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I'm gonna give this a shot. I like wrestling, and I like to write, and I hope you guys like my storylines. This isn't meant to be completely parallel to WWE now, so expect to see names of WCW pay per views and a few past superstars or superstars from other promotions. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

March 15, RAW, the day after Wrestlemania. The Brand Draft is scheduled to take place live. The usual formalities introduce the show, with blasts of loud, colorful pyro filling the arena against a
thick background of screaming fans and Jim Ross exclaming over all the noise.

JIM: Good evening folks and welcome to Monday Night RAW! Wrestlemania was a huge success, and I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I am filled with anticipation for tonight's proceedings. The Brand Draft is scheduled to begin any minute, I guess we're just wai- oh,
nevermind. Here comes Paul Heyman!

KING: He looks tense J.R.!

JIM: I would be too King. Heyman has alot riding on his show, and this draft can make or break the future of both brands!

-Heyman's music had already been cued. He walks to a podium to his left, a tall wooden box with a curved microphone and speaks into it.

HEYMAN: Hello, Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to the Brand Dra-

'I'm Bad!'- Hit Bischoff's music. Paul is not amused by the interruption and retreats from the microphone to fix his suit, all the while glaring at Bischoff with a contemptful, disgusted look in his eyes. Bischoff approaches the podium with a wide, arrogant smile on his face.

ERIC: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Brand Draft, live on RAW! The draft will work like this; picks will drawn at random from a lottery, and each of us will draw on turns. The names will be
announced and that will be the pick for it's respective brand. ( pause.) - And since this is MY show, RAW will be drawing first!

[crowd cheers.]

ERIC: But wait! That's not all. As some of you already know, Mr. Mcmahon WILL be present for the draft....and, I'm sure you're all wondering as to why his presence is necessary....

HEYMAN: Eric, quit stalling with all your nonsense so we can begin, will you?

[crowd boos at Heyman.]

ERIC: As I was saying...Mr. McMahon will be here tonight... to represent SMACKDOWN! in the Brand Draft.

HEYMAN: (impatiently, in confusion) What do you mean, Eric? I'm the GM of SMACKDOWN!

Why wasn't I informed of this? What are you trying to pull?

ERIC: Well, Paul, you weren't informed because your position in this company is NULL and VOID!
As my first decision as 50% owner of this company, HEYMAN! YOU'RE FIRED! SECURITY! Get him out of my building!

[crowd cheers wildly]

Heyman, in shock, is escorted out as McMahon's music begins to play. Vince comes out with a stern expression on his face, watching Heyman being pulled away with indifference to him. He is without emotion and stands tall where Heyman stood seconds ago, clearing his throat and buttoning his suit coat. Bischoff stands with an arrogant, triumphant grin on his face, looking at Mr. McMahon.

VINCE: Ladies and gentleman of the audience, I apologize for the great shock and injustice you just witnessed [crowd cheers]. In a lowdown, sneaky, vile maneuver that completely undermines the way
I run things around here, Eric Bischoff has bought out half of my company right from underneath my nose.

[crowd goes nuts}

Bischoff nods, looking to the crowd and then back at McMahon, still with an enormous smile.

VINCE: ( In disgust) In fact, my first reaction was to call my lawyers, and BATTLE whatever legal loophole Bischoff had slithered through. ( Relaxes) That is...until Eric and I spoke. And, since then, I have decided that what's best for the company is to continue as is, as not to jeopardize the Draft, and so therefore...I will represent SMACKDOWN! in the Brand Draft tonight on RAW. The GM
position has been eradicated as of now, and I share half ownership with Bischoff.

[crowd cheers.]

BISCHOFF: (smiling) Thank you, Mr. Mcmahon. Now, before the draft gets started, I'd like to announce that tonight, along with several other matches, there will be a contest to decide the vacant
Hardcore Championship! Now, I know alot as happened, but please, sit back and enjoy the show!

(note* The actual draft picks are not herein described and take place between situations, but the roster will be announced at the end of the show.)

Rob Van Dam vs. Renee Dupree w/ Rob Conway

RVD controls the match in the early going, nailing Dupree with a spinning wheel kick and following with a standing moonsault. As RVD runs toward Dupree , Renee quickly falls and pulls
down the rope, hurtling RVD outside the ring. Dupree distracts the referee as Conway chokes RVD with the French flag, and then pushes RVD back in the ring. Dupree nails RVD with a great powerslam off of a quick irish whip but only gets the two count. RVD is thrown to the ropes again but gains his bearings and lands a flying dropkick on the way back to Dupree, but it doesn't keep
him down and Dupree clotheslines RVD as he begins to stand back up. Dupree starts to dance from side to side of RVD, taunting as the crowd boos. He arrogantly gets the flag from Conway and waves it as RVD is still laying on the mat, but Van Dam snaps up as Dupree throws the flag back to Conway. RVD catches Dupree with a fierce DDT, and pulls him in a diagonal position halfway acrossed the ring. Conway sees RVD but cannot run fast enough to the ringpost as Van Dam hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.
WINNER: RVD by pinfall


JR: Welcome back to RAW folks. After RVD's spectacular win over Renee Dupree, Bischoff made an annoucement about the next match. Bill DeMott will be going one on one with the newly signed.....Mike Awesome!

KING: Oh boy, JR! This is going to be one brutal match between two brutal men!

Bill DeMott vs. Mike Awesome

Bill DeMott seemed to gain the advantage as he landed a neckbreaker on Awesome, keeping him grounded with a sleeper hold. Awesome started to fade but stood up and reversed the move with elbows to the stomach, then turned and floored DeMott with a lariat. Awesome mounted DeMott and pummeled him with a myriad of right hands before picking him up and tossing him to the ropes, hitting a back body drop as DeMott came back.
The two exchanged tired right hands before DeMott gathered himself and body slammed Awesome near the turnbuckle. DeMott climbed the turnbuckle for the top rope moonsault, but Awesome caught DeMott as he was still upright on the turnbuckle and countered into an Awesome Bomb for the win.
WINNER: Mike Awesome via pinfall

-Enter Bischoff, to his music.

ERIC: Great match guys, great match. Mike Awesome, congratulations on your first win here in the WWE. But, Awesome, DeMott, don't leave the ring yet. This next match also concerns you two.

Recently, the WWE has had alot of belts changing hands, new champions have been crowned and old ones remembered. However, there is one belt that has seemed unnoticed of late here in the WWE. So, due to tremendous fan and superstar feedback, I, Eric Bischoff, am bringing back the Hardcore Title! Also, in order the 'spice up' the division, I have signed several new superstars set to participate in tonight's contest, which will be a pinfall elimination match. Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce to you......Saturn, Raven, and Jerry Lynn!

