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I was watching this weeks episode of main event, and the Lucha Dragons were on there against Heath Slater and Curtis Axel.

Usually if a NXT talent is on the show it's to promote an upcoming Takeover PPV, but there were none and also when they come out they have and NXT ident on the titantron but the LD's didn't have that either.

The commentators were bigging up that this was their 'main event debut' and really putting them over (moreso than they've done The Ascension).

Looking at NXT, now they've lost the tag titles, there isn't really anything for them to do there and while i'd have Kalisto get a little more time in developmental, I could understand if they decided to let him learn as part of a tag team on the main roster for the next year or so before he goes solo.

What I didn't get is, There was no hype that they were coming to the main roster, no promo's, no vignettes, no packages and they debtued on main event of all places, surely if they're a new tag team they should be on raw or smackdown?

So yeah, can anyone clear this up if Lucha Dragons are officially part of the main roster now? Or whether this was a one-off?
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