only former Main Event Mafia member they can now bring in is Sting. They'll obviously need to figure something out this weekend

I'm kind of torn over this because i am quite happy to see Kevin Nash and Booker T staying off of tv TNA payroll as that money can be invested in X Division or Tag Team star's instead from places like AAA or ROH but on the other hand if TNA were planning on bringing The Main Event Mafia back for February 3rd then doing it without Kevin Nash and Booker T doesn't really work. I know that Samoa Joe was also a part of the group towards the end but he didn't really fit and is now involved in probably the only good storyline in TNA against The Pope which TNA shouldn't just end so that Samoa Joe could join The Main Event Mafia.

This though yet again show's just how crazy TNA's booking team is because they are trying to push through a storyline without three people in Kevin Nash, Booker T and Sting without even being contracted to the company and in the knowledge that WWE are on great terms with Kevin Nash and Booker T whilst WWE would probably love to have Sting if only for a short time. Surely TNA's booking team should have held off on the storyline until they had agreed terms and re-signed the three men but now they have left themselves in limbo and shot themselves in the foot because the Impact tapings are tomorrow.

I guess this could be a great way for TNA to turn AJ Styles back to face and have him join The Main Event Mafia which would consist of Kurt Angle, Sting, Scott Steiner and AJ Styles up against Immortal but outside of that i just don't see where TNA can possibly go and if i'm honest i'm quite concerned because TNA don't pull great swerves or alternatives in their storylines because of a weak booking team. The whole point of this was surely to have the original Main Event Mafia return which would make complete sense seeing how Kevin Nash and Sting turned Immortal down and were against them going into Bound For Glory and then also Kurt Angle because he was screwed at the same PPV but now without Kevin Nash and Booker T it is a bot up in the air.
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In all fairness though, how do we know the Main Event Mafia was the intention? I mean yeah, Steiner came back, but really the MEM return conclusion is something that the net came too once the spoilers came back. For all we know, Steiner was just a red herring to make us think Mafia, but then they bring in a different group entirely.

And even if TNA did plan behind the scenes to bring The Mafia back, they never said on TV that "The Main Event Mafia is Coming Back!". They said "THEY" are coming, which is obviously vague enough to allow for a Plan B if Plan A doesn't pan out.
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