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Great articles and essays about Pro-Wrestling

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I was reading this article in the New Yorker and I realized that a thread where people can post relevant articles, essays or even books about wrestling would be a good idea. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there isn't really that many people writing about wrestling seriously, as in trying to understand it in terms of narrative and sociological or even economical importance. Most mainstream publications rarely give it any attention but in the few occasions they do I'm always very interested in what they have to say because outside sources have an interesting take on things even when they're mostly derogatory.

Basically what I'm trying to do with this thread is create a kind of archive where people can share good written content about professional wrestling.

I'll start and hopefully more people become involved in this.

Roland Barthes, "The World of Wrestling"

Article in the New Yorker about Brock Lesnar's return

David Shoemaker writes some interesting things on Grantland. Here's a link to an archive of his texts:

Another Grantland article about WWE, written by Chris Sims
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Man you are a mind reader. I was reading a series by the New York Times on the 1993 WWF steroid scandal. I was also reading on the "Who Ran Over Stone Cold" angle and the subsequent angles I'll link them.

New York Times covers the steroid scandal

I lost my bookmark on the "who ran over stone cold" but I did find the ESPN story I'd bookmarked on Brock Lesnar's lawsuit against WWE in 2006

ESPN on Lesnar/WWE lawsuit

And here's one more article by ESPN The Magazine on Vince McMahon & The WWE

ESPN The Magazine: Sex, Lies & Headlocks

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David Shoemaker goes by The Masked Man at Grantland.com and writes articles about what's going on in the WWE at the moment. His articles leading up to Wrestlemania were great and his article questioning whether the Reality Eara was beginning after the Summer of Punk have made me check the site frequently for more of his articles. He also has a column called "Dead Wrestler of the Week" at Deadspin.com where he goes through the careers of dead professional wrestlers.
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