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Have ratings and buyrates gone backwards because John Cena has never had an equal ??

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I was reading through a column on another wrestling site late last night after watching the Arsenal/Barcelona game at a bar with my brother and some friends and this column made some very interesting points in regards to The Rock returning and the potential match up with John Cena born from the promo that The Rock cut on Raw. What we now have potentially is the most popular wrestler from 2000 through to 2004 against the most popular wrestler from 2005 through to present day which is a HUGE match up and a HUGE draw.

One major thing stood out for me from this column and that was the question asked about whether the fact that John Cena has never really had a true alternative to himself as main man or a true rival and for that reason ratings and PPV buyrates have gone backwards, i always had high hopes of Randy Orton being able to fill that gap but that is now something that will never happen. Back in their era The Rock had Stone Cold Steve Austin and also Triple H and between them they dominated their era and produced HUGE ratings whether it was Austin/Rock, Austin/HHH or Rock/HHH but John Cena has never had anyone like that who can really draw ratings like he could and he has been desperate for someone like that which now may have come along in the shape of The Rock.

Outside of his original feud with Triple H and to an extent his feud with Edge we have never once seen John Cena have someone who was believable in being his equal and the person who would be his long term multi year rival which would boost ratings like The Rock always had in his generation. We have seen so many people come in to a feud with John Cena and as good as some were they were never going to be any more than the latest feud for John Cena rather than someone who would be able to go on and off with John Cena like Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin did with The Rock.

Now though The Rock has come in and now we are seeing someone who is not only the equal of John Cena but someone who is actually bigger and now we are seeing potentially the biggest drawing feud and match if it were to happen since Rock/Hogan in 2002 and this isn't just down to the return of The Rock but also because of John Cena as well. John Cena has pretty much carried the company on his own since WrestleMania 22 and has been the go to guy without any equal or alternative, WWE were refunding tickets not so long ago on event's that John Cena wasn't appearing at which just goes to show exactly how big he is and just how important he is to WWE.

If and i say IF we were to see John Cena and The Rock begin a feud at WrestleMania 27 which would then go on to culiminate at WrestleMania 28 a year later it would do without question the best ratings for around a decade and would do the biggest buyrate at whatever PPV they were on for around the same time because both men are major draw's which is something that hasn't happenend since Austin/Rock at WrestleMania 19 or Rock/Hogan a year before. What we usually see is for one major draw and someone who is a great heel with John Cena working with heel's like CM Punk, Wade Barrett, Edge and Chris Jericho to name a few who whilst great heel's are never and have never been major draw's.

All that has to be seen is the buzz around the wrestling world and the internet in WWE potentially producing a feud between John Cena and The Rock to see what can happen when two major draw's get a chance to work with each other, everytime Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock ever worked together the world went crazy as they did when The Rock worked with Hulk Hogan. Now that John Cena has someone around like The Rock everyone's attitude has changed and they are genuinely excited by what may come next, whilst watching John Cena in there with people like CM Punk, Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho and all of the great heel's he has feuded with over the last few years has been great we have never seen John Cena in there with a superstar like The Rock which may be a reason why ratings and buyrates have gone backwards as no one has ever been built up to be John Cena's equal.
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Re: Have ratings and buyrates gone backwards because John Cena has never had an equal

Its an intelligent question you asked.

But I am not sure that you wanted to say that the buy rates are down because there isnt any other big FACE, other than Cena.


You just want to prove that Cena is not that big as Rock cause Cena did'nt have anyone like Austin in his era.

First of all i am not even comfortable by the fact that Cena is a big star (when compared to Austin/Rock). Before you make any opinions about me, i wanted to say that I aint Cena hater, but it is the Truth. Well, lets not even care abt Cena vs Rock or Austin.

My question to you is, why do you think Cena is successful, and Orton is not. I mean you said you had high hopes with Orton, but he cannot do it.

Coming back to Ratings. Do you know when was the last time (may not be accurate, but close)when rating was touching 4. It was during Orton and HHH feud. And that complete Orton focussed storyline. You may say, it was because of HHH, but it could be because of the fact that people thought that HHH is kinna f*%^ed by Orton.

Now lets come to latest face era of Orton. No storyline is about him. Hardly any time given to him. But still you have so many people cheering for him. Please go to the RAW thread of 02 14 (when Rock came back), and people commented that Orton got more Pop than Cena. Also, there are threads about Cena or Orton. Well, my point is people can feel that Orton is very popular too, if not as popular as Cena.

I tune in to see Orton on Raw, but I aint stupid that I will buy a PPV, where the Feud is about Cena and Nexus, and Orton is just thrown in the Feud. Or for Orton/Miz feud, when from day 1 you know this Feud is about making Miz a Main Eventer.

WWE needs to give Orton the same respect as they gave it to Cena or to Rock (in a big way). From your ID i can see that u r 29 yrs old. So you must have seen the complete Era of the Rock. Tell me if Rock was a big fan fav when he was in Nation of Domination. I agree people liked him, but he was pushed in a proper way. For god sake, a PPV was named after Rock's name (Rock Bottom), when he was a heel. They initially publicized Smackdown as Rock's show when he started to get popular. Same with Cena, they had n number of fuck'in story lines abt Cena in last 7 yrs.

Orton had storylines focussed on him when he was a heel, and he maybe one of the best heels WWE have produced. And since he went FACE, not a single storyline has been about Orton. Thing is he is still popular.

The thing is till WWE doesent make you feel that he is a top star, you wont ever feel he will be.

The best part is people say that Orton dropped the ball during the Cena - Nexus feud. I am not sure he did. He gets more pops now than the pops he used to get before the feud. The thing is he is getting popular but at a slower pace than people would have liked. And its simple maths, if WWE focuses on him more, sooner he will cross CENA. That doesent mean that he is better than Cena, its just that Cena is done, till he does something different with his style. Orton just started as a Face, and as much as he had the potential to be the top heel, he has a potential to be the TOP Face
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