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I didn't actually edit the picture much, I just messed around with the effects. I think it turned out pretty good, other than the text (for a change).

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I hate greenday, so this is a slightly biased critique.

Anyway the effects are alright, text is bad. Well not bad, but poor. Cuts r fine, blah blah blah 8/10 cus theres nothing really wrong with the effects or anything. But i dont like greenday.

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Its A Nice banner man. I Like the dark look you gave it. the effects and cuts and placing are in order. but the text is a little to funky for the banner....the banner has a dark look so i think the font should be something with less 'funkiness' or sumthing.
Well my rate would be a 9/10. Work On The Text.

P.S. Thats Just My Opinion.
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