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Guide on how to post images.

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Anyone who Reads this that can PLEASE make it a sticky and lock it

Possibly THE most commonly asked question in this forum is "HOW DO I POST PICTURES?"

So let's have a look...

Get your picture onto the Internet. Might sound obvious, but we get people who want to link directly from their computer, and, incase you couldn't tell from the stinging sarcasm, you can't do that.
So get your picture uploaded. Some of our members use sites like www.PictureTrail.com, www.Imageshack.com <<(I use this one) and www.VillagePhotos.com. You can use whatever host you wish to, as long as it allows direct linking. Sites like Geocities don't, so if you link from there, your picture won't show up.
As for how to actually upload, the individual sites will give you instructions, but it generally only takes a couple of minutes per picture.

So your pictures are online. Fantastic. So how do you share them with everyone else?
Well first you need the URL of the picture. This means the address. Unless your picture host specifically tells you not to, in order to get the URL, using your mouse right click on the picture. When a drop-down box appears, click on "Properties" at the bottom. From there, another box will appear, and will have on it "Address: (URL)" - use the left mouse button to highlight the address, then right click and select "copy".

If you're going to have any problems, chances are they'll occur at the next step. But it really is straightforward - it must be if I can do it!
In order for your picture to show up, you need to put the URL in between Image Brackets / Image tags. Image brackets look like this:


***Ignore where it says Code, when you post a picture, you just need [img ][/img ]

You can either type the [ img] [/ img] brackets in, or you can click on this button above the Reply/Type message box - ie, above the message box that you type in.
BUT: if you type the brackets in, do not leave any spaces inside the bracket. There must not be any spaces between the brackets and the "img" text.

So now you've typed/clicked on the Image tags. Where the 2 brackets meet, paste or type in the URL of your picture:

[img ]URL OF YOUR PICTURE[/ img]

So, if the URL of your picture was "www.mypicture.com" for example, what you would have to type is:


Again... do not leave gaps in the brackets, otherwise the picture won't show up.
Also, the URL of your picture should end ".jpg" or ".gif" {as opposed to ".com"}
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Wow, what an unneeded thread. I hope you put a lot of time in this.
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