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If they knew that it'd be controversial, then they're even more idiotic than I thought. Because he's flopped so far as champion.

As for contracts, ROH has always been bad a pulling the trigger on someone when the time was right. Going all the way back to, at least Tyler Black. People like Scurll and Cobb are just the latest in a long line of that. Also as I said before, if you NEED the belt to even hope to get over, then there's a problem and you shouldn't have it. The belt should be won AFTER you've proven yourself already.

Saying that "Scurll doesn't need it because he's already over," is foolish, that's exactly WHY you give it to him. Same with Jeff Cobb for that matter.
If you look at Taven's in ring work as champion.... he's not flopping. In fact, he's proving a lot of doubters wrong. Pick a match this year... he's nearly carrying the company:

Vs. Lethal -17th anniversary
Vs. Lethal/Scrull = G1 Supercard
Vs. PCO - WOTW Toronto
Vs. Haskins - WOTW Grand Rapids
Vs. Lethal/King - Manhattan Mayhem...

Literally all of his singles title defenses have been very good, except the Jeff Cobb match, due to the lack of time.

If it's an attendance thing...no one person as champ in ROH is changing the attendance right now. As much as i like Scrull and Cobb... it's not like attendance would go up anymore then where it's currently at the moment. I don't know any ROH fans, that haven't watched/followed due to who was champ.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts