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Had Cena retained his gangster gimmick, would he still be face of the company?

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Think about it. John Cena's target audience at this point might as well be 10 year old's and soccer mom's. But after he won the title, his gimmick shifted and he became...err...the John Cena we know today, I guess :p. However, if he still kept that hardcore gimmick from early 2005 onwards, would he be in the position he's in now? Or just lose the title Swagger/Sheamus style and be completely forgotten by the bookers?

Personally, I don't think he would make it. If the bookers planned to change Cena's gimmick from the beginning, then there would probably be no hope for him in future storylines with as the rapster.

'Bout you guyz :3
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Cena is a very hard worker, and does absolutely everything possible to benefit the company. I don't think his gimmick has anything to do with why he is the face of the company. Thats my thoughts although I may be wrong.
I think his gimmick plays a part, but I generally agree with you. Cena is the unstoppable, superpowerful Superman that all the kids want to be. Comfortable speaker, fan-friendly, hard-working, booked well. He's like a meal high in nutrients, but that still needed charisma and an interesting gimmick to put sugar on the food that was being shoved down our throats. That's the difference in why Sheamus didn't get over and he did.

P.S. You're sig made me remember what's important in life.
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