[all three, along with Tommy Dreamer, run down to the ring where Mike Awesome and Bill DeMott still stand. The bell rings as the first punches are thrown]


The match is a rough one, with many slams and alot of brawling. Tommy Dreamer is the first to get a weapon as he pummels on Bill DeMott, cracking him in the back with a singapore cane.
Saturn and Jerry Lynn double team Mike Awesome in the corner, with Saturn hitting a piledriver as Jerry Lynn spikes it from the top turnbuckle. Saturn goes for the cover but only gets a two count as
Raven nails him in the head with a chair. He gives Jerry Lynn a shot in the gut, and completes a hard Raven Effect from Lynn's doubled over position. Raven covers Lynn for the 1-2-3 before Mike Awesome catches him in a huge full nelson slam, followed by a heavy legdrop to the throat. Raven writhes in pain as Awesome is hit from behind by Tommy Dreamer, who has just eliminated Bill DeMott. Saturn recovers from the chair shot and retaliates against the laid-out Raven with an elbow drop to the face. He follows quickly with two more and goes for the cover, but Raven kicks out after two. Raven stumbles to his feet and falls against the corner turnbuckle, staring straight into a
charging Saturn. Raven leans against the turnbuckle and counters with both boots to the face, completely turning Saturn to face the opposite direction where Dreamer is waiting. Dreamer hooks Saturn for the Dreamer DDT, but Saturn reverses the move and lifts Dreamer into a fireman's carry. He waits for a second, and then sends Dreamer crashing to the mat on his head with a Death Valley Driver. Saturn has no time for the cover as Mike Awesome immediately throws him overhead with a german suplex, and Raven jumps on top of Dreamer from his corner position for the cover. With half of the competitors gone, Awesome and Saturn battle as Raven bides his time in the corner of the ring. Seizing the oppurtunity, Raven picks up his chair and nails both Saturn and Awesome with it.

Awesome, closest to the ropes, is sent through them to the outside. Raven unfolds the chair onto it's legs in the middle of the ring, and whips Saturn to the ropes. As he runs back, Saturn is tripped up by
Raven with a drop toehold, sending him face first into the chair. Saturn lies barely moving as Raven folds the chair back up and thrusts it into Saturn's throat. He does this several times and finally slams Saturn in the face with the chair before eliminating him. Raven stands with tired, heaving breaths, his hair sweaty and plastered to his face. He staggers outside the ring where Awesome is
recovering, and doesn't waste any time before he begins to stomp Awesome, who is struggling to get up. They battle up the entrance ramp, pummeling each other with stiff punches and kicks to the gut.
Raven sets up Awesome for the Raven Effect, but Awesome reverses into a northern lights suplex. Raven lands hard on the steel of the ramp, and doesn't move. Awesome drags him to his feet and pulls him to the RAW stage at the top of the ramp. Awesome slowly pulls Raven's head between his legs, lifts, and follows through with an Awesome bomb off the stage! The crowd goes nuts, with JR and King shocked at the devastating move. Raven hits the concrete below, and Awesome climbs
down for the cover.
WINNER: Awesome by pinfall, to win the WWE Hardcore Title.

[The scene fades to commercial with Awesome holding the belt above his head.]

JR: This is unbelievable! Viewers, before the commercial break we witnessed the debut of many new WWE superstars, including Mike Awesome, who has just won the Hardcore Championship after two
consecutive matches!

KING: JR, I just still feel sorry for Raven after that powerbomb off the stage!

JR: Indeed, Raven seems to be badly injured. During the commercial EMT's were dispatched and

have already taken Raven to an ambulance. That was a brutal match, King, and Raven seems to have gotten the worst of it.

- Bischoff's music plays.

ERIC: What an unbelievable night! This kind of action is what has kept RAW at the top of the WWE ratings chart, and why RAW is the best pro-

-McMahon's music plays.

VINCE: I've had enough of your ranting, Bischoff. Just because you're the new '50% owner' doesn't mean you can come out here and bore the crowd with self praise. Let's not forget that I created RAW. Vincent Kennedy McMahon made RAW, not Eric Bischoff. You cannot beat a McMahon, and there have been ample demonstrations of my creative genius over the years. I will crush this show,Bischoff. I will destroy this brand that I have created, and send you back to the unemployment line you spent your time at when I took Nitro off the air.

ERIC: (smiling) Well ,Vince, we'll just see about that. You want war? YOU GOT IT!


JR: Folks, in you're just joining us, we just witnessed a declaration of war between the two owners!

KING: So much has happened tonight, JR. Bischoff revealed his ownership, Heyman was fired, Mike Awesome dominated his debut matches, and now this! What else can happen?

JR: Well, King, the Brand Draft has been taking place in the midst of all of this, and we have witnessed several changes!

KING: What about the divas? They're not leaving are they? Ooh, we can't lose the puppies!

JR:[sighs] Oh, settle down, King.

[sirens flare, and Scott Steiner's music plays as he walks to the ring. Wearing sunglasses and a pair of black denim jeans, he issues his challenge.}

STEINER: You know, I don't understand what the hell the problem is around here, but I was a WCW World Champion, yet it seems I get no respect. I'm tired of sitting on my ass while no talent punks like Randy Orton win titles! Orton, I want your belt and I want your ass, right here, right now!

- Evolution's music plays. Enter Randy Orton and Batista and Flair, holding their Tag belts.

ORTON: Steiner! I heard you out here running your mouth about my belt...how you were such a great WCW Champion...well let me tell you something. This is WWE, not WCW. You might have been the caliber of wrestler needed to win a puny title like that one, but this is the big boys. In fact, we are the big of the big boys. We are Evolution, and you must be out of your mind to think you can cut it with us! With that said, I'm not wasting my time on a joke like you. So, the answer is n-

I'M BAD!- Bischoff's music announces his arrival, interrupting Orton.

ERIC: Now wait a second, wait just a second here. Steiner, I agree with you. You were WCW Champion, you deserve your respect. However, you can't just come out here and book matches. Only I can do that. (Orton smiles in triumph, nodding and looking around.)

ERIC: But, since I believe it would be in the best interest of RAW and it's audience, and because I wanna see it, Orton will go one on one with Steiner for the Intercontinental Championship...

[crowd cheers.]

ERIC: ....live on RAW, next week!

[crowd boos}

Bischoff exits to his music, and Orton watches him leave in outrage and confusion. His brow is wrinkled as he talks to Flair, taking the mic to his mouth and turning to Steiner.

ORTON: Be prepared, Steiner! You're dead! You're gonna regret ever running your mouth to Randy Orton! I am a legend killer!

STEINER: Yeah, a legend killer. You beat up old men! But I'm a genetic freak, and you don't stand a chance! Now this goes out to all my Freaks out there; Holler, if ya hear me!

