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Hey my name is Greg here are my roster's and stuff

Owner: Vince Mcmahon
Shows each week: 3 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
Name of show's: WWE Live and Learn
GM: Eric Bishoff
Commentators: King and Tazz
Interviewers: Maria, Josh Matthews, Coach

1. WWE heavyweight Championship
2. WWE intercontinetal Championship
3. WWE women's Championship
4. WWE tag team Championship
5. WWE cruiserweight Championship
6. WWE hardcore Championship

PPV Order
1. Royal Rumble (Jan)
2. No Way Out (Feb)
3. Wrestlemania (Mar)
4. King Of The Ring (Apr)
5. Summer Slam (May)
6. Unforgiven (Jun)
7. Judgement Day (Jul)
8. Survivor Series (Aug)
9. Taboo Tuesday (Sep)
10. Backlash (Oct)
11. Great American Bash (Nov)
12. Bad Blood (Dec)

Face Roster:
Eddie Guerrero
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Shawn Michaels
Marty Janetty
Rey Mysterio
John Cena
Shelton Benjamin
Trish Stratus
Tommy Dreamer
Torrie Wilson
Billy Kidman
Chris Jericho
Steve Austin

Heel Roster:
Randy Orton
Kurt Angle
Gail Kim
Randy Orton
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Big Show
The Rock
AJ Styles
Brock Lesnar
Hulk Hogan
Luther Reigns

Tag Teams:
Bubba and D-Von (Dudleys)
Matt and Jeff (Hardys)
Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty (Rockers)
HHH and Randy Orton (Evolution)
Jericho and Austin (Two man Power Trip)

First Show Info: Will write first show after this post

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Pyro's explode as the cameras zoom into King and Tazz as Live and Learn airs on tv for the first time

King: Welcome to WWE Live and Learn

Tazz: Here is tonights card

Dudleys vs Hardys
Raven vs Tommy Dreamer vs Rhyno (Hardcore Championship)
Torrie and Trish vs Gail Kim and Jazz
Mark Henry vs Shelton Benjamin
Steve Austin vs HHH (Main Event)

Tazz: Lets starts off with the first match

Dudleys vs Hardys

The finish
Matt hits Bubba with a dropkick which makes him roll to the outside in comes Dvon and hits a reverse neckbreaker and gets a 2 count with Jeff breaking it up Dvon drags Matt to his feet and uses right hands until he can clothesline him down when he then tags in Bubba Ray who begins dropping elbow's on Matt the Dudleys isolate Matt before Matt gets the advantage and hits a twist of fate on Bubba and tags in Jeff who gets a 3D out of no where Bubba covers 1...2.....3

Winners: Dudleys after 4:56


Christian's theme hits as the fans roar he slowy makes his way to the ring where he gets a mic

Christian: Tonight i may not be on the card but i propose a challenge to Luther Reigns me and you one on one

Luther appears on the titantron

Luther: Ok Christian but believe me i am not doing it for the fans

Fans boo

Christian: Your just jealous because all the peeps are with me but save your shit for the ring TONIGHT!!!

In the back Mysterio and RVD are talking

RVD: I want a shot at the Intercontinetal championship

Rey: Well go and ask Eric

RVD: Nah it's cool ill wait and earn it


IM BACK!!! Eric's theme comes over the pa as here appears on the stage

Eric: Starting next week we will have a tornament for the world heavyweight belt the first match will be the first match on next weeks card RVD vs Brock Lesnar and in the main event the other tornament match Goldberg vs Undertaker

Eric leaves as the cameras zoom in backstage where Rhyno has Raven's shoulders pinned to the concrete

1....2 KO Tommy Dream hits Rhyno in the back with a kendo stick Rhyno is in pain as Raven is trying to get up but gets hit with a ddt from Tommy Dreamer out of no where comes Eugene who takes Tommy Dreamer out with a Rock Bottom and pins him 1....2....3 Eugene becomes new Hardcore Champion

Josh runs up to Eugene who is running around in circles clapping

Eugene: Me new hardcore champion

Josh: Yes that is very go.....

