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Have any of you been impressed by...

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The Big Show's latest heel run? its funny because its happened so many times, he just out of the blue goes from a big smiling giant who gets humiliated to suddenely realizing he's an unstoppable angry and fed up giant? dont get me wrong I have been pretty impressed with his promos, but its funny because its THE SAME PROMO but I mean at least hes not awful on the mic. so im probly just being entertained for the comedy factor thinking wow there are fans out there that ACTUALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME ARE SEEING THIS...lmao! and everyone he feuds with there's NO WAY THEY CAN OVERCOME A 7 FOOT TALL 500 POUND HUMAN BEING RIGHT!? LOLZ. the funniest one had to have been against Brock, I remember Heyman hyping up that feud very well "YOU CANT BEAT THE BIG SHOW!!!" TEN YEARS LATER WWE...WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING!? THE SAME OLD CRAP THATS ALMOST DAMN NEAR AS STALE AS CENA! BIG SHOW TURNING INTO THIS DOMINANT HEEL WHEN AFEW MONTHS HE WAS SHAKING LITTLE KIDS HANDS? not to mention I remember when Punk told him "YOU'RE NOT FUNNY AND NOBODY LIKES YOU" lmao....but anyway, who else is sick of this guy? its like every other year this dude switches his character to one of the other. what if Cena and Show feud ends at N.O.C or EVEN WORST at HIAC?...jesus christ.
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How many times did he job to cena just in the last month? Not trying to be an asshole but he's still cena's bitch.
Yeah but I mean what if WWE drags this Cena-Show feud to end in a culmination match like with a gimmick at N.O.C for the strap, or if they decide they want to end it at HIAC? can ya see WWE doing some stupid s*** like this? it sucks because I just got back into WWE last year, and I can already feel my interest slipping away. it was sooo amazing in november-december when Cena was literally coming out in one segment of Raw.
At no point in Big Shows WWE career has he been booked well.
what about in ECW as the champion? ive only seen a bit of that, but I remember his weight. dude looked legitamtely 500 pounds lmao someone needs to post a pic up from his match in the HIAC against D-X. if hes going to be AN UNSTOPPABLE GIANT he should put on like another 60-80 pounds.
What I love and makes me laugh is when Cena picks him up for an AA or suplex and how the King and Cole have to react "OH MY GOOOOD I THOUGHT NO HUMAN COULD PICK UP THE BIG SHOW!!!"really? he's beeen doing it SINCE WRESTLEMANIA 20. hell maybe even before that, but thats when I recall him giving him the AA or EXCUSE ME, this was back WHEN IT WAS STILL CALLED THE F-U!!! why do these idiots have to act completely shocked EVERY SINGLE TIME?
I haven't been impressed by a single thing Big Show has done, unless it's from his early years. All he does is have extremely boring matches where he squashes people and we're supposed to act like we've never seen anything like it, and yet in the meantime he's done this a MILLION FUCKING TIMES. Having the whole IRON-CLAD CONTRACT shit doesn't make it any less original and boring than it already is. Yeah, he's a giant alright... a GIANT WASTE OF SPACE.

Case in point: Big Show needs to retire. He is a boring tub of lard who seriously needs to get the fuck out. There is no reason for him to stay around.
lmfao!!! funnist shit ever props dude you made me literally laugh my ass off i love when you guys bash the big show that bad its so damn funny cuz im glad to know im not the only one, keep in mind i dont look at smarks wrestling forums too much thats why, until recently. sometimes im more entertained reading these forums than watching a really shitty raw
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