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Hey me again i have decided that my WWE won't work out and after reading Les Turney's booking it inspired me to go back to the WWF days i am only 13 so take into consideration that i have only seen Videos and read on the net about 1990's i will start at 1998 here is my roster and the champs it is only Janurary. I will be having Raw on Monday's and Smackdown on Thrusday's

Val Venis
Al Snow
Hardcore Holly
Mark Henry
D-Lo Brown
Chris Jericho
Road Dogg
Billy Gunn
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
The Rock
Jeff Jarret
Steve Blackman
Chris Jericho
Owen Hart
Big Boss Man


WWF: The Rock
Intercontinetal: HHH
European: Test
Tag Team: Hardys
Hardcore: Big Boss Man

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WWF cameras zoom into the arena where pyro's are going off and fans are cheering as Smackdown starts

Vince's theme hits as he walks down the ramp and walks up the stairs through the middle and top rope and grabs a mic

Vince: Rock i have decided to put you in the tag team main event where you will be teaming with Mankind and HHH to take on Stone Cold Big Show and Kane

Vince drops the mic and leaves as the fans cheer

Backstage interview

Michael Cole: You are the tag team champions and tonight you will be taking on Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown and the titles will be on the line what do you think your chances are

Matt: We won't lose because we are the Hardys now get out of our way


Tag Team Championship: The Hardys © vs D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry

Finkle: The following contest is scehduled for one fall on there way to the ring they are the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions Matt Jeff The Hardy Boys

The Hardys do there usual routine and slide into the ring as Sexual Chocolate comes over the pa

Finkle: At a combined weight of 521 pounds the team of Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown

The Match

Matt starts off in the ring against Mark Henry as they exchange punches Matt nails a chop across Mark's chest as it rings all through the arena he then dropkicks Henry into the corner where he tags in Jeff who clotheslines D-Lo off the apron and then runs and jumps off Matt's back and kicks Henry in the face Matt then hits a twist of fate and Jeff climbs the top hitting the swanton bomb Matt then hits a twist of fate on D-Lo who is once again in the ring as Jeff makes the cover 1....2......3

Winners: And still WWF tag team champions THE HARDY BOYS!!!

Finkle: Here are your winners and still World Wrestling Federation tag team champions the Hardy Boys


King: What a match we have planned for tonights main event plus up next X-Pac challenges Test for the WWF European Championship

The cameras zoom in backstage where The Rock is standing with Michael Cole

Michael: Rock tonight when you take on Kane Big Show and Austin are you at all worried

The Rock: The Rock worried you have to be kidding me Austin will get his ass rock bottomed into the canvas and I will pin him IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING

Rock leaves


WWF European Championship: Test © vs X-Pac

Finkle: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Wrestling Federation European Championship first on his way to the ring weighing in at 230 pounds being accompanied by The New Age Outlaws the challenger X-PAC!!

By the time X-Pac is in the ring as Test’s theme hits

Finkle: And on his way to the ring the World Wrestling Federation European Champion TEST!!

The Match

Test runs and slides into the ring and starts the match by using elbows in the face of X-Pac Test then cleans house throwing Gunn and Dogg out as the bell rings Test grabs X-Pac by the hair and slams him onto the mat with a hard scoop slam he then drops an elbow deep into X-Pac’s chest and covers 1…2….KO Test looks mad he starts kick X-Pac hard in the gut as Billy Gunn gets on the apron which distracts the ref which gives Road Dogg a chance to nail Test over the head with the European title but misses and gets X-Pac Test throws Dogg over the top whole Gunn checks on Dogg Test nails the big boot on the staggering X-Pac and covers him 1….2…..3

Winner: And still WWF European Champion Test

Finkle: Here is your winner and still World Wrestling Federation European Champion TEST!!!


