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On October 16th, 2009, Shane McMahon has quit the World Wrestling Entertainment as Vice President of WWE Global Media. The resignation effective on January 1st, 2010.

So What you won't tell won't hurt, right ?

Shane McMahon had a press conference in January 4th, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

I will skip the all stupid press conference, because it's really non relevant. Shane announced that he and he's associates that he didn't confirm will open national wrestling promotion that going to based in California but after few months will be moved to other big cities.

Shane also wasn't letting his father known about his plans, it all came by surprise. Also, Shane announced that few WWE Wrestlers has been left the company and released from there contracts to work with Shane's brand new promotion, the names are still yet to announced.

Shane was asked how he could to do it and getting to a real promotions fight with his father, and Shane answered that he won't fight his dad he only fights the others, and yes if they get bigger maybe some day they can fight the big WWE.

There was also announcment that Television Contract has been signed with Shane's new promotion with Ted Turner's TNT network. Shane did this move for his own he explained, and he's own only. Shane also said that TV Show will called "Tuesday Night VOLCANO".

The first show will be air on TNT - LIVE ! Tuesday Night - January 13th, 2010.

The promotion will also go on air for their first ever Pay Per View with big stars & celebrity, the ppv will be entitled - "Iron Men". It Will be air January 24th, 2010 on Pay Per View.

And the big question was what's the new name for the promotion, and Shane answered - Hard Knocks Wrestling !

And the big main event that will take in "Iron Men" Pay Per View - Will be Fatal Four Way for the HKW World Heavyweight Championship - Ken Anderson vs. Sean Morley vs. Booker T vs. Mystery Opponent

Shane thanked us all and the press ended.

So *Hard Knocks Wrestling* Is The New Deal Now ?! , We Just have to wait and see until Tuesday, January 13th, 2010, *VOLCANO* on TNT

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Re: 2010. New Promotion. Shane Quits WWE & Starts from Bottom. Good Idea ?

I'm doing a very similar idea, a one-hour show company starting in January 2010. BTW, I suggest you change the title or something if you're making this idea into a full BTB.

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Re: 2010. New Promotion. Shane Quits WWE & Starts from Bottom. Good Idea ?

Hard Knocks Wrestling Details :

*HKW* Roster:

Ken Anderson [F]
Sean Morley [H]
Booker T [H] - Signing from TNA
Rikishi Phatu [F]
'Showoff' Chris Kanyon [H]
Curt Hawkins [H] - Signing from WWE
Paul London [F]
Billy Kidman [F]
Tyler Black [H]
Chavo Guerrero Jr. [H] - Signing from WWE
Eric Escobar [F] - Signing from WWE
Lance Cade [H]
The Giant Punjabi [H] - Signing from WWE
'The Outlaw' Jethro Holliday [F]
Carlito Colon [F] - Signing from WWE
Rhino [F] - Signing from TNA
Sonjay Dutt [F]
'The King of Old School' Steve Corino [T]

Tag Team Roster:

The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams) - [H] - Signing from TNA
World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) - [F] - Signing from WWE
The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) - [F]
The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) - [H]
The Only Ones (Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo) - [F]
La Resistance' (Rene Dupree & Sylvan Grenier) - [H]

Championship Belts :

HKW World Heavyweight Championhip - Vacant

HKW United Nations Championship - Vacant

HKW X-Weight Championship - Vacant

HKW World Tag Team Championship - Vacant

Show Will Be Up Later On.

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Re: 2010. New Promotion. Shane Quits WWE & Starts from Bottom. Good Idea ?

Whoa, slow down, dude. Just a heads up for ya. I like the idea of this BTB and with more experience you may have potential. Good luck with this, man. And by the way, if you're sticking with this, it'd be good for you to change the name of this.

You can do that here:

Just send a quick message in the link above with the new name for your BTB, and the link of this one, and the mods will handle it! Good luck!

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Hard Knocks Wrestling Presents : Tuesday Night VOLCANO !

Episode #1
January 13th, 2010
Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, California
Capacity : 3000
Reviewed by WeirdWrestling.com

The crowd is jam packed and everything is already set and go for the first show. The crowd went nuts as the music of the first "VOLCANO" show. Tony Schiavone & Matt Scott Hudson, the brand new announcers to call once again on TNT live broadcast. Suddenly as everything gets clear in the 'Kodak Theatre'....


Shane McMahon out comes to the ring to huge ovation. Shane tells us about the great main event that planned for *Iron Men* that will be LIVE on PPV in January 24th. Shane reminds us that Booker T, Ken Anderson & Sean Morley are the 3 of 4 man that going to battle for the HKW World Heavyweight Championship that he took out from the bag he brought and show us all. Shane says that there's one more man that set to be in this match but he'll only debut next week when he faces Sean Morley 1 on 1. Tonight, we'll see Booker & Anderson in singles match. Shane also took out the brand new Tag Team Titles and he said that the belts going to be defended tonight between Haas & Benjamin, Gunn & Palumbo and La Resistance. Shane finished and left the ring with huge ovation.


We Back and we've got our first match under way....

