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Has WWE dropped triple threats/fatal fourways

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Hardly ever see them on PPVs anymore.
All I remember was a divas fatal fourway like 3 PPVs ago and axel vs miz vs barrett at Payback. Before that I remember 2012 Survivor Series with Punk / Ryback / Cena.

Did WWE just give up on setting multidimensional feuds? Do storyline writers just suck so much that they can't figure out how to do it? Does it have something to do with WWE superstars having to work harder to figure out spots when there are more than 2 men in the ring?

I don't know. I'm curious though. I missed matches like that. Nothing costly like a HIAC, MITB, or TLC match. Just a basic 3 man or 4 man title match where predictions aren't as obvious.
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I hate triple threats and 4-ways. The possibility of having the champion lose the title without being pinned is so stupid.
What if they were fatal four way elimination matches like WM 16 main event?

I think from an entertainment standpoint it's so much better than seeing a one on one match.

Seeing who will work together. What spots they come up with for 3 or 4 people.

It's cooler than having Orton - Bryan for 3 straight PPVs and Orton - Show on one end
and Del Rio - Christian, Del Rio - RVD for 2 , and Del Rio - Cena for 2.

At least I think so.
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