King: Well JR tonight we have seen two title successful title defences

JR: Yes King do you think Al Snow will defeat the on debut Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam in a triple threat match for the hardcore championship

King: Well we are about to find out

Cameras zoom into the parking lot where the three men are fighting


Hardcore Championship: Al Snow© vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho

The Match

Jericho comes at Al Snow and hits him in the head with a milk crate and then gets rolled up by RVD 1…KO RVD gets up and waits for Jericho to get up he kicks him into the wall where he starts hitting chops and right hands Al Snow the interrupts with a low blow on Van Dam he then turns around and Al Snow snow plows him on the concrete and covers him 1….2…Jericho breaks it up a car then comes screaming past and runs Al Snow down it appears to be the Boss Man who quickly covers Al Snow gets in the car and drives off as RVD and Jericho look pissed at Boss Man they help Al Snow up and call an ambulance as he looks really hurt

Winner: And new WWF Hardcore champion Big Boss Man


Singles: Viscera vs Bradshaw

One the commercial cuts off and returns to Smackdown the match has already begun between Viscera and Bradshaw

The Match

Bradshaw kicks Viscera in the gut but he is not phased at all and irish whips Bradshaw into the corner and runs at him and drives Bradshaw into the turnbuckle so hard Bradshaw rolls out of the ring for a breather but it seems he is playing possum as he gets back in and comes out of no where with a clothesline from hell and a pin 1….2….Viscera powers out Viscera is back to his feet and Bradshaw comes running at him but gets a Samoan drop for his troubles Big Vis then bounces off the ropes and big splashes Bradshaw for the 3

Winner: Viscera

Finkle: Here is your winner VISCERA!!!

Vince and Shane are backstage talking

Shane: Dad I think a great stipulation to the match would be if HHH gets pinned he defends his Intercontinental title against the other team in a fatal four away and if Rock gets pinned the same situation and if a non champion like Stone Cold Steve Austin gets pinned then they will not get a shot at either of the belts for a whole month

Vince: Great idea the match is up next so lets get ready for a good fight son



Main Event: World champion The Rock, Intercontinental champion HHH and Mankind vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Big Show and Kane

JR: The participants all look to be in there respective corners so lets get ready for what looks to be one hell of a main event

The Match

Austin and HHH are the first two in they battle it out for a good 10 minutes exchanging right hands and chops and suplexes before HHH tags in The Rock who goes to work on Austin with thunderous right hands he gets Austin up and tries a cradle pile driver but Austin reverses into a roll up 1….2…KO Austin tries to tag but Mankind comes from the corner and drops an elbow across the back of Austin’s head Mankind then gets sent out by the ref allowing The Rock to low blow and rock bottom Austin for a 2 count Austin eventually starts fighting back he gets Rock in the corner and stomps a mudhole in his chest before dragging Rock into the middle and hitting a stunner but cannot make the cover so he makes the tag to Kane Rock tags in Mankind and Kane has gone crazy nailing right hands and back breakers on the three men he hits a choke slam on HHH and cover but HHH is not the legal man so the ref does not count The Rock then punches Kane in the back of the head which seems to knock him out cold and no one knows why until Rock is shown throwing a set of brass knucks away Kane is out of it on the outside and so Big Show comes in and gets triple teamed and then pedigreed Austin breaks up the count he then takes The Rock over the top rope where Rock lands on top of Kane Big Show then cleans house and tags Austin back in who exchanges right hands with Mankind before irish whipping him into Big Show which makes Show fall to the outside Show grabs Mankind and throws him into the security rails before getting back into the ring and leads everyone to believe he is about to choke slam HHH but instead turns around and choke slams Austin Austin gets up but is stumbling HHH takes advantage and pedigrees Austin and covers 1…..2…….3

Winners: HHH, The Rock and Mankind


HHH and Big Show celebrate in the ring as Vince and Shane are shown on the titan tron laughing

Vince: Looks like our plan went ahead in style there fore Big Show will get his Heavyweight title shot this Monday night on Raw

The cameras are back in the ring and as soon as Show hears the news he grabs HHH around the throat and throws him over the top rope where he drags him to in front of the announcers where he once again grabs HHH by the throat and lifts him up and nails the choke slam through the table as Smackdown goes off the air

End Show

Add to my rep plz if you like it also feedback and reviews would be much appreciated

Sorry for it been short i just had some things i had to deal with

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Live House show results


Owen Hart def Viscera

Vince annouces HHH vs Austin in a non title match on Raw

Al Snow returns and def Big Boss Man for the Hardcore title

Hardy Boys def D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry in a non title rematch from Smackdown