Tommy Dreamer comes running at Eugene but is left out in the cold when The Rock hitting him in the head with a chair as The Rock and Eugene get in a limosuine and leave the arena

Christians theme comes over the pa as he runs towards the ring where Luther Reigns is waiting

Christian vs Luther Reigns

The finish
Luther hits Christian with several chops before hard scoop slamming him hard onto the mat as he makes the cover but gets 2 Luther screams at the ref before getting rolled up by Christian 1...2....KO Luther gets up and looks pissed as he runs at Christian and nails a big boot he the drives his elbow into the ground but misses Christian and gets canvas he recovers and gets to his feet as Christian jumps from the top and trys a missle dropkick but Luther grabs him by the feet and slams him with a side walk slam Christian then gets to his feet where he reverses a swinging neckbreaker and hits the unprettier for the victory

Winner: Christian 13:20

The divas match has already started after the commercial and is a quick one with Torrie getting the 3 on Gail Kim after using Trish's chick kick

Winners: Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus 3:10

Torrie is heading towards the back where she is met with a hug from what looks to be her new boyfriend Jeff Hardy the commercial comes on with Jeff carrying Torrie backstage

Mark Henrys theme hits as sexual chocolate comes out to a round of boo's before heading towards the ring and climbing in before YOU CAN"T STOP THE MAN comes over the sounds system as Shelton Benjamin gets a huge standing ovation as he runs to the ring and the bell rings

The Finish
Mark Henry nails the power slam on Shelton Benjamin but John Cena runs down and distracts the ref as Kane gets in the ring and hits a chokeslam on Henry as he rolls out Henry is then met with a t-bone suplex

Winner: Shelton Benjamin 8:12

HHH: Coach that was a bad match but up next will be even worse because i will walk in kick Austin's ass and walk out Austin get ready to play the game

Glass shatters as Austin walks out to big cheers as he does his usual routine before waiting in the ring for HHH TIME TO PLAY THE GAME HHH comes out to boos as he does his usual water spitting routine before getting in the ring and hitting Austin with a cheap right hand

The finish
Austin attempts a stunner but gets hit with a flying knee and an elbow drop HHH drags Austin to his feet and hits a stunner and pins Austin 1...KO Austin looks furious he gets up and starts kick and punching HHH before reversing a neck breaker and hitting a stunner for the win

Winner: Austin 24:53


Reviews would be great


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Live house show results

Goldberg def Chavo Guerrero via pinfall (2:13)

John Cena def Steve Austin via DQ (6:43)

Gail Kim def Lita via pinfall (2:00)

Eugene def Rhyno to retain hardcore belt Tommy Dreamer def Eugene using the 24/7 rule (New hardcore champion Tommy Dreamer)

Edge def Hulk Hogan via pinfall (5:37)

Dudley's def Nathan and Tom (Jobbers) via pinfall (4:13)

Torrie Wilson and Jeff Hardy def Jazz and Kurt Angle (7:28)

Trish Stratus def Victoria in a bra and panties match (2:11)

The main event saw Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels (The Rockers) def HHH and Randy Orton (Evolution) via pinfall to be the first team entered into a tag team turmoil for the tag titles Tuesday night (19:59)

After the show Eric Bishoff thanked everyone for coming and made a street fight between Austin and Cena tomorrow night on Live and Learn

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WWE Live and Learn episode#2

Fireworks explode everywhere as Tazz and King welcome us to Live and Learn

Tazz: Our first match tonight is the street fight between John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin

John Cena vs Stone Cold (Street fight)

Glass Shatters and Austin comes out to a standing ovation he walks down the ramp but is attacked from behind by Cena

The finish
Cena nails Austin in the head with a trash can which busts him open Cena covers KO Austin is fighting back and as he gets to his feet he reverses and F-U into a neckbreaker he then stars hitting Cena in the face with a road sign before hitting the stunner and covering only to be big splashed by Viscera

Winner: No contest after 5:13

King: What's this

Viscera throws Austin off the stage and then nails a big splash on Cena Viscera laughs before leaving

IM BACK!!! Eric Bishoff makes his way and faces Viscera

Eric: Big Vis since you like to attack people we can all watch you get attacked tomorrow night in a two on one handicapped match where Cena and Austin will put aside there differences and take on YOU

IM BACK!! Eric Bishoff leaves as a commercial comes on

Torrie: Did you see that Jeff

Jeff: Viscera is a bahemoth why doesn't he come to the ring and face someone like a man would i mean even Rey Mysterio the smallest guy in this company could beat him

Torrie: Your right about that anyway babe I have to head to the ring my match is next

Lita vs Torrie vs Jazz vs Trish vs Victoria Battle Royal (Women's Championship)

All the divas are in the ring as the bell rings

The finish
Lita hits a hurricanrana on Jazz taking them both to the outside before Victoria throws Trish over the rope Victoria then turns around and catches a nasty chick kick right to the chin from Torrie Wilson the match goes on with Victoria hitting the widows peak and throwing Torrie over the top rope to become the new women's champion

Winner: New women's champ Victoria after 7:54

Tazz: That was explosive wasn't it King

King: PUPPIES!!!

