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Re: Have ratings and buyrates gone backwards because John Cena has never had an equal

Just to point out a couple of things ITT;

1. Batista's fading star has already been discussed, but what separated Batista prior to his 2006 injury and the return was how human he looked upon returning. This was the guy that destroyed Triple H and JBL, overcame Eddie Guerrero and pretty much monopolized SmackDown and when he came back, he was jobbing to King Booker. This put a huge dent in his cred against the Deadman at WrestleMania. I'm not saying that he should have ended the streak at Mania, but he should've defeated Booker the first time around and then go through the SD roster of Lashley, Finlay, Kennedy, Mysterio or w/e, lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania and then go back on a rampage. The feud b/w Batista and Cena was done really well in 2010, but Batista has suffered too many setbacks by that time that his mas cred was no longer the same.

2. The only time Randy Orton had a chance to even approach John Cena's star was during the buildup to WrestleMania 25. They messed up big time with the match b/w him and Triple H. Even if it's a psychopath heel that they're building, if he's built up as unstoppable as Orton was in 2009, the crowd would've gotten behind him eventually. They already did and every time, instead of running with it, they made Orton much more vulnerable, which did result in the awesome Voldemort-lite heel but was a poor drawing decision imo.
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