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Re: Have ratings and buyrates gone backwards because John Cena has never had an equal

first, let me just say i always enjoy intelligent threads so thank you! as far as mega wrestling star power, no. cena has never had an equal...other than HHH. edge...it's close...but i dont think he's a mega star. you can argue HHH isn't a mega star either, but he's been on saturday night live with the rock etc...so people have heard of him. the average person who hears the name edge thinks of U2 i would assume. anyway, randy orton could have been that huge heel that say, piper was back years ago..but the fans turned him face(much like they did to austin)...but now so many people can't stand randy orton(i just don't get that at all but whatever).

not only has cena never had an equal, but this just shows how much the wwe lacks these days. they lack that star power. HHH has been gone for almost a year and he is arguably their 3rd or 4th biggest star..same with taker...he's gone so much he's still a top 5 guy. part of that is writing, part of it is booking and part of it is on the wrestlers themselves. as many people have stated before, everyone seems the same. no one really stands out. no one separates themselves. they all look the same, talk the same, act the same etc. no one seems to want to take that extra step to say hey i'm _______ and you will remember me forever!

forget the fact that cena doesn't have an equal, there's a bigger problem in the wwe than that. everyone is the same and no one even tries to be an equal to cena.
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