JR: Thanks for joining us folks! Goodnight!

RAW Roster


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cool show

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It was a good show, the promos were quite good, the matches were ok as well. Maybe you should put Bold writing at the start and finish of matches it makes it look less squashed up.

Eric Bischoff's music is I'm Back and not I'm Bad i just thought i'd say that.

And Faru please post proper comments instead of going "cool show".

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Thank you to everyone for the feedback. This was my was first show, I kind of felt my through it and I hoped you guys would like it. Dr. Thuganomics, thanks for Bischoff's music correction...I feel like a dweeb for missing the lyrics, but that'll definitely come in handy for my other shows. I'll post the titles on my first SMACKDOWN! show. Feel free to suggest anything else you think might make my shows better.

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March 18, SMACKDOWN!, the Thursday after Wrestlemania. Smoke from pyrotechnics clouds the entrance ramp as sparks of color are hurtled into the air.

TAZZ: Welcome to WWE SMACKDOWN! It's Thursday, March 18. Four days ago, Eddie Guerrero defended his WWE Title at Wrestlemania 20!

COLE: Indeed, Tazz. Madison Square Garden was packed for the greatest spectacle in Sport's Entertainment today. Along with Guerrero's amazing title defense, we also witnessed the return of the Undertaker!

TAZZ: The Deadman did rise again, and boy did he rise! That Tombstone he gave to Kane was the most vicious I've ever seen!

COLE: You're right Tazz, but as great as Wrestlemania was, nothing was more shocking than the events that took place on RAW the following night, where the Brand Draft was scheduled to occur...

[a clip is shown of Bischoff's major announcement.]

TAZZ: Cole, Mr. McMahon was not too happy about Bischoff taking half ownership of his company, and didn't hesitate to challenge Bischoff's integrity and authority as an owner. Mr. McMahon said that he is going to destroy RAW!

- Hit McMahon's music. Vince struts to the ring with a plain, serious look on his face. He is
somewhat troubled, but retains his bearings. Sable shares his look of skepticism, eyeing the crowd and caressing Vince's arm.

VINCE: This past Monday on RAW, we all witnessed a great change in this company. Eric Bischoff, the mind behind WCW and it's Monday Nitro, my once 'arch-rival', stole half of my company from me. I am ashamed that I let my guard down..I never expected Bischoff to be so ungrateful. I am the one that let him stay in this business after I sank his show, his company, his livelihood. I showed him mercy, and how does he repay me? [in anger] He CHALLENGES me. He challenges me by firing my GM, he challenges me by forcing me to handle SMACKDOWN! myself. This has become an all out ratings war! This wa-

-Hit Cena's music. He walks out in front of the entrance ramp, raises his hands in a 'w' and walks just outside the ring, peering up at McMahon.

CENA: Look at you Vince, standing there in your stupid suit...I've got old gym sneakers that look better than you. And look at your woman, strutting in place...(smiles) That ain't the only look I've ever seen on her face. [Vince and Sable both grimace] Anyway, the reason I'm out here, is so these fans don't have to sit...while you stand in the ring on that mic and b**ch!Gets your balls together and settle the score, instead of crying your problems to that two dollar whore..[ The crowd is going crazy while McMahon clenches his teeth.] You think you're the man? Than prove that you've got guts....Oh, and while you're at it, CHOKE ON THEEEESE NUTS! (throws two small packages of airline peanuts in the ring and waves his hand in front of his face, leaving to his theme music.)


The show returns to the first match, and Howard Finkel stands in the ring, announcing the one fall contest between Jamie Knoble and Billy Kidman.

Jamie Knoble vs. Billy Kidman

The match is quick paced, with lots of irish whip reversals that go on until Kidman holds onto the ropes, then regroups and hits Knoble square in the chest with a hard dropkick. Kidman follows with a slingshot leg drop from the apron, coming down on Knoble's neck and knocking the wind out of him. Kidman picks up Knoble and attempts a snap suplex, but Knoble blocks by tying up Kidman's legs with his own. Knoble knees Kidman in the gut and reverses with a hard snap suplex of his own. Kidman snaps halfway up after hitting the mat, his arm acrossed his back in pain. Knoble follows with two quick elbow drops, before yelling for Kidman to get up. He throws Kidman's head into the turnbuckle, and then whips him into the opposite corner. Knoble charges Kidman, who reverses with a boot to the face. As Knoble checks his mouth for a wound, Kidman hooks Knoble's arms for the Kidbuster amd nails it. The ref counts two and three quarters on the cover, and Kidman is shocked at Knoble's charisma. He pulls Knoble towards the turnbuckle diagonally by his leg and arm, setting him up for the SSP. Knoble reverses once again and lifts his knees into Kidman's chest as he comes down, sending Kidman writhing in pain to the mat. As he holds his torso and tries to catch his breath, Knoble walks around to Kidman's legs and puts him in the Trailerhitch. Kidman's face expresses the immense displeasure he is in, but he is close enough to the ropes that he can grab on.
Knoble becomes frustrated and drags Kidman to his feet, kicking him in the stomach and setting him up for the Tigerbomb. Kidman reverses and throws Knoble over his back, but Knoble quickly recovers and catches Kidman with the Tigerbomb on the second try.
WINNER: Jamie Knoble by pinfall

[cut to Shane Douglas, walking down a corridor towards the ring. He fixes his wrist tape and doesn't look down as he makes his way down the hall.]

HOWARD FINKEL: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Shane Douglas!

[Douglas' music plays as he walks to the ring. Johhny Stamboli is introduced as Tazz and Michael

Cole explain that this is Douglas' debut in the WWE. Stamboli walks out with Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo, and Big Vito, the 'Full Blooded Italians'.]

Shane Douglas vs. Johnny Stamboli w/ the FBI

Douglas looked great from the beginning. A few hard right hands and a kick to Stamboli's midsection staggered him enough for Shane to catch him with a swinging neckbreaker. Douglas follows with an elbow straight into Stamboli's heart, and continues his assault with a tight sleeper hold. Stamboli wrestles out of the sleeper hold with his strength, elbowing Douglas in the stomach. Stamboli bounces off the ropes as Douglas is doubled over from the blows, but is met with
a fast Shane Douglas clothesline. Douglas quickly mounts Stamboli and starts throwing furious right hands, eventually begged off by the ref. Douglas goes right back after Stamboli, who nails him in his groin with a low blow. The ref doesn't see it, and Stamboli takes advantage with a nice gorilla press drop, dropping Douglas on his stomach. Douglas is stomped in the ribs and in the head as he
tries to recover, staggering several times before reaching his feet. Stamboli takes his time putting the boots to Douglas before he rises, playing to the crowd and the FBI outside the ring. When he turns
back around, Douglas seems to be hazy from the body drop. Stamboli throws a punch but it is blocked and Douglas throws his own right hands before throwing his knee hard into Stamboli's midsection. Douglas throws Stamboli's arm behind his neck, as for a suplex, but then hooks one of his legs and finishes Johnny the Bull with the Pittsburgh Plunge, pinning him. The FBI quickly rushes the ring, brutalizing Douglas. Nunzio and Big Vito hold Douglas upright as he gets Whacked with a superkick from Chuck Palumbo.
WINNER: Shane Douglas via pinfall


Open to Vince Mcmahon in his office. He's peering up at something, speaking his mind.