1st round tournament
RVD vs Brock Lesnar

ONE OF A KIND!!! hits the pa system as RVD comes from behind the curtain and runs to the ring HERE COMES THE PAIN!!! comes over and Lesnar slowly walks down the ramp before jumping onto the apron and making pyros explode everywhere

The finish
RVD jumps from the top and attempts a cross body but is caught by Lesnar who uses a rib breaker and then a hard scoop slam and makes the cover 1....2..KO Lesnar drags Van Dam up by the hair and sets him for a powerbomb RVD uses a victory roll into a small package but Lesnar kicks out after 2 RVD kicks him in the side temple and climbs the top jumping off and getting some serious hang time usaing the 5 star frog splash cover 1....2.....3

Winner: Rob Van Dam after 12:34

King: Van Dam advances in the first round two more wins away from world champ

Tazz: Still 3 matches in the tournament to come tonight and looks like they will be the last 3 matches of the night

Booker T's theme is hear over the pa as he does his usual pyro routine before heading to the ring and getting a mic

Booker T: I may not be in the world title tournament but Eric has promised me a match next week to one other suckaa of my choice in a one on one match for the intercontinetal championship

Christian comes out to the stage

Booker T: What do you want punk

Christian: I am the suckaa that is accepting the challenge

Booker T: Fine your on but your looking at the next intercontinetal champ NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKAAA

Christian looks on and shakes his head before a commercial

1st round tournament

Both men are in the ring when the cameras focus in as the bell sounds

The finish
HHH hits a flying knee and then punching HBK in the head with solid right hands before lifting him up and kicking him in the gut and an elbow over the back of the head which makes HBK fall to the ground HHH covers kickout by HBK and HHH is continuing with punishment this time low blowing Shawn behind the ref's back and hitting a pedigree but HBK slides down HHH"s back and hits a sweet chin music but is too worn out to cover when both men get back to there feet it is HHH who gains the advantage and hits the pedigree and a cover 1...2.....3

Winner: HHH after 24:10


Kane is shown in Eric Bishoff's office

Kane: I want to be in this tournament

Eric: Fine you want in you have my nephew Eugene right now in the 3rd of 4th 1st round tournament matches

Eugene is shown in the ring as Kane's music comes over the sound system and he comes storming out and Eugene looks scared as Kane runs at him

The finish
Kane hits a clothesline on Eugene and an elbow drop he then drags him up and gets him around the throat and slams him down for the chokeslam and the win

Winner: Kane after 1:59

1st round tournament
Undertaker vs Goldberg (Main Event)

The Undertaker's music blakens the arena as he slowly makes his way to the ring


Goldberg is seen storming to the ring with his music playing in the background he gets in the ring and shakes the Undertakers hand as the match starts

The finish
Goldberg runs at Taker and trys a spear but Taker grabs him around the throat and hits a chokeslam but kicks out after 2 he Taker then drags Goldberg to his feet and hits a snake eyes then a big boot Goldberg runs at Taker again when he gets back to this feet this time he goes straight between Taker's leg and recieves a last ride Taker covers 1....2.....3

Winner: Undertaker after 28:02

Tazz: Thats it until tomorrow night when the 2nd round tournament matches will take place

King: Yes they will be RVD vs Kane and Undertaker vs HHH


Reviews would be nice

House Show to follow.........

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Ok thanks for the advice i will change it to a show each Monday starting next week so tomorrow will be the last Wednesday show and it will be going for more then a week so don't think you have won that 5 bucks yet buddy

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Nice try buddy but the bets already in place. :p

Good idea, I really think only worrying about one show a week will put the quality up and get people reading. Just a can't stress enough how important colours are, use them along with review others threads to get viewers.
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