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Greatest Moves Ever

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Hi i was just wondering what you guys think are the best moves ever? Obviously there are thousands to choose from so what about choose 1 from each of these catogories and describe why?

Most Unique
Greatest Impact
Best High Risk
Best Submission
Best Ground Move
Best Strike
Fave Move Ever

My Picks:
Most Unique - Candian Destroyer (does anything really need to be said!?)
Greatest Impact - ****** Killer/Vertabreaker (totally devestating move to the head/neck)
Best High Risk - Shooting Star Press (classic but flashy move. Kidmans version is my fave)
Best Submission - Texas Cloverleaf (Under-rated and Under-used move, Dean Malenko made me love it!)
Best Ground Move - Rolling Thunder (Simple but flashy and effective)
Best Strike - Trouble in Paradise (Powerful, Quick and can be done by suprise)
Fave Move Ever -Diamond Cutter ( Big DDP fan plus this move was sprung out of nowhere so many tines!)
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I'm not going to break it down, but some of my favorites include: Vertebreaker (Sugar Shane Helms), Superfly (Jimmy Snuka), Shake Rattle n' Roll (Honky Tonk Man), Meltdown (Wrath), Scorpio Splash (2 Cold Scorpio), Moonsault (Great Muta), Doomsday Device (Road Warriors), Demolition Decapitation, Powerbomb (Sid), Frankensteiner (Scott Steiner), Ghostbuster (Koko B. Ware), Jackhammer (Goldberg), Diamond Cutter (DDP), Diamond Death Drop/Razor's Edge (Scott Hall), Power-plex (Power & Glory), Pearl River Plunge (Ahmed Johnson)
I'll play along:

Most Unique - The Ranhei. Just a crazy looking move that WWE has finally figured out is awesome. Why doesn't Kofi use it as a finisher?

Greatest Impact - Tie: The Burning Hammer and Tiger Driver 91. Enough said.

Best High Risk - Phoenix Splash

Best Submission - I still love the Sharpshooter.

Best Ground Move - Kicks to the head, various people do it

Best Strike - The Superkick still wins here

Fave Move Ever - The Pearl Harbor Splash. I'm a big Kasai mark, so what else do you expect?
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Most Unique - Vertical suplex into double knee backbreaker by Roderick Strong. So Sick.
Greatest Impact - Burning Hammer by Kobashi or the Homicide Backdrop driver by Steve Williams.
Best High Risk - Pheonix Splash
Best Submission - Diablo Armbar or Anaconda Vice
Best Ground Move - Gotta agree with a straight up kick to the head
Best Strike - Sweet Chin Music all day baby (Chris Hero's Death Blow at a close second)
Fave Move Ever - Brainbustaahhh
Most Unique - Hadouken - Kenny Omega

Greatest Impact - Backdrop Driver - Takeshi Morishima

Best High Risk - Double Moonsault - Ricochet

Best Submission - Last Chancery - Austin Aries

Best Ground Move - Curb Stomp - Super Dragon

Best Strike - Rolling Elbow - Chris Hero

Fave Move Ever - Yakuza Kick - El Generico
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