VINCE: ....I'm tired of his disrespect, and it's time I show him my ruthless aggression! Tonight, Cena will put his U.S. Title on the line one on one with [camera steps back to reveal both people] the
500 pound Big Show!

(Big show smirks and nods, then exits. He is replaced by Shannon Moore.)

MOORE: Hey, Mr. McMahon.

VINCE: Oh, hello, Shannon. What can I do for you?

MOORE: You wanted to see me about my match?

VINCE:......(grins) Oh, yeah. Shannon, tonight you face Matt Morgan. Get ready, because your match is next. Good luck. (Vince shows Shannon out of his office and shuts the door. Shannon looks confused and disappointed, shaking his head.)

TAZZ: Poor Shannon! He's goin up against Matt Morgan!

COLE: We've seen Shannon battle through some brutal stuff...hopefully he makes it out of this one alive!

Shannon Moore vs. Matt Morgan

Shannon goes right after Morgan in the beginning, kicking the big man in the legs and then whipping himself off the ropes. He goes for a cross body that is countered by Morgan. Morgan catches him in a horizontal position, hesitates, and crushes Shannon with a hard powerslam. Morgan puts Shannon on his feet, but Shannon fights with punches to Morgan's stomach. As Moore battles back once again, Morgan lays him out with a running clothesline. He lifts Shannon off the mat by his head and into the air, choking him out. Shannon submits.
WINNER: Matt Morgan via submission

[cut to APA's office. Faarooq and Bradshaw are playing cards, crushed beercans litter the small

table. The smoke of Faarooq's cigar is followed to Shane Douglas running in, holding his jaw.

Faarooq begins to say something but is interrupted.]

SHANE: Guys, guys, guys...did you just see that? Did you? I got brutalized by four men..n-

BRADSHAW: Yea, yea, I suppose you want our help, right? Five grand for all four of em'.
[Bradshaw peers up at Douglas with Faarooq, waiting for his response.]

SHANE: Five grand?..,But, I don't have five gr-

BRADSHAW: Then leave us alone! We got a match comin up.

[Faarooq and Bradshaw throw down their cards, and Faarooq puts out his cigar at Douglas' feet.

The APA leaves and Douglas is left standing with a disappointed and look on his face.]


'.....The justice of shadows will reign supreme in the WWE, purging it's annals of Evil...The Brothers in Paint will come....the day lingers closely, on the horizon....'

TAZZ: Wow, Cole! What was that all about?

COLE: I'm not sure Tazz....we can only wonder what "Evil" perpetuates the arrival of these 'Brothers in Paint'...

-Hit the APA's music. Faarooq and Bradshaw enter as Howard Finkel announces that the match is scheduled for one fall. The Bashams are introduced and Faarooq will start the match against Danny Basham.

APA vs. the Bashams

Faarooq circles with Danny, and their grapple results in Danny on the mat, overpowered by Faarooq. Danny runs for a clothesline, but it's ducked and Faarooq hits one of his own. Faarooq bashes Danny's forehead with a fistdrop, and then picks him up. He whips Danny towards the corner, but Danny reverses and throws Faarooq instead, then quickly runs for the tag to Doug. Doug starts kicking Faarooq in the midsection, and follows with shoulder thrusts to the ribs. Doug pulls Faarooq away from the corner and Faarooq quickly gathers himself and throws three forearms into Doug's face before irish whipping him, and following with his trademark bearhug-spinebuster.
Faarooq hesitates a second, watching Doug crash down, before walking over and tagging in Bradshaw. As he enters from the apron, Doug charges Bradshaw for a lariat that is ducked. Bradshaw continues running and bounces off the opposite ropes, and throws the Clothesline from Hell at Doug, but Doug ducks and Bradshaw takes out the referee! Bradshaw arises visibly upset, and tries to help the referee. The crowd screams as the FBI rushes the ring. Faarooq quickly jumps off the apron to attack, but is overpowered by the FBI and is hit with a lead pipe by Nunzio.
With Faarooq laid out, the FBI enters the ring and takes out Bradshaw, Nunzio again using the lead pipe. Shane Douglas runs to the ring and clotheslines both Big Vito and Palumbo, but is attacked by both Stamboli and Nunzio, who swings the lead pipe into Douglas' gut. Douglas rolls out of the ring as Doug quickly wakes the referee, covering Bradshaw. At one Faarooq struggles in the ring, but is still shaken and is too slow to stop the three count.
WINNER: the Bashams by pinfall

[The Bashams win and quickly clear out, the FBI standing at the entrance ramp.]

NUNZIO: You guys are a protection agency? You couldn't even protect yourselves! Look at you! We'll show you what "protection" is all about! No one does protection like Italians...the Full

Blooded Italians!

[The FBI slowly struts out, nodding and grinning at the recovering APA and Douglas. Douglas starts to limp up the entrance ramp when Bradshaw, who has been roused by the ref, grabs a mic.]

BRADSHAW: (takes a heavy breath) Douglas! (He slowly turns around) Forget the five grand...Let's KICK THEIR ASS!

(Douglas nods, holding his stomach and breathing visibily hard, walking backwards up the entrance ramp. The image fades to commercial)


-Come back to Vince McMahonon on his cell phone in the midst of a conversation. Sable is holding onto his free arm, and Vince's undivided attention is in the phone call.

VINCE: Uh huh.....what? He signed? (smile slides acrossed his face) Great! Thank you...yes..Thank you very much.

(He hangs up, visibly excited. He looks at Sable, containing himself with a smile.)

VINCE: Bischoff gave me war?...Well, I'm gonna damn well win it. (smiles. Sable smiles back,)

[cut to ringside announcer's table]

COLE: Whoa, Tazz. I wonder who he was talking to?

TAZZ: The bigger question is who has he signed?

COLE: That's a good question Tazz, but I'm sure whoever it is is meant to help us win this so called ratings war!

-'Word Life!' is heard and the fans go nuts to Cena's music. Howard Finkel announces the match to decide the United States Championship, and shortly afterwards the Big Show is introduced.

