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gta san andreas 2

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this is plain and simple let me know what you think and by the way the red stuff is blood hense the gun

i no the text is bad but i didnthave a descent one to use
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8/10. Everything looks great except the text that ruins it. The "II" doesn't seem in place and the "New Guns, Cities, and Bent Cops" text should be different IMO, but I understand you didn't have a certain program. Still looks good.

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wtf? 7/10?

Are we looking at the same pic?

At least gladiators got some sense...

Ok dude its a good idea. Just done really badly.

1 - The pic is all blocky and shit, maybe cus u resized it to big. Find a bigger pic that isnt like that. Or keep it small.

2 - You shudnt have to say "The red stuffs blood", if it doesnt look like it. Keep it out. Find a good blood tutorial.

3 - The text is one of the biggest things that lets this down. Copy the San andreas style by finding its font (www.1001freefonts.com mebbe?) and copy its text effect (outside stroke)

I think you'll never properly be able to blend in any kind of blood with that kind of picture. So ur better off leaving it out..

Also the 2 gun clips also doesnt make it clear its san andreas 2...
Only thing i can think of to make that better is to put another clip on top and bottom...but that might ruin the look.

Replace the blood with bullet holes i think...


4/10, definately not ur best. 3 big things let this one down.

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thanx for most of your replies to i would just like to explain a couple things

1.thereason the blood isnt blended is because when your playing the game the blood splashes up as it was on to the camera

2. i did say i couldnt find the right font but thank you for the website

3. it is really hard to find sum psd's of gta

thanks again

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1 - Hmm ok, well then dont blend the blood, but find a better blood looking tutorial.
What u got in that is just red dots. Find blood that looks good.

2 - Don't blame u for the font. But the effects as well werent too good.

3 - They dont have to be in .psd....cus search for one and rightclick, then click copy image. And paste it into adobe..
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