Singles Match
Eric Escobar vs. The Giant Punjabi w/ Ranjin Singh
Well we've seen pretty much everything from The Giant Punjabi across the coast and from Escobar not that much, only that he's been with Vickie Guerrero. Escobar try to handle this match by his own moves but not succesed. Punjabi finished the match quickly with huge hand over Escobar's head to take him down and afterwards hit him with the PUNJABI PLUNGE for the pin. Afterwards, Singh took the mic and said that the new World Champion after *Iron Men* need to get prepere real nice because The Giant Punjabi is coming for him.
Winner: The Giant Punjabi

We going over backstage to see former partners and Tag Team champion bump each other, it was Lance Cade & Jethro Holliday. The two was stare at each other saying couple of stuff, then Cade told that Jethro wasn't a big hit in everywhere he was, but Cade said he was a big thing. Jethro then got into Cade's face and told him that he wants to face him @ *Iron Men*. Cade laughed and told him "Yeah Right...". Cade walked away with Jethro still standing.


Singles Match
Rhino vs. Tyler Black
Well, Rhino returned to action as face wrestler what he wasn't in TNA lately. Tyler Black got into the ring with Rhino thinking of a maybe an upset. This match wasn't that easy for Rhino because Black showed some strength that maybe Rhino didn't see before. Black hit his own Yazkua Kick or Big Boot whatever the same thing on Rhino. Black went to the top turnbuckle setting his signature move "BLACK ANGEL" (Corkscrew 450 Splash) but he missed because of Rhino moving away. Black got up hurt and Rhino took advantage of it hitting the GORE GORE GORE ! Rhino pins and wins.
Winner : Rhino

We going again backstage after Rhino celebrated his victory. The picture is on and Steve Corino talking on the phone and says after he finish "Later Jack", he might be talked with Jack Victory, former Best Friend, Manager & Partner. Corino was about to leave his locker room, Shane McMahon appears on his door. Corino asked him why he was here and Shane told him that he regrets that not putting him in the main event of *Iron Men* is a shame because he knows that Corino he's former NWA World Champion and ECW World Champion. Corino corrected Shane, and then Shane told him he's from now the Number One Contender for the brand new United Nations Heavyweight Championship. Corino asked how is that and Shane told him that he'll be facing at *Iron Men* one of 6 man that will take on each other next week in a special battle royal. Corino & Shane smiled as the picture fade.


Singles Match
Booker T vs. Ken Anderson
That match gives us such good memories from Smackdown, really good. Booker now as the heel one and Anderson is the good guy, but the crowd doesn't seems to care, because it was mixed action from the fans in that match. Booker looked good after coming from TNA and wrestled good after not wrestling 3 months. Anderson looked in good shape too but he has to do step by step after almost a year in pro wrestling. Booker going for the Book End but Anderson elbows Booker's head to escape while Anderson hits German Suplex Pin and gets only two. Suddenly Sean Morley runs in and he distracts the referee for some reason, Anderson start to scream at both referee & Morley, while Booker low blows Anderson from behind. Booker sees the opportunity and hits the AXE KICK! Booker with the pin and gets victory. Booker celebrates and while Morley returns to the backstage all happy, why he did that?
Winner: Booker T


Main Event - HKW World Tag Team Titles Match
La Resistance vs. The Only One's vs. World's Greatest Tag Team
It been years that I saw La Resistance together, It made me happy. TWGTT, I saw them almost a year ago together as they lost all the time, and don't let me start on Palumbo & Gunn, again they are together? I was surprised about Dupree's amount of talent that he brought with him to this match and I don't lie that I say the three way was one of the most highlighted matches that I wanted to see. The finish came as Shelton hits the PAY DIRT on Grenier, and meanwhile Palumbo came from behind and Benjamin got hit from the SUPER KICK. Dupree grabs Palumbo's hair and he throws him outside as from nowhere Gunn kicks Dupree and delivers the FAME-ASS-ER on Dupree. WAIT A MINUTE! Haas grabbed Gunn from the back hitting an INVERTED DDT followed by the HAAS OF PAIN! That move wasn't executed for years ! Gunn has no choice but to tap that meanwhile everyone outside didn't realize Haas making him tap. Haas & Benjamin was given the Tag Team belts and celebrated with the crowd gave them huge pop. Suddenly when the new tag team champs celebrated we see Davey Richerds & Eddie Edwards ran in to attack the winners. The American Wolves wants to make an impact and impress, well they're impressive. Eddie takes Haas grabs him from behind and executes the CHIN CHECKER GOOD GOD! Davey hooks Benjamin's arms and hits him with the DR DRIVER! HOLY CRAP! Davey & Eddie looks on the fallen TWGTT and the show ends.
Winners & New HKW World Tag Team Champions: The World's Greatest Tag Team

The Show fades with the picture of The American Wolves standing over Benjamin & Haas.

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HKWrestling.com Special Preview !

Hard Knocks Wrestling Presents : *Tuesday Night VOLCANO!* Preview

In the last edition that takes us straight to *Iron Men*, VOLCANO will give you the perfect action in the middle of the week !

The American Wolves made there impact over the new World Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas last week. This week the team takes over the fantastic team of Mark & Jay Briscoe, The Briscoe Brothers ! Will Haas & Benjamin gets retribution on the youngsters ?

Curt Hawikns will take on the jumping indian, Sonjay Dutt in action that you canno't miss.

Will the rivalry between Lance Cade & Jethro Holliday will get on another level ? When Lance Cade will face Carlito Colon in what should be exciting one. Can Jethro will make an appearance and demend once again to face Cade at *Iron Men* ?

And for the main event we going to have the cocky, Sean Morley taking on the mystery man for the 4 Way Dance in the *Iron Men* World Title Match, HKWrestling.com already said he's a former World Heavyweight Champion. Can Morley gets the upper hand or will it be perfect debut for the mystery man? Morley also need to worry about Ken Anderson after he cost his match last week against Booker T, we'll find out on *VOLCANO!*.

Live on TNT, Tuesday Night, January 20th.
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