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Harold From Anger Management.

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black dude from Anger Mangement Harold Howard now have twitter accounts and with few funny twits


@HaroldHowardWWEI wish @WWEAJLee was my boss. She'd give me credit for my work.

‏@HaroldHowardWWE hey @WWEDanielBryan it's me Harold. Can u believe our bosses R making us take these classes? I hope u are getting something out of it. I am.
Bryan now have interesting friends and i wonder if Kane and Bryan became partners
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Harold Howard....could he possibly sound more white? lol

This guy is actually a wrestler, so I wonder if they've given him some kind of a deal. I doubt they'd have him set up a short term account, but who knows, really. I don't really like the "fan becomes a wrestler" angle, though, because it's REALLY implausible and it just hurts the program. They did it with Santino and I think it hurts him to this day, because he became the bumbling idiot as a result of getting a debut as a fan who didn't know his way around the fucking ropes, instead of a proper debut, and even though now he does, somewhat, and can beat certain people, that reputation has carried over and it severely limits him, he's in the box of being a comedy guy and he can't get out. I don't know what this guy's ceiling is, but if he's gonna debut in the same way, it's not gonna be good for him.
Looks like Mason Andrews, I think. Irrelevant comment because it's not... just saying.
They need to continue Anger Management til Halloween at least. Best thing they have done in years.
from Pwtorch.com
Southern California independent wrestler Scorpio Sky, who played "Harold" in anger management skits with Daniel Bryan and Kane on Raw, commented on his latest national TV role Monday night on Twitter. "I'm laughin' straight to the bank with this. Ha ha ha ha haaaa," Sky tweeted, also referring to playing Mason Andrews on TNA television last month during TNA's X Division spotlight.

Last summer, Scorpio Sky and TNA Gut Check contestant Joey Ryan played fans over-reacting to Sheamus and Mark Henry crashing through the ringside guardrail at the Summerslam PPV in Los Angeles.
former TNA wrestler already got the role...
is that twitter account real?
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