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Have any of you been impressed by...

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The Big Show's latest heel run? its funny because its happened so many times, he just out of the blue goes from a big smiling giant who gets humiliated to suddenely realizing he's an unstoppable angry and fed up giant? dont get me wrong I have been pretty impressed with his promos, but its funny because its THE SAME PROMO but I mean at least hes not awful on the mic. so im probly just being entertained for the comedy factor thinking wow there are fans out there that ACTUALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME ARE SEEING THIS...lmao! and everyone he feuds with there's NO WAY THEY CAN OVERCOME A 7 FOOT TALL 500 POUND HUMAN BEING RIGHT!? LOLZ. the funniest one had to have been against Brock, I remember Heyman hyping up that feud very well "YOU CANT BEAT THE BIG SHOW!!!" TEN YEARS LATER WWE...WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING!? THE SAME OLD CRAP THATS ALMOST DAMN NEAR AS STALE AS CENA! BIG SHOW TURNING INTO THIS DOMINANT HEEL WHEN AFEW MONTHS HE WAS SHAKING LITTLE KIDS HANDS? not to mention I remember when Punk told him "YOU'RE NOT FUNNY AND NOBODY LIKES YOU" lmao....but anyway, who else is sick of this guy? its like every other year this dude switches his character to one of the other. what if Cena and Show feud ends at N.O.C or EVEN WORST at HIAC?...jesus christ.
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Big Show is impressive to me for the simple fact that he's still able to perform in his size on that level after almost 20 years on the road. All you need to do is look at guys like Andre and Khali compared to him and knowing that he's working much harder, I respect him for that alone. As for the heel turn, yes he did it a lot of times, but he still doing a great job because he's a great performer and a great promo. Cutting the best promos on the show for a long time now IMO.
You can't be a Rock fan and think Big Show cuts good promos. I don't care if he's "good for his size", he's still boring.
He's now just a huge emo with an Iron clad contract.
The MOST impressive thing about SHOW being heel is he's headed for the record of wrestler with most face/heel turns lol :D
Usually I stop listening to him pretty much right when he starts talking, but is it just me or does he cry A LOT? Or if he isn't crying, it just seems like he's about to cry. UNSTOPPABLE MONSTER HEELS DON'T CRY YO.
Everytime I see Bigshow on the screen, I take a huge shot of whiskey to numb the pain
The Big Slow needs to go and take other Lurches with him. After over a million chokeslams, don't you think it's gotten old from the behemoths? The Great Korni is even worse. The World's Strongest CHUD seems to run out of gas just on entering the ring.

I wouldn't bat an eye if they got rid of them all.
Some of you people have issues. Its funny because I bet most of you that are calling him fat are even bigger than him. Difference is he's a giant and you're just a fat douche.

As for Big Show's heel turn, I think its been okay so far. It's been kind of predictable. But he has cut some really good promos and does a good job of making the crowd boo him. I really liked last Raw where he tried to tempt Cena into cashing in.

"Whatever"- Big Show
No, im fed up with it, one minute he gets jobbed to everyone. And then he becomes this superhuman 'hulk' like figure which dominates everyone. I hate it. It just became ridiculous when Primo, Epico, Kofi Kingston, R Truf, Hunico and Camacho thats 6 guys couldnt take him out. He gains no heat over it, the Mark Henry version of this was so much better, mark henry is always known as the worlds strongest man, they seem to only rememeber now big show is a 500 pounds worlds largest athlete...
Mark Henry 2.0, except not good in any way, shape or form.
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