5TH MATCH: SINGLES for the U.S. Championship
Big Show vs. John Cena

Cena tries to take Big Show off of his feet early in the match, with hard blows to the legs and several attempted clotheslines that only make him stagger. The third one is countered with a
boot to Cena's face. He goes down hard, and the Big Show slowly pulls Cena off of the mat, irish whipping him. Cena holds onto the ropes, and the Big Show charges him in a rage, only to be
thrown outside the ring when Cena drops and pulls the ropes down. Cena follows him outside to the floor, throwing hard right hands and clubs to Big Show's back. Big Show still stands and quickly
turns and lifts Cena up, dropping him across the ring barrier. After a few stomps, Big Show rolls Cena back into the ring. Lying on the mat, Cena is seen slipping brass knuckles on his hand. When
Big Show climbs back in, Cena throws the punch but it is ducked and Big Show grabs a hold of Cena's throat. Cena's eyes widen, his mouth slightly open trying to breathe. He lifts Cena in the air
and takes a split second to roar at the crowd, and Cena sees his opening. He throws a hard right hand into Show's forehead and slips the knucks back into his shorts. Big Show's knees buckle as he
almost collapses. Before he can reach the ground, Cena slides under Big Show and lifts him into the fireman's carry, heaving Big Show up with all his strength and nailing the FU. The ref makes the count for 1...2...3.
WINNER: John Cena by pinfall, to retain the U.S. Title

[-cut to Brock Lesnar, rushing around backstage. He asks a bystander where Vince's office is, and jogs in that direction. He arrives at the office only to realize that Vince isn't there when he swings
the door open. He gets frustrated and is seen walking the opposite direction, toward the ring.]

TAZZ: Whoa, what's Lesnar's problem?

COLE: He seems frustrated Tazz...maybe h-

-Hit Lesnar's music, interrupting Cole. Brock storms to the ring, jumping up on the apron and reveling in the effects of his pyro. He hops in the ring and quickly grabs a mic.

BROCK: This past Sunday's Wrestlemania was a disgrace to the WWE. Kurt Angle couldn't take care of business, and Guerrero is a disgrace to that belt. I make this show! I am the greatest champion in WWE's history, and Eddie is nothing! Vince, SMACKDOWN! is nothing without
Brock Lesnar. This is MY SHOW, and I want that belt. It doesn't mean anything to Guerrero, and it means everything to me. I want you to make me the number one contender! I want you to make it happen!

[The lights dim purple, and a bell resonates as the fans start to cheer. Smoke fills the ring, and

Lesnar's eyes open as far as they can. He tries to gather himself and screams into the mic.[

BROCK: Taker, I'm not scared of you!...Bring it on, Deadman! You don't scare me!

[Undertakers music still plays, and Lesnar stares toward the entrance ramp as Paul Bearer walks out laughing. When the smoke clears the Deadman stands behind Lesnar, who is puzzled at Bearer standing by himself. He stands with his hands on his hips, and walks backward into the Undertaker....
He stops, realizing what is behind him. He tries to get the jump on Taker and turns for a clothesline.

Taker ducks the clothesline and heaves Lesnar up on his shoulder. He walks a few steps and slides his head between Lesnar's legs, crashing down to the mat with a Tombstone. By this time Bearer is almost to the ring. He gets there, slowly climbing in and picking up the mic Lesnar dropped.

BEARER: Nobody deserves that belt besides the Undertaker, and nobody will stand in his way of getting it!

[The Undertaker drops to one knee, whips his hair back and draws his power from the urn. The image fades out.]

note* I'm not sure how to get the bold font to work. It was there when I typed up the show, but when I pasted it to the form it wasn't there, and I dunno how to activate it through here. Is there a keypad command or something?

WWE Champion : Eddie Guerrero
World Champion : Chris Benoit
US Champion : John Cena
Intercontinental Champion : Randy Orton
World Tag Team Champions : Batista & Ric Flair
WWE Tag Team Champions : Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
Cruiserweight Champion : Chavo Guerrero J.R
Hardcore Champion: Mike Awesome

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Bold Font [/*b] Take out the star...

Anyways great shows, gave me something todo this morning, I see great things comming for your shows...


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Thanks for the feedback. I will try and work harder on the main events,I guess I just didn't wanna do anything too high profile yet. I don't wanna flood my regular shows with PPV matches or overdo them, but it looks like I may have went a little too far. It means alot that you guys like my shows, this is alot of fun for me. I should have my next RAW up sometime within the next couple of days, if anyone is interested.

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RAW, week 2. The show is introduced with cheering fans, the arena filled to capacity. The fireworks go off, and JR welcomes everyone to Monday Night RAW.

[hit Bischoff's music. He walks out in his leather jacket, strolling carefree to the ring.]

ERIC : Welcome, ladies and gentleman. to Eric Bischoff's RAW. You know, as of late, I've been on a roll. I mean, I got the best superstars in the draft....I fired Paul Heyman...I now am a 50 % owner of the WWE. With the responsibility of that ownership comes the responsibility to work harder at keeping RAW as the superior brand here in the WWE. So far, I think I've done pretty well for myself.
I've signed a number of new superstars, and I've made the Hardcore Division worth watching. With that said, I'm going to continue making these types of changes. I'm gonna make the tag division worth watching. Batista and Flair, I think these fans are tired of seeing you with that gold around your waist, and frankly, I am too. So, in the interest of the WWE, I'd like to introduce you to two men that will revolutionize WWE's tag division, and dominate the circuit like none have ever done.

Everyone, please welcome......Kronik!

[Hit Kronik's music. The crowd goes wild as Brian Adams and Brian Clark walk out with half maniacal looks in their eyes. They don't play to the crowd, but the pop from the audience is still loud and overwhelming. Adams enters the ring followed by Clark, and Bischoff hands Adams a microphone.]

ADAMS : It's about time they called us onto RAW! We've been sitting at home since the collapse of Nitro, watching poor excuses for tag teams wrestle at 50 % every night. No one here on RAW has
seemed to make an impact....hell, the Dudleyz barely cut it here until they got moved to SMACKDOWN! Everything is centered around singles competition, and thats because we've got boring Tag Team Champions like Ric Flair and Batista at the peak of the division. We're here to change that. We're here to give 100% to you fans and to Eric Bischoff by decimating all competition!

[Enter Jindrak and Cade at the entrance ramp. Cade hastily pulls a mic to his mouth.]

CADE : Who do you guys think you are? You think you can just come here out of nowhere one day and run things? That's not gonna happen on our watch! Your gonna have to get through us first!

ADAMS : You got it!

