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Great O-Khan: "We Felt That AEW is Full of Unrefined, Ill-Educated Indy Wrestlers"

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During an interview with WrestleInn, Great O-Khan was very blunt about his thoughts on AEW. However, he was impressed with MJF, in spite of not knowing who he was before coming to America. A revered New Japan wrestler saying this publicly once again reinforces the notion that charisma, personality, and microphone skills trump mindless spots.

Full interview: Dominating New Japan and Beyond: An Interview with Great-O-Khan
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He is kayfabing like most of the NJPW guys and like MJF saying NJPW is the worst promotion in the world. Kayfabe is still alive in Japan and O-Khan is a heel. He also calls NJPW wrestlers 'unrefined', it's part of his gimmick of being the GREAT. Most wrestlers there stick to their characters in the press like MJF does in America. Notice O-Khan refers to himself as 'we'. Literally, the entire interview is in-character and he says 'we care not' about the NJPW/Stardom crossover event.

Babyfaces Okada and Tanahashi have praised AEW. Tanahashi said he wants Orange Cassidy at the Tokyo Dome and thinks he'd get a great reaction.

This is what MJF said in-character:

"It's a garbage promotion, dogsh*t, and the fact that people still talk about it like it's a thing is hilarious to me, whatever. [Kazuchika] Okada No. 2? Is that what is was with PWI 500? I don't think I've heard that guy's name since 2014. Who gives a sh*t?"
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