Big Boss Man wins the hardcore title back after he attacks Al Snow backstage and then leaves in a limo

Main Event
The Rock def Edge and Christian via DQ after Owen Hart comes in from the crowd and hits The Rock over the head with the heavyweight belt

Main Event aftermath

E&C leave as Owen Hart locks in the sharpshooter after 2 mintues of pain on The Rock Owen grabs the heavyweight title and poses with it signalling he wants it

I will try and do house shows when i can i like the idea of it and also i am doing the angle with Owen Hart and The Rock because i liked Owen and i want my booking buisness to be a tribute to his life

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Battle Creek Michigan

House show results


Viscera vs Mark Henry

The end comes when Henry attempts a power slam but Vis reverses and hits a somoan drop he then bounces off the ropes and hits a big splash and covers 1.....2.....3

Winner: Viscera


The Rock appears on the stage posing with his belt he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring grabbing a mic


fans cheer

The Rock: Owen Hart who do you think you are attacking me after my match if you want to be a man and go one on one with the great one....


Vince appears on the titan tron

Vince: Rock tonight i have put you in a tag team match where you team with Mankind to take on Owen Hart and Jeff Jarret by the way it is up next


Rock n Sock connection vs Owen Hart and JJ

The end comes with Rock taking JJ out with a rock bottom he then continues to beat on Jarret after he tags in Makind with Rock and Jarret fighting on the outside it leaves Owen Hart and Mankind in the ring battling it out Owen Hart hits a spine buster he then locks in the sharp shooter but Mankind reverses and uses a roll up grabbing the ropes 1...2....KO The Rock comes in with the ref distratced he tries to hit Owen with a chair but misses and gets Mankind Owen clotheslines Rock over the top rope and locks in the sharp shooter on Mankind ahhh........ahhh Mankind tries to get to the ropes but doesn't and taps out

Winners: Owen Hart and JJ

Stephanie Mcmahon then comes out and shoots t-shirts and she leaves


Test vs Edge non title

The end comes when Edge is distracted by a Goldberg promo he turns around and gets his lights dimmed with a big boot Test covers 1.....2......3

Winner: Test

JR: Well it looks like Goldberg is coming to the WWF

King: Yes i hear his WCW contract expires in only a few weeks

Main Event
HHH vs Kane vs Big Show

The end comes with HHH pedigreeing Show on the outside he then gets in the ring and reverses a chokeslam from Kane and uses a school boy for the 3

Winner: HHH

End Show

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I know Smackdown was short but i had shit to deal with Raw and Smackdown will be longer from here on in


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Live house show results


The show opens with HHH in the ring with a microphone

HHH: Last night i defeated Kane and Big Show in a triple threat match i mean is there anyone who can stop me if the two biggest men in this buisness today couldn't

Viscera's music hits and he comes out onto the stage with a mic

Viscera: Triple H you want a beating you want to say no one can stop you well how bout you take big vis one on one for that intercontinental championship

HHH: Fine your on


Hardy Boys def The Dudleys and E&C to retain the WWF Tag Titles

Backstage Owen Hart is with Michael Cole

Michael: Owen the last two nights on the house shows you have got the better of the WWF champion do you have any orders from Vince to do this

Owen: No i am doing this because i want to prove to Vince that i am worthy of challenging The Rock for the WWF championship

The Rock then comes out of no where and slams Owen Hart in the head with the heavyweight belt he then drags him to his feet and nails a rock bottom straight on the concrete

Rock: Owen you want a shot at my belt lets go one on one at The Royal Rumble because i will retain it Monday against the big show

The Rock leaves as a commercial comes over the T.V.

Big Boss Man def Steve Blackman to retain the WWF hardcore championship

JR: This has been an explosive live event here tonight

Vince: Yes it has JR and plenty more to come


Mankind def Gangrel


Main event

HHH vs Viscera for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

The end comes when the ref gets taken out accidently by HHH with a flying knee and Kane comes out of no where and chokeslams HHH which leades to Viscera nailing the big splash and the ref comes around to count the 3

Winner: New WWF Intercontinental Champion Viscera

Main event after math

HHH is in the ring screaming at Kane it looks like these two are in for a long fued
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