[crowd cheers]

ERIC : (smirks and nods) Ok, ok, hold on here. If I'm hearing this correctly, you all want Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade to face off against Kronik, here tonight?

(Cade nods with Jindrak,a hungry look in his eyes. Adams and Clark just stare them down.)

ERIC : I say...Fine. (smiles)

[crowd cheers. Bischoff's music starts to play as the image fades to commercial.]


[Come back to Lilian Garcia, announcing a one fall contest between Christian and Matt Hardy. Christian enters first , with a cocky smirk on his face. Trish shares his overconfidence, batting her eyes with a naughty grin. Matt Hardy follows with bigger boos than Christian got.]

Christian w/ Trish Stratus vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy clotheslines Christian from the bell, adding a stiff ledrop to his throat. Hardy wasted no time climbing the turnbuckle, making a horizontal leap at Christian. Christian counters the cross body with a jumping dropkick to Hardy's midsection, taunting and playing to the
crowd afterwards. Trish claps and smiles, the crowd boos. Christian is undeterred by this, dragging Hardy to his feet and tossing him into the corner. He assaults Hardy with a few right hands before
putting him in a reverse facelock and ascending the turnbuckle, coming down on Hardy's neck and head with a reverse tornado DDT. He goes for the pin but only gets a two and argues with the ref as
he picks up Hardy by the head. Matt is pretty dazed, but starts throwing slow right hands into Christian's stomach. He continues by whipping Christian to the ropes, finishing with a Side Effect. This sets Christian up for another high risk maneuver, and Hardy steps up the turnbuckle. He brings his fingers to his head and yells, flying back down to the canvas with a leg drop. Christian moves in the nick of time, leaving Matt in excruciating pain. He tries to pick himself up, but Christian is already behind him and hooks his arms. He twists Hardy's body around beneath his, and plants Matt on his face with the Unprettier. The cover is elementary, and Trish joins him in the ring.
WINNER : Christian via pinfall

[The crowd bursts into a sudden uproar as Chris Jericho rushes the ring. Christian quickly points Trish to the outside of the ring, where she flees from Jericho. Christian is not so lucky, as Jericho is already pummeling him as he turns back from Trish. Jericho ducks a clothesline from Christian and catches him in a headlock, jumping up and falling back down with a bulldog. This is followed by a Lionsault, and afterwards the Walls of Jericho. Christian suffers through this for several seconds before Trish enters the ring. Jericho sees her sneaking in and gets off of Christian, who is barely
moving. Trish is frightened as Jericho walks toward her, and turns to dive through the ropes. Her attempt is unsuccessful, as Jericho catches her by the waistband of her pants. He yanks them down as
he pulls Trish back in the ring and puts her over his knee, an enormous smile sliding across his face. He hesitates and looks around to the crowd,who is going wild at the predicament. Looking down at
Trish's exposed hindquarters, he licks his hand and begins spanking her. Trish's yelps are barely heard over the screaming crowd before Jericho rolls her down off of his knee and leaves the ring.

Trish struggles to pull her pants back up as she goes to the laid out Christian, Jericho still grinning as he walks backwards up the entrance ramp. He smiles back up at the scowling Trish and recovering Christian. ]

KING : Oh, boy! Did you see Trish, JR? She looked hot!

JR : Oh, King...

[cut straight to Mike Awesome, entering the arena with his Hardcore Title. This draws cheers from

the crowd.]

KING : Look who it is, JR!

JR : That's Mike Awesome! His match is next!


-Come straight back to Saturn's music playing, who gets moderate pop from the crowd. Lilian Garcia announces the match for one fall to decide the Hardcore Champion, and Awesome enters to cheers slightly greater than Saturn's.

Saturn vs. Mike Awesome

Saturn gained the advantage early in the match, landing a stiff sidekick to Awesome's jaw. He subdued Awesome with an armbar, letting go after a few seconds. He waited for Awesome to rise and jumped into a dropkick that sent Awesome against the ropes, and continued by clotheslining him to the outside. Saturn felt around under the ring, his hands emerging with a chair. He swung down at Awesome's face, but was sidestepped and hit the ringside barrier instead. He lifted the chair to swing again, but was met by a kick to the stomach by Awesome. Awesome followed by grabbing Saturn in a bearhug, and charging toward the ringpost. Saturn's head ricocheted off the post as he writhed in pain, his back crushed against the steel. Awesome retreated slightly still squeezing Saturn, putting Saturn in more pain with a spinebuster that could crack the floor.
Awesome methodically climbed the ring barrier as he waited for Saturn to recover, almost taking Saturn's head off with a flying lariat. The high risk move took alot out of Awesome as well, and they both lay motionless ringside. Saturn struggled to his feet first, grappled with Awesome and executed an amazing belly to belly overhead. Saturn rolled over for the cover, but Awesome kicked out just before three. Both men seemed very exhausted and could barely stand, and Saturn made an attempt to put Awesome in the fireman's carry for the DVD. The heavier Awesome reversed the move and defeated Saturn with an excruciating Awesome bomb.
WINNER : Mike Awesome by pinfall, to retain the WWE Hardcore Championship

[Awesome emerges from the sitout postition victorious, looking down at Saturn and retrieving his belt from the referee. He has little time to gather himself before he finds himself staring up at the
Titantron, looking at Raven glaring back at him. Some in the crowd cheer at this, while some do nothing. He sits somewhere in the building dark and creepy, but it's too dark to make out where.]

RAVEN : Congratulations on your first defense, Awesome. It seems everyone has been so impressed with your debut here in the WWE...But what about me? What about Raven? Mark my words, Awesome; That title will be mine as it should be.

[looks away and then down to breathe.}

RAVEN : Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.

[cue Goldberg's music, to extreme fan pop. He wastes no time getting to the ring, but doesn't hurry either. He looks around, and puts the mic to his mouth, looking at Awesome.]

GOLDBERG : Awesome, I understand that this was your time, but now your match is over, so GET OUT! [his brow wrinkles as he changes subjects.] Now, Benoit! Let me first congratulate you on your match at Wrestlemania, it was a great time for you. Sadly, I fear that time may have ended just now. Benoit, I want a shot at your belt! I've been out of the title race recently because of Lesnar, and people like HHH are becoming way too comfortable about getting their hands on that belt before me!

[Hit Evolution's music, interrupting Goldberg who was not finished. Enter Triple H with an angry expression. He walks down to the ring and cuts into the microphone right away.]

HHH : I don't believe what I am hearing. You can't just come out here and make an order for that belt, Goldberg, because you are not the number one contender. I am the number one contender, so
wait your turn in line. You don't deserve that belt, and it belongs to m-

[I'M BACK! Cue Bischoff's entrance, to mediate the argument. He has a mic in his hand, and strolls down to the ring.]

ERIC : Look, look, look, let's cut straight to the point here. There's only one way to settle this, and that's in a number one contender's match, here tonight!

[crowd roars wildly at this]

ERIC : So, tonight's RAW Main Event will feature Goldberg and Triple H going one on one for the number one contendersh-

[HBK's music starts playing, and the fans go nuts. Bischoff looks offended by the interruption, but lightens up. Shawn Michaels walks to the entrance ramp with a mic of his own.]

HBK : Eric, what is this? After all of what led up to Wrestlemania, and then the match itself, your giving Goldberg a shot at the number one contendership? I fail to see where I fit in the picture, and I should sure as hell be there.

[crowd cheers]

ERIC : So, Shawn Michaels wants to be involved in the match?

[crowd cheers as Michaels nods]

ERIC : Well Shawn, you've got it!

[Michaels smiles, as Triple H interrupts]

HHH : Wait a minute! He-

ERIC : [cutting him off] Now wait, wait... HBK wants in the match? He'll get his wish, Triple H, and so will you. So, tonights Main Event will be: Goldberg vs. Triple H for the number one
contendership, with special referee Shawn Michaels!

[crowd goes crazy. Michaels looks unfulfilled and upset with Bischoff's decision, and Eric grins back at him. Fade to commercial]


JR : [excited] Well, for those of you just tuning in, we just witnessed tonight's main event in the making!

[the clip is shown of the altercation in the ring]

KING : Oh, wow JR! It's gonna be a great match!

JR : Yeah, well, I can't say that HBK is as happy with the match as you and I are King. He came out to get himself in the match, but didn't get in it the way I think he had hoped!

[Pyro explodes as Kane's music hits. Lilian Garcia introduces him for a one fall match against A-Train, and JR states that this is A-Train's first match since his move to RAW. He enters.}

JR : This should be an interesting match between two big men, King.

KING : I dunno, JR..I wouldn't want to be in the ring with Kane even if I was A-Train!

Kane vs. A-Train

Kane dominates the match from the beginning, quickly putting A-Train down with a big boot. The Big Red Monster continued by lifting A-Train off the canvas by his throat, hesitating, and
tossing him across the ring into the turnbuckle. The assault is furthered with uppercuts and elbows, finishing with Kane's familar thrust to the throat. A-Train sinks down in the turnbuckle, and Kane
attempts to lift him when Train suddenly grabs Kane in a bearhug and charges him across the ring into the opposite corner. Slamming Kane into the turnbuckle, A-Train backs away from Kane and then rushes him with a body avalanche. This is countered with a boot to the face, and Kane scoops up A-Train and body slams him. Waiting for Train to recover, Kane ascends the turnbuckle. As soon as he gets to his feet, A-Train is nearly decapitated with Kane's trademark flying lariat. He goes for the cover but Train kicks out after two and a half. Kane begins to get frustrated and unleashes several right hands into A-Trains face, and then ends the combo with another throat thrust.
Dragging his thumb acrossed his throat, Kane signals the finish of the match. A-Train stumbles to his feet and makes a desperate attempt at a clothesline that is ducked, and is rewarded with a huge
Chokeslam from Kane, who covers him for the win.
WINNER : Kane by pinfall

[A-Train rolls out of the ring, and Kane stands victorious in it's center. Raising his hands above his head, he thrusts them down to the explosion of pyro from the ring posts when the arena goes
suddenly dark. The crowd cheers in the pitch black, as thunder is heard. A slow, familiar theme is played, and a child like voice recites, '.....The justice of shadows will reign supreme in the WWE, purging it's annals of Evil...The Brothers in Paint will come....the day lingers closely, on the horizon.... ']

JR : What the..?

KING : Hey, isn't that ...?

JR : I'm wondering the same thing. The question is, what business does he have here?

KING : I dunno JR, but the voice said 'Brothers in Paint.' Who's he bringing with him?

[Kane stands with an angry, puzzled look on his face, the image fading to commercial]


[Cut back to Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, entering the arena. They get little response from the crowd, and arrogantly make their way to the ring. Lilian Garcia states the match to be for one fall, and Kronik's music stars to play. The crowd goes wild, roaring as the mammoth figures of Brian Adams and Brian Clark move towards the ring. Clark seems to be in a fit of controlled hysteria, as if he could rip someone's head off, and Adams never takes his eyes off Jindrak and Cade. They stare back with contempt, but don't seem to be scared.]

Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs. Kronik

The match is brutal and one sided. Adams starts the match against Mark Jindrak, gorilla pressing him in the air and finishing with a front slam. Dragging him to his feet, Adams irish whips
Jindrak and nearly breaks him in half with a hard powerslam, and covers him for the two and a half. Jindrak stumbles up, barely able to keep his balance when he's met with a lariat from Brian Clark,
who has just been tagged in by Adams. Clark stomps Jindrak's head before lifting him and throwing him into his own corner, staring at Cade and pointing to him. Jindrak tags in Cade, who suddenly
looks nervous. Clark shakes his arms and rotates his neck , waiting for him. Cade tries to make himself brave and charges at Clark, hitting him with a clothesline that barely makes him budge. The
crowd roars as Cade looks at Clark in surprise, bouncing back off the ropes and attempting another clothesline. It is ducked, and Clark catches cade and puts him in the pumphandle. Jindrak sees the
Meltdown coming and hops in the ring, hitting Clark with a cross body. Adams jumps in the ring at the interference and tears Jindrak apart with right hands before hitting his finisher, the Full Nelson
Slam. Clark gets up to Cade running at him, and Adams quickly downs him with a clothesline. Adams and Clark look around to the laid out Cade and Mark Jindrak, who is rolling out of the ring. They look to the crowd as they lift Cade off the ground, and the crowd begins to roar in anticipation. Hesitating, Kronik plays to the crowd once more before lifting Cade in the air, and throwing him back to the canvas with the High Time. The crowd goes wild, and Clark makes the pin.
WINNERS : Kronik by pin

[cut to HBK, zipping up a gym bag in the locker room. He is approached by Goldberg. They stand close, but not chest to chest, making eye contact with one another.]

GOLDBERG : Shawn, can I count on you to do the right thing tonight?

SHAWN : [pause] Yea, Goldberg. I'll do what I think is right.

[Goldberg pauses and nods, then leaves. Michaels sighs.]

KING : I can't wait for that match JR! What a main event!

[Cut back to the ring, where Scott Steiner is making his way to the ring with Midajah. He looks pumped for the match, and the crowd went nuts as soon as his music started to play. He takes off his chainmail as he enters the ring and stares back at the Titantron, waiting for Evolution's music. There is a short pause before the roar of Motorhead is heard, and out walks Ric Flair and Randy Orton. Orton has his belt over one shoulder and a cast on the other, carrying a mic with his free hand.]

ORTON : Ladies and gentleman, I have some bad news. The other day, when Flair and Hunter and I were out playing some golf at the country club, I sprained my arm pretty badly. So, therefore,
tonight, I am unable to compete. But wait, wait.. I share your pain, Scott. I know how badly you wanted your title shot. In fact, I was discussing with Eric how bad I feel that I can't give you a match
tonight. Well, then we came up with an idea. Since I can't wrestle you for my Intercontinental Title tonight, and I know how bad you want to be in action, Eric and I came to a compromise. We booked
you a replacement match instead. So, Steiner, tonight, right now, you've got Batista!
[Orton and Flair grin]

[Steiner looks furious as Batista's music plays, and Evolution walks down the entrance ramp. Flair and Orton walk to ringside as Batista climbs into the ring, and Steiner attacks right away.]

Scott Steiner vs. Batista w/ Evolution

The match was fairly well balanced, as far as Steiner and Batista go. The match started with Steiners furious right hands and a standing Steinerline that sent even the powerful Batista to the canvas. Steiner followed with a elbow drop into Batista's chest, and he completed a few pushups before Batista was bac kon his feet. Batista grappled Steiner around the throat, lifting him in the air
and sending him straight back down on his back. Steiner recovered slowly and was irish whipped by Batista, followed by a greatly elevated back body drop. Batista gripped Steiner in a tight headlock,
but he didn't give up and Batista was begged off by the ref. Lifting him to his feet, Batista grappled with Steiner, who won the exchange and caught Batista with a spinning belly to belly. This knocked
the wind out of Batista, and as he struggled for air, Steiner had ample time to flex his gigantic arms before coming down on Batista's heart with another elbow drop. Steiner then put Batista to his feet
before hitting a release german suplex, Batista doing a complete flip in the air. Steiner cut an 'x' signal in the air with his arms, walking over top of Batista's back and putting him in the Steiner
Recliner. At this , Ric Flair hopped up on the apron to draw attention to himself. With the ref distracted, Orton slid in the ring and nailed Steiner with his cast in a flying forearm smash. This
sliced open Steiner's head slightly, ripping at his skin. With Steiner struggling to clear blood out of his eyes, Batista kicked him in the midsection and caught him with a Batista Bomb. Flair retreated
from the apron so the ref could count the pin, Orton smiling at his handiwork.
WINNER : Batista by pinfall

[Hit Steve Austin's music. The crowd roars as he rides his ATV down the entrance ramp and around the ring, chasing Evolution to the entrance below the Titantron. He looks at the beaten Steiner as
Midajah tends to him, trying to help him to his feet, and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic from ringside and doesn't look happy.]

SCSA : Orton! Now you listen to me you mealie-mouthed sunbitch! As Sheriff of RAW, I'm telling you in advance right now that Scott Steiner will still get his match with you! I wanna see him strip you of that belt, and he'll get his chance next Monday on RAW! Oh, and one other thing...when you show up, there must be a winner, and Evolution is BANNED from ringside! And that's the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so! Glass breaks as he tosses to mic down, raises his arms to the crowd, and rolls down out of the ring. Cut to commercial]


JR : Welcome back folks! It's time for our main event!

KING : Yeah, JR! It's gonna be a great match!

[Hit Goldberg's music. He revels in the sparks of the pyro, blowing smoke. The crowd cheers, and Lilian announces the match as one fall for the number one contendership when Triple H's music breaks in. Goldberg watches him as he comes out to his normal routine, flexing his muscles and

spitting his water. The crowd gors crazy. There is a slight pause before HBK's music starts playing, to which the crowd goes wild. He dances ut in a referee's shirt, as if he is suddenly carefree.]

KING: Look at HBK JR! He looks ready!

JR: That's a different HBK than what we saw earlier tonight. Maybe he's settled down! Well, anyways, Shawn does look prepared for this match to go underway!


Goldberg vs. Triple H

Goldberg and Triple H circle for a bit before grappling, Triple H overpowers Goldberg after a knee to the stomach. He throws a right hand to Goldberg's forehead before lifting him and crushing his legs with a shinbreaker. HHH monuts Goldberg on the ground, throwing his powerful fists into Goldberg's head. Goldberg survives it and regains himself when HHH drags him up to his feet. Goldberg throws a jab and a left hook followed by a stiff Yakuza kick right to HHH's face. He whips HHH against the ropes and finishes with a sitout spinebuster, and HHH's head bounces off the canvas. Goldberg hits a standing legdrop before pickking HHH up and lifting him into a gorilla press, then slamming him down sideways. Triple H cringes at this, and struggles to get back on his feet. The two exchange right hands before Triple H hits his DDT, and walks around to Goldberg's
lower body for a leglock. Goldberg pulls himself to the ropes, and HHH is forced off. HHH waits for Goldberg to get back up before knocking him back down with a powerful running clothesline, and
hen hitting a few elbow drops.
Back on his feet, Goldberg reverses HHH's attemped suplex and counters with a falcon arrow. HBK looks on beside HHH's position on the ground, and looks concentrated on the match. The fans go wild as Goldberg waits on HHH to wake up, setting up for the Spear. HHH hazily climbs back to an upright position only to see Goldberg charging at him. Before he can Spear HHH, HBK steps in with the Sweet Chin Music, laying Goldberg out. HHH looks at Michaels, unsure of what to do. Michael's doesn't move but just stares back, and Triple H throws him a smile. Chewing his gum, Shawn smiles back....before nailing Hunter with the Sweet Chin Music as well. He acts surprised as both lay on the ground while the crowd screams, and Shawn counts both out with a 10 count double KO.
WINNER : Double count out

JR : Oh my God! Michaels just attacked Goldberg and Triple H!

KING : Wow, JR. What an exciting match!

JR : Yeah ,King, but we can only wonder what Shawn was thinking!

KING : Oh, man! We'll have to wait and find out next week! I can't wait that long. I'm gonna go talk to him!

[show fades out]


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Good Things:
Eric and Vince a co-owners.
Good idea to bring Mike Awesome, Perry Saturn, Raven and Jerry Lynn.

Bad Things:
Paul Heyman being fired.
Eric Bischoff's music is "I'm Back", not I'm bad.
Bill DeMott's moonsault is called No Laughing Matter.
I couldn't see Awesome winning two matches in a row.
Ending the show with Orton and Steiner.
No mention of Jericho, Benoit, Edge, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Triple H or the Rock.

Overall: 7/10.

Good Things:
You used the big star names.
Everyone was in power.
Gave people something to think about by wondering who the person was on the phone to Vince.

Bad Things:

Grade: 8/10.

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